Hacker puts healthcare records up for sale after sources refuse to pay ransom

A hacker is selling healthcare records for hundreds of thousands of patients on the dark web, including sensitive information like physical addresses and social security numbers.
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Groundbreaking random number algorithm may be boon for online security

Generating a string of random numbers is easy. The hard part is proving that they’re random. But as this algorithm's co-creator tells Digital Trends Marcin Pawłowski, "I really believe we can improve the security of communication for…

CryptXXX ransomware gets even tougher to crack, pulls in $45,000 in three weeks

The latest version of the CryptXXX ransomware has become even tougher to decrypt and has earned its authors more than $45,000 in Bitcoin payments from victims in just three weeks.

Cybersecurity firm: Crypto-ransomware infections have reached ‘epidemic’ level

Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab claims we’re stuck in the middle of a crypto-ransomware “epidemic” after it revealed that more than 700,000 such infections took place over one year.

Remote access software GoToMyPC hit by “sophisticated password attack”

GoToMyPC has implemented a compulsory password reset for users after accounts were accessed by hackers. The company says reused password and login details that were harvested from online data dumps are the source of the outbreak.

Google takes the the hassle out of 2-step verification

If you have 2-step Verification turned on, you know fumbling for your phone can be a hassle when you need to quickly login to a Google account. Not anymore -- Google has made the process simpler with push notification Google prompts.

The Pentagon just paid cash to hackers who found 100+ bugs in its systems

The Department of Defense's recent "Hack the Pentagon" program turned up a whopping 138 security vulnerabilities deemed "valid and unique," officials have revealed. And yes, they've already been acted upon to prevent future trouble.

Data breach at Acer’s US website exposes names, mailing addresses, and credit cards

Acer has notified authorities of a data breach at its US online store where an alleged hack has seen an undisclosed number of customers' payment details, including card numbers, stolen.

Underground marketplace sells server credentials for under $10

A new report from Kaspersky details xDedic, a shadowy online marketplace that allows hackers to buy and sell server credentials in order to facilitate data theft, malware attacks and more.

Hacker group may be exploiting unpatched vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player

Kaspersky Lab believes that a group it calls ScarKruft is taking advantage of vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player to take control of affected PCs using Windows, Linux, OS X, and ChromeOS. Adobe will address the latest exploit soon.

Obama has finally ditched his BlackBerry, but its replacement will surprise you

With just months left in office, President Obama has finally gotten around to ditching his once-beloved BlackBerry. However, the device he's replaced it with may surprise you.
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Twitter locks millions of accounts following massive password leak

Following Wednesday's news of a massive leak of Twitter login credentials, the company has responded by locking millions of affected accounts and contacting users by email with instructions to reset their password.