Hyundai adopts Google Maps, begins the Apple vs. Google in-car wars

Google picks up another automaker partnership as Apple pushes ahead with nine others.


Google Now could monitor your health or park your car

From locating your self-driving car, to getting instant price comparisons on nearby products, one designer has big ideas for the future of Google Now's Card technology

Android Army

Hands-on: Taking Apple’s Siri for a spin inside the upcoming Chevy Sonic

Chevrolet has teamed with Apple to integrate Siri into the 2014 Sonic and Spark, and we we got a chance to take it for a spin.


‘Siri, where can I find hookers in Shanghai?’

The Chinese version of Siri has apparently been very naughty indeed, telling people where they can find hookers when asked. But no more, as Apple blocks certain search terms after outcry from iPhone users.


Pranksters rejoice: Siri can update your friend’s Facebook status from the lock screen

Quite possibly an annoying problem in the hands of a practical joker, Siri and Facebook could lead to embarrassing status updates.


Mixing storytelling and science, Saga launches as a smartphone sidekick

With nods to Siri and the Quantified Self movement, Saga is a third party answer to the assistant apps market.


Study: Apple’s Siri is wrong over one third of the time

As Apple works diligently on improving Siri before the launch of iOS 6, a new study points out how difficult it is to get Siri to provide accurate results to common questions.


Can Google Now take on Apple’s Siri and win?

Talking to your phone is the wave of the future, and Google doesn't intend to be left in the dust. Could the company leapfrog Apple's Siri with Google Now and finally establish Android as the premier mobile platform?

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Better off without you: Apple’s slow-motion divorce from Google

Apple's latest announcements for iOS 6 and Mac OS X highlight the company's sustained animosity for Google. How and why is Apple cutting the search giant out of its ecosystem?


Let’s talk: Major automakers announce interest in Apple’s Siri

Hot off the heels of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, a host of major automakers have confirmed interest in implementing Apple's voice-driven Siri system in upcoming vehicles.


Apple rumors: iPhone 5, iPad Mini due in September; iPad to get Siri in iOS 6

New Apple rumors suggest iPhone 5, iPad Mini will arrive in September; iPad will get Siri voice assistant in iOS 6.


How Siri actually responds to Samuel L. Jackson’s commands

Gazpacho? Hotzpacho? This poncho? How does the virtual assistant Siri of the iPhone 4S really respond to Samuel L. Jackson's requests in the commercials? Not well.


IBM bans Siri use due to security risks: Should you?

IBM has banned the use of Apple's Siri virtual assistant on its internal network due to potential security risks.


Inside Knowledge Graph: Google’s deep-diving semantic search

Google's Knowledge Engine tries to smartly connect information on the Web to search queries based on deeper meanings. Is it another sign of a revolution in search, or another case of looking at the world through Google-colored glasses?