Samsung sells shares in four companies to cover Galaxy Note 7 recall costs

Samsung announced that it had unloaded shares in four companies, with total proceeds exceeding $885.85 million. This will help Samsung cover the costs of the Note 7 recall that is expected to set the company back over $1 billion.

Samsung’s Galaxy A9 Pro has a massive battery and is coming to India on September 26

Samsung's Galaxy A9 Pro will be available in India beginning on September 26. Unfortunately the price tag is much higher than its competitors, even though it doesn't offer better specs.

Battle of the sevens: Apple iPhone 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The iPhone 7 is finally here, boasting top-of-the-line specs and a stunning design. But how does it stack up against the lauded Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? We put the two devices head to head to find out which is better in terms of hardware and…

Report: Most Galaxy Note 7 owners still using their potentially explosive phones

Despite the well-publicized fire risk and warnings to power down their phones until they can be replaced, many Galaxy Note 7 owners seem to still be using their potentially explosive devices, according to a new report from Apteligent.
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Samsung could be taking the Gear 360 camera to the next level with a VR version

Samsung has been a champion of virtual reality products for consumers for the past few years, and now it looks like the company wants to take things a step further with the Gear 360 Pro virtual reality camera.

Don’t live on the edge, check out the best Galaxy S7 Edge cases

You shouldn’t take any risks with your Galaxy S7 Edge -- after all, it’s a fragile beauty and a tumble might leave you with unwanted scuffs or cracks. Here are our favorite Galaxy S7 Edge cases, whether you prefer ribbed TPU or…

A teacher's Samsung S7 Edge explodes in the middle of a busy English cafe

Just a couple days after a Galaxy Note 7 exploded in the hands of a 6-year-old boy, a different Samsung smartphone, an S7 Edge, met a similar fate in the hands of a teacher and mother of two.

Want the new S Pen without the exploding phone? You’ll love the 2016 Galaxy Tab A tablet

The Galaxy Tab A launched last year as an affordable Android tablet with S Pen capability, and now Samsung has launched a new version of the tablet that comes with the S Pen itself, and it's the improved stylus seen with the Galaxy Note 7.
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Samsung brings ‘Jay Y.’ to its board of directors as Galaxy Note 7 crisis boils over 2:20

Samsung's issue with exploding batteries in its Galaxy Note 7 phones continues to escalate, as injuries continue to be reported. To instill confidence in its shareholders, Samsung today appointed Lee Jae-Yong, the son of…

Samsung, LG are going to court as defendants over an alleged anti-poaching agreement

According to a lawsuit filed last week, Samsung and LG have agreed to not poach employees from each other in the U.S. The lawsuit is similar to one settled by a number of large tech companies last year.

Samsung is facing a lawsuit, and no, it’s not over the Galaxy Note 7

In the latest piece of bad news to hit the South Korean phone maker, Samsung is finding itself in hot waters again. This one involves a Galaxy S7 Edge -- not the recalled Galaxy Note 7.

HP buying Samsung’s printer business for more than $1 billion

HP Inc. announced its agreement with Samsung to buy the South Korean company's printing business. The sale is expected to close within a year. The deal gives HP a presence in Asia and lets Samsung focus on smartphones, TVs, and memory…