Risen and Gothic developer Piranha Bytes announces its latest game, ELEX

Publisher Nordic Games and Piranha Bytes, developer of the Risen and Gothic series, have announced a new post-apocalyptic "science fantasy" open-world RPG called ELEX, which is an acronym for "eclectic, lavish, exhilarating, xenial."

First look at ‘Tom Clancy’s The Division,’ Ubisoft’s doomsday RPG shooter

The Division was the last reveal at the end of Ubisoft's press conference, and it has us totally excited about entering this open-world, online RPG. Future tech, tablet integration, and drop-in/drop-out squad-based gameplay? Sounds awesome.

‘The Witcher 2’ producer bringing new RPG ‘Lords of the Fallen’ to next-gen consoles

Tomasz Gop, formerly senior producer on 'The Witcher 2,' leads development of an ambitious new RPG from City Interactive. The game pits one human against supernatural forces and is due out on next-gen consoles in 2014.

‘Nimble Quest’ cleverly turns ‘Snake’ into a mobile action RPG

Take the classic mobile game of Snake, mash it up with an old-school RPG, and you'll get Nimble Quest. This oddball combination from the creators of Pocket Planes and Tiny Towers delivers charming graphics, simple but addicting gameplay…

Final Fantasy All the Bravest Review (iOS): Prepare to be nickel and dimed

The Final Fantasy series is beloved by the masses, but has lost its footing over the last few installments. After a couple ports of classic parts of the franchise to mobile devices, Square Enix has given Final Fantasy a true mobile makeover…

Parallel Zombies interview: We speak with PerBlue about its GPS-enabled zombie slasher for Android

We interview the folks at PerBlue, the developer behind Parallel Zombies, a new GPS-enabled Android game that pits you against the undead.

Study: Modern video games overly connecting violence to religion

Gaming and violence has been touched on in past studies, but are video games overly sensationalizing violence in connection with religion?

Star Trek Online switches to free-to-play model

While the popular World of Warcraft continues to bleed paying customers, more MMORPG titles are moving to the free-to-play model in order to attract more users and generate revenue through micro-transactions.

Star Wars: The Old Republic explodes with up to 1.5 million pre-release players

With the official launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic hitting on December 20, many players are already populating Bioware's MMORPG and starting to explore the universe.

World of Warcraft user base continues to tumble

While MMORPG players are rapidly adopting free-to-play games like DC Universe Online, the World of Warcraft subscriber base is continuing to bleed players.

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North review

Review: Lord of the Rings: War in the North offers a decent multiplayer hack and slash game that's lacking the polish its license deserves.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Hands-on: The Adventures of Loki the Orc

One Digital Trends writer ventures into the world of Bethesda Softworks' The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, in a three-hour session.