Hilton latest high-end hotel group to be hit by hackers

Point-of-sale systems inside major hotels' cafes, restaurants, and gift shops appear to be a firm favorite with hackers armed with data-collecting malware. Hilton is the latest global hotel group to fall victim to an attack, it was revealed…

Amazon resets some customer passwords over security fear

Amazon didn't go into too much detail about the issue but in an email sent to some customers this week the company revealed it'd reset a number of account passwords after learning they could be exposed to third parties.

Is China looking to build its own secure smartphones?

Amid growing worldwide concerns about security (or lack thereof), China is reportedly undertaking efforts to build its very own secure smartphones, undermining American manufacturers' positions in the booming Asian market.

Despite security revisions, the secrecy of your passwords may still be at risk with LastPass

Although LogMeIn has made some revisions to make LastPass less susceptible to the theft of your login credentials, it's still far from unhackable, according to salesforce security engineers.
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This is the Qylatron — the next generation in security and bag check

Your TSA pre-checked status may not carry as great of an advantage thanks to Qylur's brand new Qylatron Entry Experience Solution, the more efficient way of getting through airport security.
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Scientists have developed a new atom-based ID system that’s nearly impossible to cheat

PhD student Jonathan Roberts says the technology works by creating authentication schemes based on atomic-scale imperfections in nano-scale structures, which they call Quantum ID, or Q-ID for short. He says each nanostructure they’ve…
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Meet Airbolt: a TSA-approved travel lock you can control with your smartphone

AirBolt is a connected smart travel lock that you can control from your phone, no matter where your luggage ends up. With full TSA approval, the lock puts baggage security back in travelers' hands while still meeting international…
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Is that really you? More companies are turning to voice biometrics for security purposes

No amount of security is too much security when it comes to our bank accounts, and now, your own voice may serve as that added layer of protection. Technology known as voice biometrics seems to be the next big thing.

Researchers demonstrate RSA key security breach

A team at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute has shared its findings following research into RSA security keys, demonstrating the potential for a breach of Amazon Web Services, among others.

11-year-old sells secure passwords online for two bucks

Remember your first job? One 11-year-old in New York City is venturing out into the world of online security, offering secure Diceware passwords for the bargain price of two bucks each.

Syncing an infected Fitbit could be a security risk, says analyst, but Fitbit’s not worried

A security researcher has published findings suggesting malicious code could be placed on a Fitbit tracker in seconds, and lead to a virus being installed on a synced computer. Fitbit has issued a statement saying the hack is not possible.