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This walking, rolling robot was inspired by the Droidekas from ‘Star Wars’

Japanese researchers at the Chiba Institute of Technology have designed a Droideka-inspired robot that rolls like a ball and walks like a spider.
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RoboCoach is a fitness-focused robot helping Singapore’s seniors stay fit

The robots are taking over, at least it might seem that way if you spend most of your time in fitness centers in Singapore. The city-state is now using RoboCoach – a fitness-focused android – to help its oldsters stay in shape.

Forget the iPhone, we want this Japanese robot phone

Sharp is developing a new smartphone called RoBoHon, except it looks nothing like a traditional phone. Instead, RoBoHon is a small robot friend who does everything your phone can, but with added cuteness.
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Disney’s new 3D printed skin makes robots softer and safer for children

Disney hopes to improve robots with a new soft skin and soft touch system that'll bring the lovable and huggable qualities of Betamax to toy robots around the world.
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Watching this robot fail at building IKEA furniture will make you feel better about yourself

A new research effort shows that even robots, who in addition to their own fine motor skills, were developed by individuals with some serious engineering degrees, struggle with constructing IKEA furniture.
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Check out this 4-gram robot that walks like an inchworm and jumps like a flea

Inspired by nature, the four-gram Tribot origami robot has the ability to crawl like an inchworm, jump like a flea, and then crawl again all without requiring a complete reset of its system.

Watch the mess disappear with Jisiwei S+, a robot vacuum with a camera

Vacuuming your house is the least of what the Jisiwei S+ can do. The robot also functions as a security system, thanks to its motion detector, camera, and app that allows you to monitor your home from a distance.
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Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog is going through basic training with the Marine Corps

Google and Boston Dynamics' latest robot is going through basic training thanks to the Marines, which have recruited the robodog for field trials.
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Japanese scientists have developed a rock-paper-scissors robot that never loses

University of Tokyo's Janken robot is on a winning streak. Ever since its inception in 2013, the robot has never lost a game of rock-scissors-paper. Now on version 3.0, the robot is better than ever.
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Robot fail: Android cusses at two BBC presenters live on air

A robot appeared to drop the F-bomb live on air during the BBC's breakfast show this week. Having just been thanked by anchor Charlie Stayt for visiting the studio, "Linda" surprised everyone, including millions of viewers, with…
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No sex of any kind for Pepper the robot, say creators

Pepper, the domestic robot that recently went on sale in Japan, must remain innocent according to its creators. Hidden in the ownership guidelines is a rule which prohibits sex of any kind for Pepper.
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This underwater drone hunts and kills invasive starfish on the Great Barrier Reef 1:41

Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology have developed an underwater vehicle capable of destroying the Crown-of-thorns starfish that are literally devouring Australia's Great Barrier Reef.