Free video messaging added to Skype for iOS

Skype for iOS received an update today that gives users the ability to send unlimited video messages. Previous versions capped messages at 20 and made unlimited part of the Premium subscription service. Call stability, improved photo…
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Hands on: Skype evolves into a Snapchat competitor with Video Messages

Feeling the pinch with plenty of competitors in the video messaging space, Skype has joined the game with its own take on video messaging.

Forget texts, send videos instead! Skype enables free unlimited video messaging

Skype announced today that it now lets all of its users (except Windows Phone) send unlimited video messages to other users, free of charge. Previously, non-premium members were limited to just 20 messages total.
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Our favorite hidden hacks to spice up your social networks

Bored of Facebook's emoticons? Tired of Snapchat's color palette? These hidden tips and tricks will take you into the underground, secret side of social networking features that you never knew existed.
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NHL coach gets fired during a Skype chat

Definitely a crappy way to find out that you've just been fired, professional hockey coach Ralph Krueger got canned after connecting on a Skype call with the team's general management.

Who will rule the post-texting world? In search of the ultimate messaging app

The age of the messaging app is upon us. You’ve got text chat, voice chat, video chat, one-on-one or in groups, with the ability to share files, photos, or even live video footage. The question is – what’s the best messaging app…

Skype starts integration, video voicemail comes to Windows desktop beta

Microsoft is rolling out with Skype integration to UK users and plans to roll it out to the U.S. and Germany in the next few weeks. Skype's video voicemail service was also updated.

Move over, Hologram Tupac: Microsoft’s working on 3D holographic avatars for Skype

A new job listing for a Microsoft engineer cites that the company is working on a telecommunication system that offers users the chance to create an interactive, holographic body double to use via Skype.
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Durex classes up the wearable tech space with “Fundawear”

If you thought Skype and Facetime had broken technological barriers in phone sex, wait until you see app-controlled vibrating underwear.

Best Windows 8 Apps

Don't know which Windows 8 apps to download to your new touch laptop? Check out our list of the cream of the crop for both productivity and entertainment on your Microsoft gadget.
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Microsoft under fire after student uncovers Chinese surveillance of Skype

The online conversations of Chinese Skype users are being monitored, says one American graduate student – and he can even give you a list of the words and phrases that are likely to cause alerts to be sent if they were included.
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Sick of having an ocean between you and your beloved? Get married on the internet!

Finally, long distance couples have a way of getting married without having to be together in one place. Proxy marriages are legal, but only in some states.