Sandy Bridge

Dell, HP, others to offer replacements, refunds for Sandy Bridge systems

Dell, HP, and other manufacturers are offering customers refunds or replacements for systems they've shipped with defective Sandy Bridge chipsets from Intel.

Sandy Bridge flaw halts sales of affected Dell, MSI and Gigabyte products

A design flaw in certain Intel Sandy Bridge chips has lead to a product recall and disrupted sales from HP, Dell, MSI and Gigabyte.

Intel reveals flaw in Sandy Bridge chipsets

A flaw has caused Intel to stop shipments of its latest and greatest Sandy Bridge chipsets...and fixing the problem is going to cost around $700 million.
Android Army

Acer: No, tablets will not be replacing netbooks

Computer maker Acer says it doesn't plan to phase out netbooks in favor of tablets...although it definitely plans to be in the tablet market.

Acer: Tablets will be replacing netbooks

Acer sees tablets eventually replacing netbooks - and plans to start packing Intel's Sandy Bridge processors into tablets to win that market.

Intel promises DirectX11 for Ivy Bridge processors

Intel's latest Core processors feature integrated high-def graphics...but folks will have to wait for the next generation for DirectX11.

Intel finally debuts Sandy Bridge core processors, Intel Insider

Intel's CES 2011 press conference brought the long-awaited launch of Sandy Bridge processors, Intel Insider for HD movies on PCs, and some interesting toys on the way.

HP unwraps Sandy Bridge, Fusion-powered notebooks at CES 2011

HP's CES 2011 notebook lineup includes doses of Sandy Bridge horsepower for a few supersized desktop replacements, a Fusion notebook that bridges the gap between netbook and notebook, and well, plaid.

CES 2011 rumor roundup

It's finally here. In mere days we'll be able to tell you about all the new technology heading your way. To tide you over, here's a look at some of the most persistent CES rumors out there.

CES 2011 preview: 10 products and trends you’ll see in Vegas

Take an early peek behind the curtains at CES 2011 with a preview of 10 tech products and trends that will make waves in Las Vegas this year.

HP Pavilion dv7 Sandy Bridge notebook specs slip out

HP isn't making much of a secret that its forthcoming Pavilion dv7 4000 and 5000 series notebooks feature quad-core Intel "Sandy Bridge" chips.

Rumors suggest new iMac and MacBook Pro in 2011

After a year focused on tablets and smartphones, Apple is supposedly bringing us some upgraded desktops and notebooks for 2011.