Apple’s cooking up an answer to Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home hub in the form of a new Apple TV

Apple is reportedly working on a new Apple TV with significantly enhanced Siri capabilities to rival Amazon's Echo devices and Google's Home hub. The device doesn't have a release date.
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Twitter hashes out future changes, Microsoft steps away from phones, Siri SDK 2:47

Twitter sticks to the 140-character limit but some major changes are on the way, Microsoft throws in the towel on smartphones, Apple to release an SDK for Siri in order to catch up to growing number of smart assistant competitors…

Apple may unchain Siri to fight Amazon’s Echo and Google Home (Update)

Amazon's Echo is a hit, and it's leading other companies to look toward similar devices. Last week Google Home was unveiled, and now Apple may join the club as well with its own Siri-powered device.

Leaked images suggest Siri is coming to a Mac near you this fall

Siri's been on Apple's mobile devices for nearly five years. Now new leaked information suggests that the popular digital assistant is set to debut at WWDC next month, and in Mac OS X this fall.

Siri’s creators just showed off Viv, a brilliant new AI assistant

Viv wants to be the one-stop place for you to interact with everything. Its creators want you to book a hotel or an Uber, send money to friends -- all through the digital assistant, instead of an app.

The creators of Siri are now on a mission to destroy it

Siri's creators intended the virtual assistant to be more open, integrating with a variety of third-party services. That's why they created Viv, a new digital assistant to be unveiled on Monday.

This health app makes Fitbit look like a basic calendar 3:20

Shae is designed to help improve your well-being, not just track it. The approach is to find what works for that unique individual. Where other suggestion software assumes people of a certain weight or activity level are the…
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Siri looks into the flames, teases Jon Snow’s fate

No one seems to have concrete answers on whether Jon Snow is dead or not. But have you asked Siri yet? Apple's digital assistant has been keeping up with HBO's Game of Thrones quite well.

Apple fixes bug that let Siri bypass passcode to access Contacts and Photos

If you have an iPhone 6S or a 6S Plus, there was a security bug in iOS 9 and above that allows people to access your Contacts and Photos without a passcode from the lockscreen. Apple has since fixed the issue.
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Twitter improves Apple’s digital assistant with #ThingsIWantSiriToSay

Twitter users have transformed Apple's Siri into the perfect digital assistant that offers motivational advice and stops your from drunk texting. The #ThingsIWantSiriToSay hashtag is currently trending with over 20,000 tweets and its own…

Petition demands Apple add better resources to Siri for abuse, rape victims

A JAMA Internal Medicine study shows that our smartphone's digital assistants, like Siri, aren't well-equipped to help us during emergencies. A petition has gotten more than 4,600 signatures, asking Apple to add more resources into its…
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Love it! Facebook launches reaction emojis globally 2:37

Facebook now offers several reaction emojis to enhance its like button. Now you can express love, anger, sadness, shock and more for any post you might otherwise have simply liked. It's not an unlike button, bit it will do.