Apps with emoji in their descriptions generate more downloads, study finds

Apps with emoji in their description generally generate more downloads than apps that lack them, according to a recent study. Results vary by demographic, country, and ethnicity.

President Trump is refusing to give up his old, unsecured phone, NY Times reports

The Associated Press reported that President Donald Trump traded his personal smartphone -- reportedly a Samsung Galaxy phone -- for a "secure" alternative with limited calling and internet capabilities. But he may still be using his old…

Google’s Progressive Web Apps turn mobile sites into Android apps

At Google's Chrome Dev Summit, the company introduced a new initiative that bridges the gap between a typical mobile web experience and an app. As of this week, Progressive Web Apps are live for users of the Chrome Dev and Canary…

Virtual phone number app Burner teams with Nomorobo to block spam calls

Burner, a virtual telephone service that provides disposable phone numbers on demand, announced a partnership with Nomorobo to block robocallers, spam, and telemarketers on Burner lines.

LeEco continues U.S. expansion with introduction of TVs, phones on Amazon

Just a few days after broadening its U.S. horizons by announcing the LeEco Le Pro 3 and Le S3 are now available at Target, the Chinese tech company is selling its phones and televisions on Amazon, too.

Former Android chief Andy Rubin reportedly developing flagship Android phone

Former Android chief Andy Rubin is reportedly prepping a premium smartphone to take on the likes of Apple's iPhone and Google's Pixel. It packs an edge-to-edge display, metal siding, a ceramic body, and support for modular peripherals.

The Redux brings your soaked smartphone back to life with clever science

The Redux brings wet smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and more back to life with a bit of clever science. It lowers the boiling point of water, effectively vaporizing the moisture within.

Google is rolling out a new version of AMP optimized for low-memory devices

Google has announced AMP Cache and AMP Lite, two speed-focused additions to the search giant's Accelerated Mobile Pages platform. They're aimed at improving web page load times on slow internet connections and low-power devices.

Look, ma -- no bezels! Xiaomi's Mi Mix is even more gorgeous in person: Our first take 3:22

If there's a smartphone trend that's rather obvious, it's the slow elimination of the bezel. It's been happening to our TVs, and smartphone manufacturers have slowly been following suit. Xiaomi's Mi Mix smartphone is one of the…

HTC Vive phone concept is unlikely to be made, but still piques our interest

It turns out that the HTC Vive smartphone spotted in a developer video is unlikely to ever be made a reality and was probably just a case concept, but that doesn't mean we're any less interested in its potential.
Health & Fitness

Do you see what I see? EyeQue offers simple vision test from your smartphone

The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker hopes to promote vision health globally with a tool that lets users test their eyesight through an app and standard smartphone. A Kickstarter campaign has already raised nearly triple its goal.

Watch a brazen phone thief get taken down with a flying kick

Thieves don't always get what they deserve, but this guy does, after snatching a smartphone from someone who wasn't prepared to lose it that day. He gets a big surprise when he tries to make a getaway on a scooter.