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This room-service robot is a real hit with hotel guests

A room-service robot called Relay is proving a hit with hotel guests with a penchant for high-tech gadgets. Currently trundling around the corridors of 12 hotels across the U.S., the bot-on-wheels delivers a variety of items and doesn't…
Cool Tech

A robot golfer just nailed a hole-in-one for the first time ever

A robot golfer called Eldrick – yes, it's name after Eldrick "Tiger" Woods – dazzled the crowd at a Phoenix Open event on Thursday with a spectacular hole-in-one over 163 yards, making it the first bot ever to achieve such a…
Cool Tech

This new soft robotic gripper can gently pick up objects of practically any shape

Robots aren't exactly known for their delicate touch, but soon, the stereotype of the non-gentle machine may change. Scientists say they have managed to develop a robot with "a new soft gripper" that uses electroadhesion.

Trends with Benefits: Detroit-style pizza, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, robot back rubs

KBIS brings us bear-proof glass, glow-in-the-dark toilet seats, and pizza ovens, Caleb's eagerly anticipating 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, Google build a drone to take deliveries from other drones, and Softbank's Pepper robot will sell you a phone…
Cool Tech

Pepper the robot gets sales training, ready to sell phones in its own store

Pepper the robot is keen to show how well it can read people's emotions, and will put its skills to the test in its own phone retail store, which will be staffed entirely by Pepper 'bots. It's a world-first, and opens in Japan for a limited…
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This robot manages to solve a Rubik’s Cube in a second

So much for the glory of man. Absolutely obliterating the current human record for solving a Rubik's Cube (4.904 seconds), a robot managed to crack the code to the famous puzzle in a mere 1.019 seconds.
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Killer robots may be on the horizon, and are perhaps more dangerous than we think

We've heard plenty about how robots are endangering our jobs, but now, it's more than our careers that may be at stake. At this year's World Economic Forum held in Davos, killer robots drew quite the debate.
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Toshiba’s robot arms called in to help with hazardous Fukushima clean-up

A variety of robots have so far helped out inside the debris-strewn and radiation-filled reactor buildings of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant. The latest, from Toshiba, is a giant, remotely operated three-armed crane designed…
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Meet Drinky, the robot that means you’ll never have to drink alone again

If you like the idea of drinking with your buddies but somehow they're always "busy" whenever you invite them around, then Drinky the robot may be your best chance to avoid drinking alone.
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Cerevo’s recently-announced Tipron is the robotic cyclops of projectors

Cerevo's Tipron is a transformable, robotic projector that's ready to roam around your home and beam an 80-inch screen whenever and wherever you see fit. YouTube connectivity is just an added plus.
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The secret to Disney’s gravity-defying, wall-climbing robot? Not sticky wheels

They can just about walk on water, and now, robots can walk on walls too. A new robot named VertiGo is the latest to come out of Disney Research, and with its ground-wall transition capabilities, it’s one of Disney’s coolest…