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RIAA Asks Judge to Kill LimeWire Service

Following the court decision that found LimeWire’s creators liable for distributing illegal content, the Recording Industry Association of America has now asked the courts to shut down the file sharing service, claiming that the illegal…

Australian Court Finds ISP Not Responsible for Users’ Illegal Downloads

An Australian judge has ruled that Australian ISP iiNet is not responsible for its users' illegal downloads...and it may set back Hollywood's efforts to prosecute pirates.
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$2M Penalty Gets Reduced in Minnesota Song-Sharing Case

A federal judge cut the $2 million penalty against a Minnesota woman charged with file-sharing.

Music, Movie and Software Piracy: What’s Your Chance of Getting Caught?

Forget morals. We crunch the numbers and figure out the odds on your chances of getting snagged for piracy.

Jammie Thomas and The RIAA Go Back to Court

Jammie Thomas' guilty verdict for copyright infringement for sharing music files was thrown out...and today she goes back to court with sharp new lawyers.

Picking the Perfect Notebook

Why selecting a laptop is really all about your needs, not feature lists and spec comparisons.

RIAA To Stop Mass Lawsuits, Work with ISPs

The RIAA is getting set to stop filing mountains of lawsuits against people it believes download music illegally via P2P networks, and instead work with ISPs to shut them down.

RIAA File Sharing Verdict Thrown Out

U.S. District Judge Michael Davis has declared a mistrial in the case of Jammie Thomas, who was fined $220,000 for allegedly making music available via Kazaa.

Woman Beats RIAA Lawsuit

A woman has won $107,951 in legal expenses after the RIAA dropped a music piracy case against her.

No Such Thing as a Legal MP3?

A widely misinterpreted RIAA brief has caused a major stir, but does not say that making copies of CDs for private use is illegal.

Oregon Questions RIAA Legal Tactics

The state's Attorney General has cast some doubt on whether the RIAA can legally pursue college students the way it has gone about doing it.

Woman Countersues RIAA

A Texas woman has countersued the RIAA over illegal downloads, claiming they broke Texas law and have shown no connection between her and illegal downloads.