Woman Countersues RIAA

A Texas woman has countersued the RIAA over illegal downloads, claiming they broke Texas law and have shown no connection between her and illegal downloads.


RIAA Lawsuits Blocked in New Mexico

A new ruling from a New Mexico judge could hold up the RIAA's efforts to sue college students there, and potentially slow down the plan nationwide.


12 Ways to Boycott the RIAA

Why stop at 10? Read the riot act to the music industry in a dozen different ways.


RIAA Cracks Down on College Music Sharing

The RIAA is stepped up copyright complaints sent to colleges and universities over students' file-sharing activities...and named the 25 schools with the most complaints.


RIAA Victim Fights Back

A mother of two teenagers who was told to pay $4,500 to the RIAA is fighting back and is filing a suit against Comcast for giving her information away.

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RIAA Sues Deceased Grandmother

BetaNews is reporting that the RIAA has filed a suit against an elderly woman who passed away in December. She is accused of sharing 700 rock and rap songs.

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RIAA Files 750 New File-trading Lawsuits

The RIAA announced it has filed 750 new lawsuits against alleged file-traders using peer-to-peer (P-to-P) software.

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The Ongoing, Pointless Quest Of The RIAA

TechNewsWorld's Jon Newton has written an interesting editorial about the RIAA's


Interview: StreamCast CEO Michael Weiss

StreamCast's Michael Weiss talks about P2P and the music industry in an excellent interview exclusive at TechNewsWorld.com.


Federal Courts Hit RIAA Hard

Federal Court of Appeals protects the rights of file swappers via their ISPs. This will create a major setback for the recording industry.

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RIAA sues 5 Washington residents

The long arm of the recording industry reached into Washington yesterday as five residents were sued in federal court for allegedly distributing music from their computers illegally

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RIAA subpoenas ISPs for user names

The New York Times has reported that the RIAA has acquired nearly 1,000 subpoenas needed to find the identity of users who have presumably downloaded music illegally.


RIAA wins piracy suit

Alleged unauthorized copying of compact discs will cost Technicolor, Inc. approximately $2.3 million.

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