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Robopups, robopals and robolackeys hit the Robot Runway at CES Asia

The Robotics Runway at CES Asia 2016 brought out a parade of cute bots, from children’s learning robots to roaming TV bots, and dog-like luggage bots that follow you around.
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Robot hordes are one step closer as robo roaches learn to work together

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have developed robotic cockroaches that work in tandem to overcome obstacles, such as climb steps.
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Autonomous surgical robots are practicing on pigs

The next time you check into the hospital to undergo an operation, you may be surprised by the doctor who is scheduled to perform the procedure. Instead of a physician, your next surgeon may be a STAR, a Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot.

Meet Otto, Samsung’s cute personal assistant robot that’s always watching you

Otto is a diminutive robot from Samsung that could one day help you control your smart home. Similar to Amazon's Echo device, Otto responds to voice commands, though also comes with an HD camera giving it home-security functionality.
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Humanoid robot can dive to great depths while human operator stays safe and dry

Developed and built by scientists at Stanford University, the OceanOne humanoid robot can navigate underwater with or without the help of a human pilot. It was designed to sensitively study coral reef and shipwrecks.
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How do we teach robots right from wrong? Soon the problem won’t be hypothetical

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter, but as Microsoft’s recent Twitterbot meltdown demonstrates, we don’t seem to be any better at teaching it right from wrong. So how to do we build a robot conscience?
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MIT researchers 3D-print robots that can literally walk off the printer when done 1:19

By creating a new printing method called "printable hydraulics," researchers at MIT found a way to 3D-print a working robot in just one session. After installing a battery and motor, the robot is capable of walking off the…
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Robo-love? Study shows that humans get aroused when asked to touch intimate robot body parts

According to a Stanford study, humans experience physiological arousal when touching robot body parts. When participants were asked to touch the robots' eyes and buttocks, they tapped into social norms in order to understand how…
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Newly-developed nanomachines can autonomously repair broken circuits,

We've always assumed that robots derive their marching orders from us humans and our programming skills, but sometimes, we're just unnecessary. Such is the case, at least, with the minuscule autonomous robots used to repair broken circuits
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Google to sell innovative robotics company Boston Dynamics

Despite publishing several viral videos of its robotics progress to YouTube, innovative tech company Boston Dynamics is currently being shopped by Google who cited a lack of a marketable product as reason for the sale.
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Pew: 65 percent of Americans expect robots to take their work within 50 years

The majority of Americans expect robots and computers to take much of the work presently done by humans, according to new results from a Pew Research Center. However, this threat takes a backseat to poor management and lower-cost workers.
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Robot roundup: Meet the best (and sometimes most bizarre) bots in Barcelona

Mobile World Congress isn't just about phones, tablets, wearables, and the like. As one of the premiere tech events of the year, the show is also host to a broad range of other technologies -- and this year, we saw more robots roaming…