Moboto wants to give electronics a little personality, starting with your iPhone

Sorry, Siri just isn't enough: A Kickstarter campaign to inject some AI into the iPhone is only the start.

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Faux skin improves robotic sense of touch to superhuman levels

Add "identifying objects by touch" to the list of things robots can now do better than humans.

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Researchers unveil eerie clothes-scaling robot

Chinese roboticists have created a robot capable of climbing your pants. It's an intriguing device, if you can get past the thing's creepy appearance.

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Chess meets giant (miniature) robots in awesome DIY Action Chess

Chess is a classic game of cunning and strategy, but for the most part it is severely lacking in the crucial "wicked sweet robot" department. Thankfully, one intrepid inventor has solved that glaring flaw.

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DT Debates: Should robots be held to a human moral compass?

In this week's edition of DT Debates, staff writers Andrew Couts and Amir Iliaifar discuss the merits and complications of imposing human morals on robots.

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Ten digits not enough? Hair-washing robot with 24 ‘fingers’ now undergoing trials

Fancy having your hair washed by a robot? Panasonic's robotic hair washer, which has been in development for a while now, has just started two months of tests in a hair salon in Japan, bringing the possibility of commercialization another step closer.

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Smartphone-enabled Hugvie adds physical sensation to phone calls

As more families rely on technology to provide methods of communication when separated, a roboticist in Japan is attempting to replicate the human connection lost in a long distance relationship.


Swiss scientists debut telepathic robot interface to aid the disabled

A group of Swiss scientists have unveiled a new interface system that allows partially paralyzed patients to remotely control helpful robots using only the power of their minds.

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Meet South Korea’s new robotic prison guards

With incarceration rates on the rise, South Korea's latest robotic endeavor seeks to alleviate stress on overworked prison guards.

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Suzumo sushi robot can roll 3,600 pieces an hour

Have robots gotten crafty enough to make sushi better than humans can? Only the taster can be the judge of that, but we do know they sure can make 'em fast.


Cheap robot armies: MIT working on 3D printed household robots

Want to create your own robot, but don't have the funds? MIT is working on a bringing affordable and practical robot creating to a 3D printer near you.

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Flying robots play James Bond Theme on real instruments (video)

GRASP Lab's crack robotics team is back again with their flying quadrotors. This time, the tiny flying robots crank out some tunes fit for a spy.

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Military-man’s best friend: DARPA-funded AlphaDog preps for further testing

Man's best friend is underway to becoming a soldier's best friend with the amazing, scary, and alarmingly adorable, LS3 AlphaDog robot.

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Swarm of little flying robots is amazing, terrifying (video)

University of Pennsylvania researchers have developed a system that enables nano quadrotors to fly in incredible, fear-inducing formation.

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Exclusive: Robots, revamping, and rearming; a Q&A with the developers of Borderlands 2

Developers from Gearbox Software, the developers of the Borderlands games, talk robots, Borderlands 2, and the health of the industry.