SoftBank shows off Pepper, an ’emotional’ robot that knows how you’re feeling

SoftBank on Thursday launched a new kind of robot that it claims can read people's emotions and communicate in a human-like way. The 120-cm-tall bot is set to go on sale in February, complete with a 198,000-yen ($1935) price tag.

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New velociraptor-inspired robot can run much faster than you can

Think you can outrun a dinosaur? Think again. Researchers have developed a new velociraptor-inspired robot, which can faster than Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt, the world's fastest human.

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Barobot is the hackable automated bartender you never have to tip

If this recently-laucnhed Kickstarter project manages to meet it's funding goal, you'll finally be able to have your very own robotic bartender in your home

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Robot plays Threes perfectly, infuriates people who suck at it

TeamColorBlind, a two-man indie game development studio from Phoenix, Arizona, programmed a robot to play Threes perfectly and they are streaming their creation’s exploits on the Twitch channel right now.


As table tennis champ preps for robot showdown, hobbyist demos own Ping-Pong bot

Step aside Agilus, there's a new (robotic) Ping-Pong player on the block. As Kuka Robotics prepares to pit Agilus against table tennis champ Timo Boll on Tuesday, another very impressive bat-wielding bot has shown up on YouTube.

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Man versus machine: Table tennis champ to take on Ping-Pong-playing robot

Robots may think they can take over the world, but a lousy performance against Ping-Pong pro Timo Boll in Shanghai next month by an industrial robot called Agilus could set their quest back years.

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Google and Foxconn team up for robotics development, report says

Though you may not have seen it coming, the idea that Google and Foxconn are reportedly in talks about helping each other out with the development of robotics-related technologies obviously makes a certain amount of sense.

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NASA’s squishable robot ideal for exploring Titan, Saturn’s largest moon

NASA researchers are making steady progress with the development of their Super Ball Bot, an ultra-flexible rolling robot that could one day be sent to explore Titan, Saturn's largest moon.

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This robotic bartender is like a Star Trek replicator for booze

Kickstarter project Monsieur will take your order, and then automatically made you a nice, tall glass of whatever you want. We go hands on with the next-gen bartender disrupting the night life scene.

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NASA to equip Robonaut with (very long) legs in 2014 upgrade

Robonaut, the humanoid helping out astronauts on board the International Space Station, is about to get fixed up with a pair of legs. Besides making him eight-feet tall, the new pins will finally enable him to break free from his fixed pedestal.

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World’s biggest dinosaur takes first steps in 94 million years – digitally, that is

A research team at Manchester University has digitally reconstructed the walking style of the biggest creature ever to have walked the planet, the Argentinosaurus dinosaur. The team says its work could be used in the future development of robots.


Play-i aims to make programming, robots, and engineering fun for children

Have you wondered if there's a way to get your kid interested in robotics, engineering and programming? You might want to check out a start-up by the name of Play-i, which aims to do just that.


Eight-foot robot from 1950s fetches more than $27,000 at auction

An eight-foot, one-ton robot built in the 1950s went under the hammer at Christie's of London recently, fetching an impressive £17,500 ($27,695). Known as Cygan, the aging aluminum bot comprises 300,000 parts though sadly no longer works.


Professor builds LEGO robot that strips DRM from Kindle books

Definitely a creative way to circumvent DRM restrictions on Amazon books, a professor in Vienna has built a robotic device from a LEGO Mindstorms set in order to automatically take pictures of book pages.

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