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Robots may be saying goodbye to a pain-free existence

The unfeeling nature of robots has long been touted as one of their great attributes. But now, a group of German researchers is embarking upon a new mission to gift robots with pain sensors -- or their mechanical equivalents.
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Australian ranchers are turning to farm robots to manage livestock in the Outback

Lack of human resources and remarkable expanse of land in the outback has lead Australian engineers to develop a farmbot designed to herd and monitor livestock, while scanning the ground’s color and texture to determine the…

This video shows a robot building its very own home

Thanks to a new video released by London's Architectural Association (AA), we have our first glimpse into what it looks like when a robot envisions a home for itself, and proceeds to construct it.
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Creeped out by Disney animatronics? Well, things are about to get real 1:48

Disney Research is working on a "hybrid hydrostatic transmission and human-safe haptic telepresence robot." In essence, this is a machine that moves like man.
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Swallowed a battery? This ingestible origami robot will get it out

Getting to the root of the problem has never looked quite like this in the medical community. Thanks to innovations from MIT, there is now a tiny origami robot capable of performing internal surgery after being swallowed by a…
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A college professor used an AI teaching assistant for months, but his students didn't notice

A professor at Georgia Tech fooled his students by using a robot as a teaching assistant to answer simple questions for his Knowledge-based Artificial Intelligence Class
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Eric the Robot could soon be brought back to life via a Kickstarter campaign

Who says reincarnation isn't possible? With Kickstarter, we can even bring dead robots back to life. But not just any old robot -- a new Kickstarter campaign wants to rebuild Eric, the very first automaton to emerge from the U.K.
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Swipe to sort: Using this robotic recycling system is like playing a game of Fruit Ninja

A startup has used gaming technology inspired by Fruit Ninja to develop a robot and software that helps waste facility workers sort through trash and separate recyclables.
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Leka is the new smart robot for children with developmental disorders

Today, the robotic smart toy company Leka launched an Indiegogo campaign to develop a new toy for children with developmental disorders, seeking to change the way youngsters learn, play, and progress in our tech-forward age.
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Watch robots go medieval on one another at the FIRST competition

The 25th annual FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Championship was held in St. Louis, and the entire show culminated in a battle royale among four teams in front of a crowd of over 40,000.