Trends with Benefits: Robot bartenders, lawnmowers, and the holy grail of ear buds

Special guest Eric Tsoi of Pear Design joins us this week to discuss his company's insane new wireless earbuds, plus lawnmowing and beer-delivering robots, and Samsung's sweet new Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Edge Plus.
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U.S. wins another soccer World Cup, this time with humanoid robots

The U.S. has scored another soccer World Cup victory, this time with humanoid robots. The win took place at this year's RoboCup, which has the aim of one day creating a humanoid side capable of taking on a team of human…
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NASA wants to terraform the moon with a fleet of autonomous robots

NASA wants a band of robots to build a hospitable oasis on the moon, and just gave $500k to a project which intends to make this dream a reality.

UVe is a $89 robotic countertop cleaner than uses UV light to sanitize surfaces

Just press the Start button, and UVe will spring to life and begin crawling around your countertops autonomously, using UV light to kill germs, and edge detection algorithms to keep itself from falling.
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Watch this robotic samurai beat a master swordsman in a slicing match

The robot takes on a human samurai in a number of complicated challenges, such as angled cuts and slicing a runner bean lengthways, and manages to execute them with perfect speed and precision every time.
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The robot apocalypse is a ways off: Watch DARPA droids bite the dust in this video

Slapstick fans are likely to get a few chuckles out of this compilation video showing some of the humanoid robots at DARPA's Robotics Challenge Finals hitting the deck as they take on a range of tricky tasks.
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A bot called Hubo secures South Korean team top prize in DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals

A team from South Korea has won the DARPA Robotics Challenge event held over the weekend. Its winning bot, called Hubo, completed a bunch of tricky tasks in record time to secure its creators $2 million in prize money.
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Watch live as 24 humanoid robots compete in the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals

In an effort to move disaster relief tech forward, DARPA has launched a robotics competition. In order to win, teams must create a robot that can accomplish a variety of different tasks -- such as walking over rubble, opening doors, and…
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Watch OSU’s blind robotic ostrich stumble over obstacles without falling

OSU researchers have designed a robot called ATRIAS that is capable of recovering from curbs, pits, puddles, and various other hurdles -- without having to see the obstacle or plan its movements in advance.
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Disaster robots from around the world face off in Robotics Challenge final

More than 20 teams from around the world will descend on LA this weekend for the final of DARPA's robotics challenge. Each bot will have to complete eight tasks to have a chance of taking a share of the $3.5 million prize money.
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Watch this tiny robot assemble itself, carry things around, and dissolve into nothing

When placed on a heated surface, the bot's PVC layer will contract, which, thanks to a series of strategically placed cuts, causes it to fold up into an origami shape with legs and a body.
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Yangyang is an eerie female robot that can talk, smile, shake your hand, and hug you

Yangyang is a female robot that will cause you to marvel at the capabilities of modern technology, creep you out, or remind you of Sarah Palin –- maybe all of the above. The humanoid can talk, blink, smile, shake your hand, and even hug…