LG epically trolls Samsung with a scathing removable-battery joke

LG's being facetious. The company's U.S. Twitter account teased Samsung over the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus' lack of a removable battery. The timing's conspicuous: Rumors suggest the G5 may sport a unique slide-out battery slot.

Samsung’s earnings backslide, as demand for smartphones wanes

Samsung reported a decrease in profit for the fourth quarter of 2015 compared to last year's numbers, due to lessening demand for smartphones and mobile components like processors.

Hide it well, because Samsung’s Smartcam HD Plus carries all the evidence inside 3:18

Since it doesn't push your videos to the cloud, Samsung's Smartcam HD Plus doesn't carry a monthly fee, but unlike the Nest Cam, it's not tamperproof, either.

Want a Galaxy S7? Samsung might offer its own easy upgrade program when the S7 launches

Samsung might be planning its own upgrade program, similar to Apple's iPhone upgrade program in the United States, which may launch alongside the Galaxy S7 in March. The program is expected to start in South Korea and expand later on.

Ultra-Ultra-wide, 8K, and 144Hz curved: 2016 is going to be big for big monitors

Although we may not see them for a year or more, LG and Samsung's next big panels are being built right now, and we've got the inside scoop on the ultra-wide, curved, and high refresh rate screens.

Samsung may go platform agnostic in 2016 with new iOS apps

Samsung might be planning to bring most, if not all, of its apps to iOS this year. That will include various Gear apps, so that the Gear S2 smartwatch works with iOS, and possibly the S Health app to compete with Apple's own Health app.

Smart appliances need to solve problems, not create them

The latest crop of “smart home” devices may look sleek, but the real inconveniences most of us wrestle with every day still aren’t being solved by an industry that likes to ask what’s possible instead of what’s useful.
Virtual Reality

Samsung enters entertainment industry with VR movie studio

Samsung ramps up its virtual reality game by opening up its very own virtual reality movie studio in New York. What movies the studio will be responsible for producing is a mystery, but probably short for starters.

A consumer group sues Samsung for not updating Android on 82 percent of its phones

Samsung has done a lot to improve its software updates over the past few years, but a Dutch consumer group is still unhappy with the lack of timely updates, and has sued the South Korean electronics giant.

Oh no! A handful of old Samsung Galaxy smartphones have been banned, thanks to Apple

Oh no! The U.S. District Court has banned a handful of old and retired Samsung Galaxy smartphones from the United States. The ruling comes about three years too late to have much of an impact, with the Galaxy S3 being the newest device on…