Apple hopes its new Siri website will get you chatting to your phone more

Apple launched a revamped site for Siri on Wednesday, showing iPhone and Apple Watch users all of the things – or at least, some of them – that the voice-driven virtual assistant can do.
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To make your smart TV safe from spying, manufacturers need to up their game

Your smart TV is just as much a security and privacy liability as your laptop – more so in some cases. Here’s what needs to be done before they become a major hacking target.

Siri is really into the Apple Watch and aluminum

What is Siri's opinion of the Apple Watch? She seems pretty excited about it. A new line of answers from the digital assistant talks up the new Apple Watch.

Everything you say to Siri, Cortana and Samsung phones may be heard by a human being

A Reddit user recently shared a firsthand account of starting a new job that required her to listen to recordings of voice commands people gave to their smartphones to check for accuracy. “Guys, I'm telling you, if you've said it to your…

Is Cortana a dangerous step towards artificial intelligence?

'Virtual assistant' software like Cortana is becoming increasingly important, but should we be more concerned about the sort of technology that brings us closer to true artificial intelligence?

Watch: Fiery Italian grandma tries and fails to use Siri

Oh Siri, accents are hard aren't they? Watch this funny video in which a fiery Italian grandmother tries to find out the time in the homeland, but is frustrated by Siri's inability to understand.

Cortana runs rings around Siri — at least according to Microsoft

Confused by the differences between Google Now, Siri and Cortana? Microsoft is pulling no punches when it comes to helping you make a decision with its latest ad comparing Siri to Cortana.
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Amazon’s Echo Video Gets Drowned Out by Parody

Amazon released a video for its Echo speaker, and the parody version pokes fun at the digital assistant Alexa.
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Siri in your dash: Apple CarPlay now available for Pioneer NEX-series receivers

Apple's CarPlay makes its debut in after-market car entertainment systems today. Via Firmware update, existing Pioneer NEX-series in-dash receiver owners can take advantage of all the new hands-free technology that has been developed to…

What can I help you with? Ford bringing Siri to your dashboard with the help of Automatic

Automatic, the same company that brought you the Smart Driving Assistant and Web Dashboard, is bringing Siri into your car. If you drive a Ford or Lincoln newer than 2011, you’re in luck.

Siri’s tougher brother Vito will stop you from uploading those nude photos

Watch the sketch that showcases comedian Jimmy Kimmel's solution to iCloud's security problem: A tougher older brother for Siri who won't always let you have your own way with your revealing pictures.

Florida murder suspect asked Siri how to hide a body, then used flashlight app 9 times

According to prosecutors, a Florida man suspected of killing his roommate in 2012 asked Siri for advice as to how to hide a body. In addition, his phone's location data did not match where he claimed to be that night.