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Cute or creepy? This little robot just passed a self-awareness test

In a recent logic test at RPI, one robot demonstrated self-awareness, a key component of real intelligence and a major differentiating factor (for now) between humans and humanoids.
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DT Giveaway: Dash & Dot Wonder Pack kids programmable robot

Step inside for your chance to win some super-cute robots called Dash & Dot. You have to enter our competition to be in with a chance of winning. Good luck!
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Meet the robot looking to hitchhike across the United States 2:06

Describing as a robotic "art project", HitchBot has been built to test the relationship between humans and robots — and along the way it wants to make it from Boston to San Francisco.
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Watch this tiny 3D-printed robot jump to six times its height

Scientists from Harvard and the University of California have 3D-printed a tiny robot that can jump 2.5 feet -- pretty impressive considering that the robot itself is only the size of a soccer ball.
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Start ’em young: Vortex robot teaches kids how to program

With the growing emphasis on STEM, programming languages may soon be just as important as spoken language. Enter Vortex, the robotic toy for kids that teaches them how to program and how to build their very own technology.
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Battle of the bots: American MegaBot to face off against Japanese Kuratas next year

In the real life version of a Transformers fight, the Japanese robot Kuratas has accepted the challenge for a duel from American MegaBot to take place sometime in June of next year.
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Want stronger, more flexible robots? Check out sea horses and their tails

New findings published in the journal Science have suggested that the sea horse and its tail may provide the inspiration for engineers to build stronger, more flexible, longer-lasting robots.
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Assembly line robot fatally injures a worker in Volkswagen factory

A 21-year-old car factory worker in Baunatal, Germany, was fatally injured by an assembly line robot on Tuesday. He was installing the machine, whereupon the robot grabbed him and forced him against a metal plate.

This brick-laying robot can build an entire house in 2 days flat

An Australian engineer has developed a bricklaying robot that can lay 1,000 bricks an hour, work 24/7 and complete the shell of a brick home in just two days. Think of it as 3D printing on a grand scale.
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The first robot wedding happened in Japan: There was a kiss, cake, and dancing

First the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage; now Japan has hosted the first robot wedding. About 100 people gathered in Tokyo on Saturday to witness robots named Frois and Yukirin tie the knot. There was even a…
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NASA’s toed robot gripper may bring an asteroid back to Earth

NASA is a developing a robotic arm for its Asteroid Redirect Mission. The robotic arm will help grip a boulder from an asteroid and bring it back to Earth, so that scientists can analyze it further.
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SoftBank’s ’emotional’ Pepper robot sells out in just 60 seconds

SoftBank said it took just one minute to sell its first batch of 1,000 Pepper robots when it went on sale in Japan on Saturday. The humanoid robot is notable for its ability to understand human emotions, and is also able to express its own…