Samsung spins the Notebook 7 with added GPU power and upgraded display tech

Samsung continues to bring new devices to the US market, with a choice of screen size and dedicated GPUs, but it's the features carrying over from mobile devices that are the most intriguing.

25 annoying Samsung Galaxy S6 problems, and how to fix them

Have you been having problems with your Galaxy S6? It may look close to perfect, but no smartphone is completely free of flaws. Fear not, we've got some workarounds and possible solutions to help you fix your new-fangled smartphone.

Samsung’s $350 Gear 360 VR camera finally hits the States, but there’s a catch

Samsung's bringing its $350 Gear 360 camera to the US, but there's a catch: orders are limited to attendees of VidCon in Anaheim, California. It's also revamping its Milk VR application.

No more flashy features, no more price wars: From now on, Samsung is all about profits

Samsung will reportedly adopt a new business strategy that will streamline the company's mobile portfolio, maximize profits, and minimize the number of flashy features its phones have.

Samsung is investing $1.2 billion in the internet of things

Samsung's no stranger to the internet of things, but it looks like the company wants to kick things up a notch -- Samsung just announced that it is investing a whopping $1.2 billion in the internet of things.

Samsung's upcoming flagship may pack dual cameras and a 4K display

Samsung has been showcasing bendable display technology for a few years now, and a folding smartphone might finally become a reality. Internally code named Project Valley, the Galaxy X could launch next year.

Samsung imitates Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ ads with the Galaxy S7

Samsung's latest advertisement campaign reminds us of Apple's "Shot on iPhone", minus all of the consumer touches that made it so popular. Timelapses and sweeping urban landscapes isn't for the average consumer.

Samsung’s new solid-state drive hits 1TB mark, ships out next week

Next week marks the first time that Samsung has made a 1TB-plus NVME M.2 Solid-state drive available, and it's quite a doozy. Featuring the new Samsung Polaris controller, its specifications are stupendous without the price tag breaking the…

Samsung makes teens earn their gaming time at LANdry video game laundromat

In an effort to get teenagers excited about household chores, Samsung has opened the world's first PC gaming laundromat in Sweden call LANdry. Customers can earn gaming time by doing loads of laundry.

Samsung's Smart Glow is a luminous notification ring for smartphones

Samsung's next smartphone feature may be Smart Glow, a luminous notification ring that's highly customizable. It's reportedly set to debut in the company's India-bound Galaxy J2 handset.

The Gear S3 is reportedly code-named 'Solaris,' features 'updated user interface'

Samsung is apparently working on the Gear S3 smartwatch, code-named "Solaris," and has already commissioned luxury brand de Grisogono to make an expensive, luxurious version of the device.
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Facebook Messenger is about to get a Facelift

Facebook's Messenger app is about to get a Facelift with new features putting your favorites first, and birthday reminders.