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Reading coverage on the RNC? It might be coming from bots

It's only Day 2, but the Republican National Convention already seems to have solidified its position as the most dramatic political event in recent memory. And at both the Washington Post and Buzzfeed, coverage is coming from robots.
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'Biohybrid' robot built with sea slug tissue could be used to find toxins, black boxes

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University have created a “biohybrid” robot using tough tissues from a sea slug and 3D-printing technology.
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Obi is a robotic dining companion that aids disabled diners

Technologies don’t come more potentially transformative than Obi, a robotic arm which allows people with physical disabilities to feed themselves: restoring an important sense of dignity that otherwise risks being lost.
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Ranchers in Australia could be getting some robotic help from SwagBots

The Australian Bush might've been the last frontier in resisting the relentless onslaught of technology and its bots, drones, and other newfangled hardware. But no longer. Say hello to SwagBot.
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Robot takes on the role of scheduling nurse in a busy hospital labor ward

Optimizing the scheduling of beds and nurses in a busy labor ward is difficult, stressful work. Fortunately researchers in MIT's computer science lab have trained a robot to help out.
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Amazing AI-powered robotic potter designs and molds clay pots autonomously

A prototype robot is generating its own types of pottery -- thanks to a machine learning algorithm and a creepy “human finger” made out of silicone.
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Anki's Cozmo will let you customize its code to your heart's content

Anki's artificially intelligent robot, the Cozmo, will ship with a powerful development kit that will allow developers to tap into its advanced features. Cozmo is available for pre-order now at the discounted price of $160.
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Look out mall cops — this 300 pound security robot might be your replacement

The K5 security robot has taken a new job as a mall cop at Stanford Shopping Center, and the new employee has even prompted the hashtag #securityrobot among visitors.
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Robots are learning navigation skills by being trained to hunt prey

The newest king of the jungle? It's not a big cat. It's a robot. Scientists at the Institute of Neuroinformatics at the University of Zurich in Switzerland are teaching robots how to behave like predators.
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Tomorrow's doctors will learn to check prostates using a robotic anus

“What we’ve created is a simulator which combines robotics and haptics technology to create a physical model, alongside virtual reality where 3D rendering is used to replicate the internal anatomy,” Dr. Fernando Bello tells Digital…
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This robot salamander can swim and crawl, just like a real amphibian

Robotics researchers have built a 3D-printed robotic salamander capable of both swimming and crawling -- and perhaps one day saving lives, too. The robot features 27 motors and 11 spinal segments, making it significantly simpler…
Cool Tech

Cozmo is like a lovable Pixar character come to life on your desk

Anki has created the robotic companion of your dreams: Cozmo, an AI-powered companion that's capable of conveying realistic emotions. It can play games, too, and entertain itself with dice-sized blocks.