Samsung, LG could unveil a foldable device in the third quarter of 2017

Samsung has been showcasing bendable display technology for a few years now and a folding smartphone might finally become a reality. Internally code-named Project Valley, the Galaxy X could launch by the end of 2017.

Samsung had an all-in-one PC at CES 2017 that you may or may not be able to buy

While most new products were heavily promoted, some were hidden in plain sight as manufacturers didn't seem quite sure what to do with them. One example is a Samsung all-in-one (AIO) PC that was nestled in the company's booth.

It's official — Samsung accidentally confirms AI assistant to be named Bixby

While we've long suspected that one of the Galaxy S8's most talked-about features would be named Bixby, it wasn't until January 9 that we had solid confirmation from the horse's mouth.

Tour the top booths of CES 2017 in full 360-degree video

Join us as we tour some of the biggest booths at CES in VR. We've captured 360-degree footage of many hot new products, and talk about some of the trends that they represent.

Samsung's 4th-quarter estimates are pretty impressive, despite Galaxy Note 7 woes

Despite going through a tough few months in its smartphone division, Samsung is reporting some pretty huge estimates for Q4 2016. The news suggests that the Galaxy Note 7 debacle was really just a blip on the radar for Samsung.

Apple rumored to be switching to IGZO displays before the end of 2017

It's being reported that Apple is preparing to switch out the amorphous silicon display currently used in its MacBook Pro for an IGZO panel, and the transition could take place before the end of 2017.

Samsung’s new Chromebooks should make Microsoft and Intel nervous

Samsung's new Chromebook Plus and Pro may signal a new battle with very deep roots. On one side is ARM and Chrome OS -- on the other, Intel and Windows.
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Interview: Samsung’s Dave Das explains what makes QLED TVs so special 9:22

Dave Das gives his insight on what makes Samsung's QLED TVs different and special during this interview taken at CES 2017 at Samsung's First Look event.

It’s about time: Samsung Gear S2 and S3 are finally compatible with Apple iPhone

Are you an iPhone owner who wants a smartwatch that isn't the Apple Watch? Samsung has finally made its Gear S2 and Gear S3 smartwatches compatible with the iPhone, almost a year after it first promised it would do so.

Need a screen in the kitchen? Samsung puts a tablet in even more fridges

Samsung is doubling down on its brainy appliances. At CES 2017, the company announced it would add its Family Hub 2.0 technology to three more refrigerator models to help make your kitchen a little bit smarter.

Playing with Android apps on the first laptop built especially for them

Samsung's new Chromebook Pro is designed in partnership with Google to take full advantage of the Google Play Store, and that's not the only trick this premium Chromebook has hidden up its sleeve.

Samsung serves up a Chromebook Pro with an amazing display, and a superlight 15-incher

Samsung has three new laptops on show at its main booth at CES 2017, all targeting different audiences. It has something for workers, gamers, and budget notebook users, all with exciting features and compact chassis.