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These monstrous deep sea mining robots were built to search for gold on the ocean floor

Assuming the ocean floor to be a potential gold mine, the Toronto-based Nautilus Materials just built a fleet of seabed-mining robots to scour it for gold, silver, and copper. Testing of the machines is set to commence in mid-2016.
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DT Giveaway: A pair of Vortex 2 robots and gaming pad

Looking to get your kids interested in programming and coding, in a fun and engaging way? Check out the Vortex from DFRobot. Designed to teach children a variety of different STEM skills, The Vortex aims to combat the trend of over-reliance…
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Robotic rock group raises funds to build lead vocalist, record album

With an accomplished drummer, guitarist and bassist, Compressorhead now is planning to construct a lead vocalist and is turning to Kickstarter to fund the building of their front man.
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New research says CEOs should fear work automation more than landscapers

No, robots will not take all our jobs -- at least not in the near future. That’s one of the main messages from a research article published by the McKinsey Global Institute. Another takeaway is that CEOs have more to fear from automation…
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Newly developed artificial brain cells allow robots to navigate without sensors

Inspired by human anatomy, researchers at Singapore's A*STAR have simulated the activity of location-sensing brain cells to help robots navigate.
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A recent study shows humans prefer interacting with robots who have flaws

Researchers at the United Kingdom's University of Lincoln just concluded a study which found humans prefer interacting with robots who have the ability to make mistakes and display extreme emotions.
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RoboCoach is a fitness-focused robot helping Singapore’s seniors stay fit

The robots are taking over, at least it might seem that way if you spend most of your time in fitness centers in Singapore. The city-state is now using RoboCoach – a fitness-focused android – to help its oldsters stay in shape.

Volvo wants to replace garbage men with trash-collecting robots

Volvo and other parties have announced a new joint project called ROAR, which stands for Robot-based Autonomous Refuse handling. As you may have guessed, it involves using automated machines for garbage collection.
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A humanoid robot may soon be the first permanent resident on the ISS

A team of researchers in France just completed work on a robot with an autobiographical memory, and it may soon be a permanent member of the ISS.
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This six-legged spider drone can crawl into places quadcopters can’t reach 2:25

Rather than patrolling the skies and giving you a birds-eye view of the world, this beast scuttles along the ground and lets you to explore places that would typically be of reach for an airborne drone.
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Japan is building a fully-automated indoor farm capable of producing 30,000 heads of lettuce per day

Japan's Spread Vegetable Factory is working on a novel way of producing high quantities of lettuce using factory automation. The plant will be able to produce 30,000 heads of lettuce in a single day starting in summer 2017 with a goal of…
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To reduce concussions, Dartmouth now uses robotic tackle dummies during football practice

Two Dartmouth engineering students recently unveiled a robotic tackling dummy they hope can help reduce concussive injuries sustained by football players.