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Dwayne Johnson will finally get his own DC Comics movie

Dwayne Johnson might finally get his chance to play DC Comics antihero Black Adam, according to a new report indicating that he'll get his own solo movie in Warner Bros. Pictures' cinematic universe.

Shazam now lets users play music videos for identified songs and share via iMessage

Shazam has teamed up with Portland-based music video platform Vadio to offer in-app playback of music videos or live performances for identified songs, letting users listen without having to be redirected to another app.

Music identification app Shazam’s new Lite version saves your phone some space

Your phone's real estate is precious. With all the photos, music, and apps your stored on your mobile device, space can get pretty tight. But now, Shazam is helping you free some of it up.

Shazam’s digital recognition now found in a Target ad in Vogue

Thanks to Shazam's new digital recognition feature, Vogue readers who like what they see in a Target ad can go straight to the source, taking the print magazine into the digital realm.

New Shazam feature lets you see what tracks big-name artists are tagging

“The biggest artists in the world are also the biggest fans," so says Shazam's Daniel Danker. With that in mind, the music ID app now includes a new feature that lets you see precisely which tracks those artists are Shazaming.

Now you can scan objects with Shazam to get cool content and coupons

Today, Shazam launched Visual Shazam, which lets users scan various products, QR codes or print ads. If you want to find a Shazamable ad, all you need to do is look for the Shazam logo with the camera icon.

Shazam planning to expand its service to ‘object recognition’

Shazam's been identifying music tracks and TV shows for years, but now it's looking to expand its service to object recognition, allowing users to ID everyday items for more information, or to make a purchase.
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Dwayne Johnson hints at Black Adam vs. Superman fight in DC’s movie future

Dwayne Johnson hints that his DC Comics character Black Adam could take on Superman or Batman after the villain's debut in the upcoming Shazam movie

You might want to be nicer to Shazam, since it’s now valued at $1 billion

Shazam's latest round of funding brought in $30 million, meaning the music recognition company is now valued at $1 billion. Shazam has broadened its scope, having now entered the world of advertising.
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Aquaman, Cyborg, Suicide Squad, and Green Lantern are all coming to the big screen

Aquaman, Suicide Squad, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Justice League, and a reboot of Green Lantern are among the DC Comics movies announced by Warner Bros.
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Dwayne Johnson confirms role in Shazam movie

After months of rumors, Dwayne Johnson has confirmed which character he'll play in the Shazam movie, and a screenwriter has been announced for the project.

Hands-on with Shazam for Mac: It knows what music you’re listening to, for the most part

Shazam, the app that tells you the name of that song whose name you just can't put your finger on, has arrived on Mac OS X. So, we gave it a spin. Here's what we think.