Miele hops on the robo-vacuum bandwagon with the RX1 Scout

The robotic vacuum arena just got a bit more crowded as German appliance manufacturer Miele released it's first floor-cleaning bot
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MIT researchers develop 3D-printed robots that self-assemble when heated

Making your very own robot may be as simple as heating up the oven. Researchers from MIT have developed 3D-printed robots that can assemble themselves together after being exposed to heat.

Neato just announced a new and improved line of robotic vacuum cleaners

Neato has just pulled the curtain back on a fresh new line of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners that use lasers to scan a room before they go to work, Hit the jump for details.
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As table tennis champ preps for robot showdown, hobbyist demos own Ping-Pong bot

Step aside Agilus, there's a new (robotic) Ping-Pong player on the block. As Kuka Robotics prepares to pit Agilus against table tennis champ Timo Boll on Tuesday, another very impressive bat-wielding bot has shown up on YouTube.
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‘By your command!’ As it turns out, we’re happy to obey robots

The engineer in Africa thinks drivers obey the robots because unlike humans, they can't be reasoned with, bribed or distracted. Run the light and you might get a ticket in the mail. Or arrested. So how far would humans let robots push them?…
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Google and Foxconn team up for robotics development, report says

Though you may not have seen it coming, the idea that Google and Foxconn are reportedly in talks about helping each other out with the development of robotics-related technologies obviously makes a certain amount of sense.

5 tech issues Obama should address in the 2014 State of the Union (but probably won’t)

In addition to health care and income inequality, there are a slew of technology issues President Obama should address during the 2014 State of the Union speech. Here are the top five.
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10 predictions that Isaac Asimov got right 50 years ago (and 5 that he botched)

Back in 1964, Isaac Asimov laid out a set of predictions about what technology would look like 50 years from then. Now that 2014 is finally here, we looked back at his predictions to see which ones he got right, and which ones never came…
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Google robot wins Robotics Challenge Trials

Schaft, a company recently acquired by Google, finished first at the DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials over the weekend. The event tests robot design for response efforts following natural or man-made disasters.
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Why is Google building a robot army?

Google's acquisition of Boston Dynamics is just the latest in a long series of robotics companies it has been snapping up left and right. So what does Google see in robots ... and should we be scared?
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Autonomous robotic security guards may be headed out into the streets

Barreling ahead into a future that's one-half Minority Report and one-half I, Robot, a company has developed a new type of autonomous robot that can predict crime using an amalgamation of advanced technologies.