Hurray! Tim Cook fixes it for Siri to pronounce Barbra Streisand's name correctly

Good news! One of Siri's most egregious errors is about to be fixed. In the next update, Apple's virtual assistant will finally pronounce singer Barbra Streisand's name correctly, thanks to Tim Cook's intervention.

Which virtual assistant would you hire? Cortana vs. Siri vs. Google Now

Voice-activated digital assistants are becoming an important part of our lives. So how do Cortana, Google Now, and Siri stack up against one another when it comes to features and voice recognition?

Look ma, no hands! Siri and Google Now come to the UE Boom 2 and UE Megaboom

The UE Boom 2 and UE Megaboom are already popular speakers, but they'll likely become even more popular now that they feature built-in Siri and Google Now support, thanks to a firmware and software update.

6 hidden features we discovered in the MacOS Sierra beta

You know about Siri and picture-in-picture, but there's more to MacOS Sierra than what Apple announced last week. Here are six other features that every Mac fan should be looking forward to.

MacOS Sierra ditches Flash for HTML5 push

MacOS Sierra is going to bring with it a lot more than just Siri. It's going to make the browsing experience through Safari 10 safer for everyone, by turning off Adobe's Flash player by default, with plans to do the same for Quicktime and…

Here’s how Siri will work in MacOS Sierra

Siri is coming to the Mac, and the WWDC Keynote gave us a look at what that will look like. Here are the features Apple VP Federighi showed off, and how you can expect to use them.

Apple announces a new Home app for HomeKit

At WWDC, Apple announced its new app Home will come bundled with iOS 10. The app will help users control their HomeKit-compatible devices from a single app from the iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

‘Siri, get me an Uber!’ Apple opens up Siri to third-party developers

During its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple confirmed that it will make Siri available to developers and third-party apps. Furthermore, Apple will use Siri's brains to make the iOS 10 keyboard much smarter than before.

Birds of a feather? A parakeet named Kiwi learns to summon Siri

A parakeet named Kiwi seems to have learned perhaps the most important thing it could from its owner -- how to summon Siri. The bird was recently filmed activating Siri on an iPhone.

Look out, Google Assistant! Siri could soon get a pretty significant upgrade

Apple isn't going to let Google have all the fun in the new generation of personal assistants -- it looks like the company is seeking to implement VocalIQ into Siri, making for an assistant that's much better at understanding context.

Apple’s cooking up an answer to Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home hub in the form of a new Apple TV

Apple is reportedly working on a new Apple TV with significantly enhanced Siri capabilities to rival Amazon's Echo devices and Google's Home hub. The device doesn't have a release date.
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Twitter hashes out future changes, Microsoft steps away from phones, Siri SDK 2:47

Twitter sticks to the 140-character limit but some major changes are on the way, Microsoft throws in the towel on smartphones, Apple to release an SDK for Siri in order to catch up to growing number of smart assistant competitors…