Best Windows 8 Apps

Don't know which Windows 8 apps to download to your new touch laptop? Check out our list of the cream of the crop for both productivity and entertainment on your Microsoft gadget.
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Microsoft under fire after student uncovers Chinese surveillance of Skype

The online conversations of Chinese Skype users are being monitored, says one American graduate student – and he can even give you a list of the words and phrases that are likely to cause alerts to be sent if they were included.
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Sick of having an ocean between you and your beloved? Get married on the internet!

Finally, long distance couples have a way of getting married without having to be together in one place. Proxy marriages are legal, but only in some states.

Hold the phone! A third of all calls made are over Skype

A new report from Telegeography shows Microsoft subsidiary Skype racking in a third of all calls made globally, marking an impressive milestone for the company as it celebrates its tenth anniversary.

Life and Tiles of a Win8 Convert: A soy latte, a Lumia, and a crazy bum with a shopping cart

In the ninth edition of The Life and Tiles of a Windows 8 Convert, Andrew is just trying to test out some of the synchronization features of Windows 8 when he gets in a tussle with a crazy old man at a coffee shop.

Skype for iPad update: Auto reconnection of dropped calls, add cash to account and more

Skype has rolled out an update to its iPad app. New features include the automatic reconnection of dropped calls and the ability to add cash to your Skype account from within the app.

Life and Tiles of a Win8 Convert: It’s lonely without Google

Converting your devices is one thing, but when we had Andrew switch to a Microsoft life, he had to go all the way. In this "Life and Tiles of a Windows 8 Convert," he details what it's like to live without Google's services, and it's no…

‘Open Letter to Skype’ demands Microsoft come clean about user privacy

In an "Open Letter to Skype," more than 100 Internet activists and digital rights groups have demanded that the Microsoft-owned VoIP service become transparent about user privacy.
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Microsoft may look to Skype to power voice chat on the next Xbox

A new rumor suggests that after spending $8.5 billion acquiring voice over IP giant Skype in 2011, Microsoft may hope to see a return on its investment by tasking the firm with control of voice chat in the successor to the Xbox 360.

Microsoft Messenger to shut down March 15 and will be replaced by Skype

Bid Microsoft's Messenger a farewell on March 15. That day marks the first day that Skype officially replaces the instant messaging client.

Researchers find a way to send secret “silent” messages through Skype

Polish researchers discovered a secret way to send encrypted messages through Skype during the silent moments of your conversations.

Apps and updates worth downloading: Facebook Messenger, Cycloramic, Final Fantasy II, and more

Deck out your new phone or tablet with apps to use while you're un-decking the halls and recovering from the holidays. Facebook Messenger and Skype get updates, get a new app to manage your tasks or replace your keyboard, and relive classic…