Best Buy now selling just 2,016 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Edition smartphones

Samsung has officially taken the wraps off the Olympic Edition of the Galaxy S7 Edge. It features all the colors of the Olympic rings -- and you'll only be able to buy it if you're in the U.S.

Korean electronics giant Samsung seeks stake in Chinese carmaker BYD

Samsung wants to buy a stake in Chinese carmaker BYD. The Korean electronics company is seeking additional outlets for its products, and already has some notable automotive experience.

Samsung’s last chance to overturn Apple’s patent case win comes on October 10

It might be Samsung's last opportunity to get out of paying $548 million to Apple, as the Supreme Court will hear arguments on what should be considered for compensation in design infringement cases.

People are more satisfied with the Apple Watch than any other smartwatch, but not by much

According to J.D. Power's 2016 Smartwatch Device Satisfaction Report, Apple garnered the highest customer satisfaction score with its Apple Watch smartwatch. However, the likes of Samsung and Sony are not too far behind.

Take that, Apple! Samsung's Galaxy S7 outsells the iPhone 6S

The Galaxy S7 outsold the iPhone 6S in the three months ending in May. However, the two companies together are dominating the mobile phone market, with the ten most popular devices all either Apple or Samsung

Think your solid state drive is fast? It has nothing on MRAM

IBM has revealed a breakthrough in the production of MRAM that could lead to much faster, more compact storage. It could change everything from smartphones to servers.

Samsung’s Gear S2 will soon get a substantial software upgrade

Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatch will soon get a big software update. The highlights include a recommended app screen and custom watch faces, plus an updated weather and clock interface and new voice assistance features.

Samsung unveils the budget-friendly Galaxy On5 Pro and Galaxy On7 Pro

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy On5 Pro and Galaxy On7 Pro, two phones that are slightly improved versions of their non-Pro selves. The phones are currently available for purchase in India, with no international availability announced.

Kind of a big deal: T-Mobile offers customers a free Samsung Galaxy phone

As part of its ongoing "Un-carrier 11" promotion, T-Mobile is offering eligible subscribers a free Samsung Galaxy smartphone, though the options are a bit limited. Customers on certain plans can get their hands on one on June 13, just by…

5 best screen protectors to defend your Samsung Galaxy S7’s display

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a good looking phone, but it's not indestructible. Here are five of our favorite Galaxy S7 screen protectors, so you can keep your display intact and free of unwanted blemishes.
Home Theater

Samsung sound bars deliver Atmos without all the setup, now available for pre-order

Dolby Atmos is great, but not everyone wants to set up a home theater system. Samsung's HW-K950 and HW-K850 sound bars deliver Atmos without all the setup, and are available for pre-order starting today.

A Samsung patent devises a new method for capturing colors in-camera

Color is often tweaked in post, but Samsung just filed a patent for a way to capture better colors in-camera. By splitting the colors, could cameras capture more colorful photos with less light loss?