A serious Linux privilege-escalation bug has been in the wild for nine years

There's a Linux vulnerability in the wild that's apparently been residing in just about every Linux version for the last nine years, and users will want to install a patch as soon as possible.

Toucan connected security camera is (very nearly) truly wireless

The Toucan smart security camera uses a clever adapter to let you set up your connected security camera without running wires, and uses a smartphone app to let you check on your front porch from anywhere.

Mooltipass Mini is a new physical password manager you can carry with you

Mooltipass Mini is a new palm-sized physical password manager that stores and encrypts your passwords to avoid having to remember login details or run the risk of your software-based managers being hacked.

Apple has set its iPhones free inside its stores

Apple is removing the security tethers from iPhones on display inside its stores. Several locations have removed the device so customers can handle the phones more naturally. You're even welcome to try it in your pocket (so long as you take…

Apple will no longer secure its iPhones with cables in some retail stores

Apple has removed the security cables that secure iPhones in some of its stores outside the U.S. Its reason? Customers will be able to interact with the devices more freely. It also makes it easy to walk out with an iPhone, but Apple's not…

The U.K. government has reportedly banned the Apple Watch from top-level meetings

The U.K. government has reportedly banned ministers from taking the Apple Watch into top-level meetings over fears that the device's microphone could be hacked by foreign spies.

Malware allows attackers to silently steal webcam video from your Mac, expert says

While you might be comfortable taping over your Mac's webcam or monitoring its LED, attackers can still steal your streams while you engage in legitimate video conferencing sessions.

Yahoo responds to allegations that it scanned emails for U.S. spy agencies

It hasn't been a great month for Yahoo. First we hear about a big data breach in 2014, and now apparently Yahoo secretly spied on millions of Yahoo Mail users, searching their incoming emails on behalf of U.S. spy agencies.

Apple loses its patent battle against VirnetX, faces over $300 million in damages

According to VirnetX, its security technology is being used by Apple in applications like FaceTime without proper permissions. Now, a federal jury in Texas has ordered Apple to pay over $302 million worth of damages.

Researchers find way to send passwords through your body to a device

Computer scientists and electrical engineers at the University of Washington have found that passwords can be transmitted through the human body to a device rather than over the air where they’re vulnerable to interception.

Microsoft's Edge browser uses a virtual machine to quarantine itself from malware

Microsoft's Edge browser will reportedly use a “mini virtual PC” to isolate itself from the rest of your system, effectively quarantining the entire browser to prevent malware from gaining access to sensitive files.

iOS 10 was not great for Apple’s backup security, experts say

In love with the new iOS 10? If you're a hacker, you might be as well. That's because the newest operating system allegedly makes it "considerably easier" to hack iTunes logins for backup passwords stored on a Mac or PC.