Skype now works with any home phone through new adapter

It appears that Skype is aggressively going after the Magic Jack demographic and attempting to teach your grandmother how to Skype. A new adapter transforms that aging landline phone into an Internet gizmo.

U.S. military can make free calls home using Gmail

Connecting with family members is always difficult for members of the military when stationed halfway across the globe. Google's lending a helping hand to that problem with a gesture of good will.

Skype buys group text messaging service GroupMe for $85 million

With its buyout by Microsoft still pending Internet communications giant Skype has purchased GroupMe for a reported $85 million.

Skype WiFi app offers iOS users cheap global net access

Skype released a new app on Wednesday, Skype WiFi, allowing iOS users to access the net via a million hotspots worldwide.

Xbox LIVE dashboard upgrade leaks

A video revealing what's possibly the new Xbox LIVE dashboard had a brief life, but offered a quick glimpse at the upgrade.
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Twitter, Facebook, Skype and foursquare are all coming to the Playstation Vita

The Playstation Vita users will be able to download social networking apps from Facebook, Twitter, foursquare, and Skype.

Firefox 8 kills malicious add-ons installed without user permission

Software companies that try to sneak add-ons into Firefox are going to be extremely unhappy in a couple months. Mozilla announced changes to the eighth version of Firefox that's taking the fight to troublesome add-ons.
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Skype 2.1 for Android brings video calls to more phones

The latest version of Skype for Android brings video calling to 17 new handsets - and many more users may be able to simply turn it on in the app settings.

Skype for iPad back in the App Store – and it’s still there

After being pulled from the App Store yesterday, the new Skype for iPad app is back in the store, meaning that owners of the tablet can finally ditch the iPhone version of the video chat software.

Skype for iPad goes live on App Store – then pulled

Shortly after Skype released the iPad version of its software in the App Store late Monday, the company pulled it.
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Skype for Windows version 5.5 update adds more Facebook features

Skype latest Windows update, version 5.5, adds a number of new Facebook-oriented features and improves the user experience for video calls.
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Facebook announces video and photo previews within comments

Facebook commenting just got more exciting for Web users. Facebook rolled out updates to the commenting system that include video and photo previews within comments.