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Snowden developing iPhone battery case with hidden spy tool

To detect revealing mobile transmissions that could be used to locate journalists, Edward Snowden and hacker Andrew “Bunnie” Huang are developing a spy monitoring tool that doubles as a battery case.
Android Army

Police create a 3D mold of a dead man’s finger to unlock an iPhone

Police in Michigan recruited a university professor to create a 3D mold of a dead man's finger, which they intend to use to unlock and iPhone. It's the first time the technique's been employed in an active investigation.

Ransomware threat is only getting more dangerous and costly, Symantec report says

Ransomware threats to individuals and businesses are growing rapidly. with even more dangerous strains of the virus and higher ransom demands, according to Symantec's latest ransomware report.

Firefox will begin blocking specific, unnecessary Flash content, starting in August

Mozilla has stated that Firefox will begin blocking certain "invisible" Flash content that's not relevant to the browsing experience starting in August.

Bitdefender beefs up Box with 2 new features to keep your network secure

Bitdefender recently unleashed two new features for its standalone Box device to better secure your network. Box connects directly to your router, and filters traffic before it reaches your devices.

No secrets, no shame: How technology forces honesty

When everyone already knows what you’re trying to hide, will there be any point to privacy? We may be moving toward a world where we’ll find out.

Keeping pace with the web trackers

From cookies to fingerprinting, the tracking of people online for ads is becoming more and more sophisticated. Still, privacy advocates are hopeful the right tools can stem the flow of your data, and help you take back control.

A 20-year-old printer vulnerability left Windows exposed to malware

Security researchers discovered a 20-year-old Windows bug that took advantage of printers to deliver malware to a computer, but Microsoft has finally pushed out a patch for the mature vulnerability.

Firefox 48 gets a new media component that’s a little ‘rusty’

Mozilla's Dave Herman recently said that Firefox 48 will have a media parser derived from the Rust programming language, replacing the current C++ version. Rust is billed as the best C++ alternative, offering better memory "Safety,"

Fiat Chrysler is calling on hackers to improve the software in its cars

Fiat Chrysler is inviting ethical hackers and security researchers to its bug bounty program on Bugcrowd to find security flaws and vulnerabilities in its vehicle software, with cash prizes of up to $1,500.

Niantic responds to Pokemon Go Google security concerns

Pokemon Go is quickly becoming one of the most popular mobiles games on the market. But some users have warned the game requests broad access if the Google account login option is selected.

See where all of your passwords are being used with Shard

At this point, we should all know that it's not a good idea to use the same password across multiple sites and service, and now a new tool called Shard helps simplify that process.