Hear Siri’s genius interruption during a long-winded question at the White House

The iPhone's personal assistant Siri may be making a play in the world of politics. During a press session at the White House, Siri managed to interrupt a long-winded question, and provide a perfectly timed response.
Home Theater

Siri hits the big screen, but the new Apple TV is no revolution

We go hands on with the first demo of the new Apple TV, which adds App Store support, Siri, and a new paint job. Is Apple ready to take TV seriously?

Siri butt-dial and 911 call saves a teen’s life after his truck falls on top of him

An 18-year-old in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, couldn’t use either of his arms to reach for his iPhone when the 5,000-pound truck he was working under fell off the jack. So he butt-dialed Siri to call 911 for help.

Apple is reportedly prepping a Siri-powered voicemail transcription service

Apple is reportedly prepping a Siri-powered voicemail transcription service not unlike Google Voice. It may debut in 2016, but contingent on its reliability -- accurate voice-to-text conversion is notoriously difficult to achieve.

My Surrey, the ‘Siri for cities,” is powered by IBM’s Watson

IBM's Watson is helping some city residents find out more information about their homes and environments in a program known as "Siri for Cities." The new app is being tested in Surrey, Canada.

Not so fast: Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay have a dashboard full of downsides

Despite the beauty of being able to access your calendar or the angriest of birds on the go, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto aren't all sunshine and roses. Here’s why.

Siri gets sassy when you ask, ‘What’s zero divided by zero?’

In what is likely the first of many instances of snark to be expected from continued advancements in the realm of artificial intelligence, Siri gives us a rare glimpse of her sassy personality when asked, "What's zero divided by zero?"

This voice-to-text app translator makes Siri look dumb

Voice to text is great, in theory. If only it could do more, like put that text in relevant places, like your calendar, or your shopping list, or maybe even figure out how many calories are in the meal you just described. MYLE can do that…

Now everyone can buy Amazon’s Siri-like Echo smart speaker

Amazon's finally opening orders of its Echo personal assistant beyond Prime subscribers. It costs $179, performs similar functions to Siri and Google Now, and offers the added convenience of always being within reach.

Apple TV confirmed as the main hub for its smart-home platform HomeKIt

Today Apple confirmed the Apple TV will serve as the hub for HomeKit, its smart-home platform, allowing users to control their homes via their iOS devices synced with the Apple TV from anywhere in the world.

Your ‘OK Google’ questions are kept on file, so be careful what you ask

Not only can the search engine Google store information you write online, it can also keep records of audio recordings, including all the "Ok Google" inquiries you may have had over the years.

HomeKit devices finally arriving next week, according to reports

Apple's smart-home revolution has been a long time coming, but a new report says the first HomeKit-compatible devices are going to hit the market next week, just in time for WWDC 2015.