Microsoft killing Windows Live Messenger, will replace it with Skype (Rumor confirmed)

Microsoft is reportedly putting Windows Live Messenger to rest, and replacing the messaging client with Skype.
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Skype 6.0 desktop update adds Facebook and Microsoft integration and retools for Retina Display

Skype has updated its desktop app to 6.0 to enable Facebook and Microsoft account logins, Live messaging, and merged contact lists. Mac users out there will also rejoice at the announcement of a Retina Display-ready Skype client.

Skype users warned not to click on unexpected links as ‘ransomware’ worm spreads

Malware which could lock a user out of their PC until they pay $200 is targeting Skype users through its instant messaging facility. Those using the Internet-based phone service are being warned not to click on unexpected links, to review…

Terms & Conditions: Skype’s limits on ‘unlimited,’ blocked countries, forbidden uses and more

Skype manages to keep its terms of use and privacy policy as slimmed down as possible -- but they're still beasts.
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The end of MP3? Opus Audio Codec promises better sound with less bandwidth

The open-source Opus Audio Codec could transform what we hear and how we hear it on the Web.

New malware bot affects IM services like Facebook Chat and Google Talk

A malware bot uses instant messaging services like Facebook Chat, Skype, and Google Talk to spread through as many computers as it can.

‘Rare’ Skype bug sends instant messages to unintended recipients

Skype confirms that a bug is sending user conversations to random contacts, even if they have never contacted each other before.

Skyping in Ethiopia could result in 15 years of prison

Traveling to Ethiopia? Steer clear of using Skype and Google Voice services or you might face up to 15 years in jail.

Opinion: Dear Skype: It’s over between us

Years of bad choices and Skype’s most recent decision to introduce “Conversation Ads” leave one loyal user with no choice but to split.
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Facebook reacts to Airtime by adding Call button on Timeline

Likely an attempt to bring more attention to the Skype-powered video calling feature, Facebook hopes more video chats will be initiated from the Timeline page.

Let’s give ’em something to talk about: Skype rolls out targeted ‘Conversation ads’

Skype's new "Conversation Ads" aim to get people talking during free Skype-to-Skype conversations, but will users find them too intrusive?
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It’s been a year: What has Microsoft done with Skype?

It's been a year since Microsoft announced its $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype. Does it have anything to show for it but a troubled Windows Phone client?