Paralyzed woman surprises researchers with skillful use of mind-controlled robotic arm

A woman paralyzed from the neck down has surprised researchers in Pittsburgh with her skillful use of a mind-controlled robotic arm.

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Bad news: you’re not getting a domestic robot and you still need to mow the lawn

You can carry the collective knowledge of humanity in your pocket with a smartphone, but domestic robots remain nearly as far-flung as they seemed decades ago. What happened?

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Robot uprising? Cambridge University team to assess threat posed by AI

Researchers at the UK's Cambridge University are taking seriously the potential threats posed to the human race by the likes of artificial intelligence and biotechnology with the planned opening of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk.


So a mood controlled kitten tail for people is now a thing

Jealous of your cat's wagging tail? Thanks to the people behind the necomimi ears, soon you may be able to own one just as functional.

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Study: Stupid robots can make kids smarter

Inserting a robot that gets things wrong into a classroom environment may sound counterintuitive, but according to a new Japanese study, it's something that helps children learn.

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RoboWorld Cup sees Usain Volt taking on world’s best robot athletes

The Olympics may already be a distant memory, but the RoboWorld Cup is happening right now, and what's more, Usain Volt is going for gold.

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Miimo: The robotic mower from Honda that loves your lawn

Meet Miimo, a new lawn-loving robot from Honda that mows the grass so you don't have to.

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In China, noodle-slicing robots are taking over local restaurants

Chef Cui, the noodle-slicing robot, may quickly replace human workers in the field, with skills reportedly comparable to man himself.

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‘Double’ transforms your iPad into a $1999 telepresence robot

California-based Double Robotics has come up with a piece of kit, called Double, that turns your iPad into a telepresence robot. Cost? $1,999.

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Meshworm: The remarkable worm-like robot that can survive a hammer blow

Watching it wriggle along may creep some of you out, but truth be told, Meshworm is a remarkable piece of technology.

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Here’s your chance to own an animatronic hillbilly band

For only $5,000 you could be the lucky owner of a group of creepy musical robots.

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Meet Tawabo, a new quadrilingual tour guide robot at Tokyo Tower

A quadrilingual robot called Tawabo has made its first appearance on the observation deck of Tokyo Tower, meeting and greeting visitors from overseas in four different languages.

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Build your own functional mecha for $1.35 million

After decades of dreaming the Japanese can finally offer people customized giant robots.

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Researchers develop aquatic, bio-mimicking Mantabot

Wanna build a better 'bot? Just swipe design cues from Mother Nature.

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Viral site debuts Robocop remake’s reimagined robots

Have a look at the unfriendly robots tasked with destroying Alex Murphy in the upcoming Robocop remake.

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