Forget the iPhone, we want this Japanese robot phone

Sharp is developing a new smartphone called RoBoHon, except it looks nothing like a traditional phone. Instead, RoBoHon is a small robot friend who does everything your phone can, but with added cuteness.

Mi Note 2 could be Xiaomi’s first all-metal smartphone

Xiaomi might be planning its first all-metal smartphone, the Mi Note 2, to launch early next year. A new leaked image shows the all-metal design, and we expect plenty more coming out of China in the months to come.

What is phubbing, and is it ruining your relationships?

Are you cheating on your friends with your phone? If so, it's got a name and serious side effects. According to new research, the act of phubbing, or phone snubbing, is a very real epidemic in the United States.
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Motorola X Style smartphone impresses, Google’s big day: DT Daily 1:30

We get our mitts on Motorola's capable new phone, the Moto X Style, and Google has some big news out today.

This phone case hides a removable game controller

Most touch game controls are about as precise as a drunken moose, but no one wants to carry a controller. The GameBeat case looks like a regular folding or wallet case, but on the inside is a square game controller with familar controls and…

Moto X Force rumors: The tough phone may launch this December with high-end specs

According to rumors, Motorola may debut a ruggedized addition to its Moto X series of smartphones -- the Moto X Force -- in December. It reportedly sports a shatter-proof design and high-end internals.
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Experimental app delivers electric currents to combat motion sickness

For anyone who dreads the seemingly inevitable bouts of nausea that comes along with travel, technology has great news for you: there's a new app that delivers a tiny shock to help with your motion sickness.

Neato’s latest Botvac vacuum can be controlled with your smartphone

Ideal for cleaning the floors when you are away from the home, the most recent revision of the Botvac will connect to a home's Wi-Fi network and link to the owner's smartphone for mobile control.
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Archos’ Diamond Plus is an Android phablet that won’t break the bank

Archos has unveiled the Diamond Plus, the newest addition to its Diamond line of Android devices. It's an affordable phablet sporting a high-def screen, an octa-core processor, and fast-charging technology.

How to use manual mode on the LG G4 and take amazing pictures

The LG G4 is one of the best smartphones of 2015, partly due to the built-in camera. Here's our guide on how to better utilize the camera's manual components, whether shooting JPEGS or in Raw.
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The $99 ZTE Obsidian sports 4G LTE and Android 5.1, will hit T-Mobile airwaves on August 13

The $99 ZTE Obsidian hits T-Mobile on Thursday, August 13. It sports 4G LTE connectivity and Android 5.1, notable features for a budget phone. Unfortunately, it compromises in other areas.