Google just made it easier to find travel deals and book them on your phone

Google is making it easier to find deals to book travel and shop on your phone. Soon, mobile search for both travel and retail will be enhanced to make using a mobile device to shop and travel easier.

BioRing wearable smart ring smashes funding goal

It’s not exactly Green Lantern’s ring, but the BioRing is a wellness tracker rugged enough to be waterproof and resistant to scratches while it measures various metrics about your overall health.
Cool Tech

Tesla fanatic? 3D print your own smartphone Supercharger

One Tesla superfan decided to pay homage to Elon Musk's company and its ultra-popular cars in a decidedly Tesla-esque way -- with a 3D-printed smartphone Supercharger. And you can print one yourself.

Got tiny hands? This startup wants you to buy its hexagon-shaped smartphone

The Keecoo K1, a hexagonal-shaped smartphone designed to "fit the hands of women," is set for release later this year. The phone has mid-range specs and a very eccentric design that's sure to catch the eye.

Sprint wants to help parents decide when it’s time to get their kids a smartphone

Sprint has launched a new website designed to help parents decide whether or not it's the right time to buy their kids a smartphone. The website includes videos, facts about kids and phones, and even a quiz.

Your Google Fi connection is about to get 10-20 times faster internationally

International roaming on Google Fi is about to get a lot faster. The company announced a boost in speeds in over 135 countries -- "97 percent of the places Americans travel internationally" -- plus the addition of European carrier Three.

We literally cannot let go of our smartphones, new survey finds

According to a new survey conducted by YouGov Omnibus, over 50 percent of millennials report that they carry their phone in their hand throughout the day. For half of us raised with mobile devices, they've become an extension of our arms.

A new pastime? Americans log the most time on messaging apps

According to a new study from digital market intelligence firm SimilarWeb, U.S. smartphone users spend the longest time using messaging apps when compared to other smartphone-obsessed countries.
Health & Fitness

Artificial pancreas that uses smartphone app and sensor may be diabetes game-changer

“The sensor continuously monitors your glucose levels, then sends this information to a smartphone, where an algorithm calculates how much insulin is needed to keep the blood glucose in the safe, normal range,” Dr. Eric Renard told…

Two new mid-range phones just debuted in South Korea — LG's X5 and its X Skin

LG's smartphone family is growing, and the latest members to join the clan in South Korea are the X5 and X Skin. The two models join the mid-range X series in the company's home country.

Surprise! We’re supremely dependent on our smartphones

Bank of America has finally confirmed what we've known all along -- Americans are collectively in a codependent (or rather,simply a dependent) relationship with their smartphones.

China smartphone makers snap up patents in fight for market dominance

Stepping into the ring to fight over China and its prime smartphone market are the country's own smartphone makers, as they begin to acquire patents by way of licensing deals, acquisitions, and a whole lot of money.