It’s not just HTC: Samsung also pushes ‘notification ads’ to its customers

HTC isn't the only phone manufacturer pushing so-called "notification ads" to its customers, as Samsung was also caught red-handed doing the same thing. It's unknown whether this rather troubling and annoying practice will continue.


Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro News: A whopping 18.4-inch tablet with mid-range specs

According to the latest rumors, Samsung is prepping a tablet with a massive 18.4-inch display to compete with Apple's expected iPad Pro. It could wind up being part of the Tab S Pro line, but the suggested specs point towards a Tab Pro instead.


Whip out that S Pen! 6 apps to use with the Galaxy Note 5

So you've got a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Now you need the best apps for your S Pen. Here are our top picks for drawing, note-taking, signing documents, and even playing games.


Samsung targets iPhone users with month-long Galaxy Note 5 or S6 Edge Plus trial

On the same day that the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5 hit stores, Samsung has launched an ambitious U.S.-only promotion offering iPhone users a month-long tryout of its two newest handsets.


Samsung Galaxy O rumors: ‘O’ might be for Oculus, if it’s a virtual reality device

If you thought Samsung's smartphone lineup was already confusing, just wait until the Galaxy O launches. The SM-G550 and SM-G600 are said to be the Galaxy O5 and Galaxy O7. What could the Galaxy O be?


Apple loses more ground in patent case against Samsung, as key patent is invalidated

Apple's patent case against Samsung suffered another blow as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office declared that one of the company's patents is invalid. Samsung may not have to pay Apple as much money in damages.


Hey Samsung, don’t kill the Galaxy Note for an Edgy gimmick

Samsung shocked the tech world when it announced that the Galaxy Note 5 wouldn't launch worldwide. Instead, Samsung is betting on the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus with its two curved edges. Here's why Samsung should stick with the Note.


Samsung upgrades its on-ears again with the Level On Wireless Pro headphones

First unveiled last year, Samsung's Level On headphones recently went wireless. Now they're getting upgraded again, this time for better sound quality through what Samsung claims is a hi-res wireless experience -- if you've got the right gear.


Europe won’t take no for an answer, starts a petition to force Samsung to release the Note 5

Samsung has said Europe won't be getting the Galaxy Note 5, because it knows best. The best, apparently, is the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. However, not everyone's convinced, and there's a petition to force Samsung to reconsider.


Samsung theorizes globally affordable 5G Internet using low Earth orbit satellites

The Internet might soon become a lot more accessible, thanks to a proposal issued by Samsung that could use low Earth orbit satellite to provide the world an extra zetabyte of bandwidth every month.


Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has finally, officially launched. Samsung's upgraded phablet packs a litany of improvements, including a larger screen, bigger battery, and streamlined software.


Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung's phablet finally launched. The Galaxy Note 5 is already up for preorder. Here's everything you need to know about the phone, including specs, price, availability, and more.


A new Samsung Galaxy could get you a year of free Netflix from T-Mobile

If you pick up one of the new Samsung Galaxy devices, including the s5 edge+ and Note, T-Mobile is offering a pretty sweet deal that could get you a year's subscription to Netflix for free.


Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge Plus keyboard case lets you relive your BlackBerry days

Samsung has unveiled a tactile keyboard accessory for the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. It fits onto the device's screen, relaying button presses capacitively without the need for batteries or Bluetooth.


Get ready to Gear up: Samsung will reveal its next smartwatch Sept. 3

Samsung will reveal its next smartwatch on September 3 at IFA 2015 in Berlin. See the first picture of the watch and what we know here!