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Popular YouTuber won't win many prizes for her terrible sandwich-making robot

Popular YouTuber Simone Giertz is well known for her "shitty robots." Her latest creation? A sandwich-making robot -- or, more appropriately, a robot that tries to make a sandwich and fails terribly.
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Robot uses its tail the same way Indiana Jones cracks his trusty bullwhip

Indiana Jones uses his trusty bullwhip to move objects from across the room. That same idea is now driving researchers at Texas A&M University, who have built a robot that works in much the same way.
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Virtual reality hack lets you control a real-life robot arm

Silicon Valley company 219 Design has built a 3D-printed robot arm you can control using a virtual reality app and an HTC Vive headset. As hacks go, this one is pretty darn awesome.
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This artist attached himself to a giant robot to paint his latest masterpiece

Dragan Ilic, a 68-year-old Serbian artist, recently strapped himself to a giant industrial robot to be used as a human paintbrush. It has something to do with man's ever-increasing reliance on machines, apparently.
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VR will let jurors explore crime scenes as they actually appeared

Forget biased accounts: robot created by a researcher in forensic science and criminal investigations will let jurors explore crime scenes as they actually appeared using virtual reality headsets.
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Xpider is the world's smallest (and cutest) programmable robotic spider

It's obvious that the team at Roboeve spent more time watching cartoons instead of science fiction when they created the Xpider. Not only is it the world's smallest programmable robotic spider, it's also one of the cutest.
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Tech-loving fraternities (and sororities) can now indulge in robot beer pong 2:12

Pongbot is a robotic cup holder that turns your run-of-the-mill beer pong into a game of moving targets. If Terminator’s T-800 wanted to pledge a fraternity, this Kickstarter project would be part of his application.
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Another human job bites the dust: Robot apple-picker suctions the fruit off trees

The California-based Abundant Robotics company is working on a robot apple-picker which literally sucks the fruit off trees at a rate of one per minute. Expect to see these everywhere in two years.
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Meet Marty, the friendly robot that will turn your kid into a master coder

Marty is a friendly, fully-programmable walking robot that hopes to get kids into STEM by making programming, electronics, and mechanical engineering a fun and engaging process for them.
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Just for kicks: this robot will absolutely destroy you in a game of foosball

A robot developed at the Swiss École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) is capable of competing against -- and beating -- humans at foosball. “Our specification was to be both faster and stronger than a person," says…

NXRobo’s Big-I is the robotic butler you’ve always wanted around the house

Capable of learning a near-infinite amount of skills via voice commands and gestures, NXRobo's Big-I robot is the perfect smart home companion for any family. Plus, it sort of resembles Star Wars' fan-favorite droid R2-D2.
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Would you let a robot give you a tattoo? This crazy French guy did

A team of students from well-known Paris design school ENSCI Les Ateliers had an idea that could change the face of tattooing. Their idea? An industrial robot that could autonomously create a tattoo from a database of images.