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Watch this robot lawnmower take on a moose, and lose

Who do you think would emerge the victor in a showdown between a robot lawn mower and a moose? Someone in Norway recently found out when they sent their grass-cutting machine into battle after catching the animal stealing apples…
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Sewing robot masters handling fabric, could change how clothes are made

Sewbo is a garment-making robot designed for automating the process of skillfully guiding fabrics through sewing machines. In the process, it could change the way clothes are made.
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Robots will soon be delivering groceries in Washington, DC

Compared to Amazon's ambitious drone delivery plan, Starship Technologies' solution for last-mile delivery is a little more, you might say, down to earth. Using self-driving robots, the firm is about to trial grocery delivery in the…
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Marines launch competition to fund, build next wave of battlefield robots

The Marine Corps wants to free up its soldiers to focus on the battlefield, so it's holding an internal competition to seek out new ways for robots to do supporting work.
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Meet Boston Dynamics’ eclectic lineup of innovative (and peculiar) robots

Boston Dynamics has become famous thanks to videos of its eclectic, animal-like robots. It's made so many robots over the years that it's hard to keep them all straight. Here's our roundup of Boston Dynamics' memorable creations.
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‘After you!’ — Algorithm enables swarms of robots to work together without colliding

Swarm roboticists at Georgia Tech have created new algorithms that allow robots to work together without colliding with one another in the process. It could mean big things for such technologies as self-driving cars.
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Humanoid robots are helping travelers at a Tokyo airport

Visit Tokyo's Haneda international airport anytime soon and you might run into one of its humanoid robots. Built by Hitachi, the EMIEW machines are trundling about the terminal buildings guiding and assisting travelers as part of…

Walmart is cutting 7,000 jobs due to automation, and it’s not alone

The World Economic Forum warned of a "Fourth Industrial Revolution" involving the rise of the machine in the workforce, and the latest company to lend credence to that claim is Walmart, which is cutting 7,000 jobs on account of automation.
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Squishy, 3D-printed ‘octobot’ is world’s first autonomous, untethered soft robot

Harvard's Octobot soft robot is simply groundbreaking. Against all odds, the engineering team was able to replace all hardware and rigid parts with soft components that function together to create a completely soft, autonomous machine.
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Swiss Post to test robots to deliver parcels, maybe even chocolate?

This September Switzerland's postal service begins trials of Starship Technologies' delivery robot. Tests are ongoing in Germany and the U.K. If pedestrians and customers feedback is positive, Swiss Post will decide whether to…
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Fascinating new study explores the complex psychology of why humans feel empathy toward robots

Would you lie to a robot to avoid hurting its feelings? If you’re like one participant in a recent study, the answer is a resounding “yes.” The experiment sheds some light on our complex relationship with humanoid bots.
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Warehouse robots might just make tedious jobs a thing of the past

Warehouse jobs will become a thing of the past as a result of new technologies that are both revolutionizing and speeding up the process of shipping goods, including warehouse-borne drones.