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Ghost Minitaur is a 4-legged, affordable robot that can traverse almost any terrain

A robotics startup has created a four-legged, direct-drive robot called the Ghost Minitaur that's capable of running and jumping on tough terrain, reorienting itself after falls, and even climbing fences.
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Friendly educational robot designed to help kids with autism

Robots could be used help kids diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to a new research project carried out jointly by a university and a robotics startup. Here's how it works.

Forget Asimov's Three Laws, the U.K. issues official ethics guidance on robots

Forget Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics -- the British Standards Institution, which is the U.K.’s national standards body, has just produced its first set of official ethical robot guidelines.
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Los Angeles police disarm an attempted murder suspect with a robot

An hours-long standoff in the Antelope Valley ended with police swiping a rifle from an attempted murder suspect using a remote-controlled robot, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.
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Processed Pies: Silicon Valley’s Zume Pizza ready to offer you dinner made by a robot

The pies from Zume Pizza are made by robots. It is the latest in a new trend within the food industry to increasingly depend upon software and hardware rather than human labor.
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Nemo-inspired drug-delivery robot is 100 times smaller than a grain of sand

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have created a “nanofish” robot capable of carrying drugs to specific sites of the body. And it's even smaller than a red blood cell.

Neato’s new vacuum bots cut old prices but keep their sweet features

Neato just launched two new vacuum robots. Botvac D3 and Botvac D5 demonstrate a step forward for a company that has already won plenty of fans for its modernist bots and sophisticated navigation system.
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Luigi the robot ventures into the sewers so you don't have to

MIT's Underworlds project has resulted in Luigi, a sewer-diving robot, capable of acting as a smart, remote control sampling pole by venturing into manholes, controlled via iPhone app.
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Chinese firm Qihan launches robotics-as-a-service with Sanbot

We met Qihan's cute Sanbot, a sensor-packed domestic robot that it's launching as part of a robotics-as-a-service model for businesses in health care, education, and security. It can navigate, answer questions, dance, and more.
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Popular YouTuber won't win many prizes for her terrible sandwich-making robot

Popular YouTuber Simone Giertz is well known for her "shitty robots." Her latest creation? A sandwich-making robot -- or, more appropriately, a robot that tries to make a sandwich and fails terribly.
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Robot uses its tail the same way Indiana Jones cracks his trusty bullwhip

Indiana Jones uses his trusty bullwhip to move objects from across the room. That same idea is now driving researchers at Texas A&M University, who have built a robot that works in much the same way.
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Virtual reality hack lets you control a real-life robot arm

Silicon Valley company 219 Design has built a 3D-printed robot arm you can control using a virtual reality app and an HTC Vive headset. As hacks go, this one is pretty darn awesome.