How Cortana works in Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft's answer to Apple’s Siri and Google Now is being pushed as the “world’s first truly personal digital assistant.” Here's what Cortana can do and how to use her in Windows Phone 8.1.

Which virtual assistant would you hire? Cortana vs. Siri vs. Google Now

Voice-activated digital assistants are an increasingly important feature for smartphones. Now that Microsoft has unveiled Cortana, we take a look at how it stacks up against Apple’s Siri and Google Now.

Microsoft’s ‘Cortana’ Siri-competitor spotted ahead of Build conference

Microsoft's Siri-competitor, Cortana, will be finally announced at Microsoft's BUILD conference. We caught sight of it ahead of Build on a Bing webpage, suggesting serious integration with Microsoft's search technology.

14 hidden features in iOS 7.1

iOS 7 is the biggest change to Apple's operating system in six years, and iOS 7.1 has just tweaked it even more, but finding things in its Settings menu keeps getting more difficult. Here are seven tips on how to get around the settings in…

Apple files new patent that could enable voice-based photo search in Siri

Apple has filed a new patent application describing the ability to search for and tag photos via voice, pointing naturally to Siri. The feature would utilize tags and other information associated with the photos.

Our Siri guide: How to merge your life with Apple’s witty virtual assistant

Find out exactly what Apple’s virtual assistant can do for you as we take a look at how to use Siri. We kick off with how to set Siri up, and then we check out supported commands, before looking at some handy tips.

In 2014, Siri will be able to butcher your voice-to-texts in six new Chevrolet models

Chevy is expanding its Siri-compatible MyLink system to six new cars in 2014. The program has already shown its worth in the Sonic and the Spark, with good reviews from buyers. In an historically uncharacteristic move of foresight, Chevy…

Apple’s (rumored) iPhone 5C won’t have Siri (according to rumors)

There may be a cost to a budget-friendly iPhone. According to analyst Gene Munster, Apple plans to exclude its Siri voice assistant feature from the lower-end iPhone, which is expected to debut on September 10.

Siri Eyes Free, Big Data and goodbye Idiot Light: GM tech chief talks future car tech

General Motors believes connectivity is the future of cars, and it's preparing for that future with a barrage of tech.

Siri’s pronunciation to improve in iOS 7, thanks to new name learning feature

We already know Siri is set to be more helpful in iOS 7, but a new feature has been discovered which shows the virtual assistant is willing to learn too, as you'll be able to teach it how to pronounce difficult names.

AAA study: Voice controls may keep drivers’ eyes on the road, but they’re still distracting

The American Automobile Association's researchers say that, whether it's hands-on or hands-free, in-car tech is a major distraction.

Siri for iOS 7 is a man! And he can now search Wikipedia or Bing…

Apple's personal assistant app Siri is getting a makeover, including a new voice. Siri can now have a male or female voice, search Twitter or Wikipedia, change settings on your phone, and more. Plus, Siri will be making its way to your car…