Are bigger smartphones killing off the tablet?

Have you purchased a new tablet in the last 12 months? And what are you using it for? According to the latest data from IDC, slate sales are continuing to drop — but a comeback is possible.

HP reveals discovery of bugs in IE on phones that Microsoft still hasn’t fixed

Even though every piece of software tends to have some flaw or exploitable bug in it, it's important that they be fixed as quickly as possible. That's not been the case with the four smartphone IE issues that HP discovered months ago.

Keep your smartphone food-free and your friends happy with Ikea’s fun new placemat

Ikea has come up with a solution to whether it's polite to put your phone, face up, on the dinner table or not. Its new placemat lets you keep your phone in sight, without making it too obvious.

Woman tries to take selfie with bison, gets flipped into air

Definitely a contender for one of the worst selfie attempts of 2015, a woman visiting Yellowstone Park thought it would be a brilliant idea to stand near a massive bison in order to capture the moment with a photo.

Could your smartphone be able to tell whether you’re at risk for depression?

According to a new study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, your phone may be more accurate than a self-assessment in determining whether or not you suffer from depression.
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The Marshall London is the smartphone that audiophiles’ dreams are made of

Marshall's London smartphone is meant for audiophiles: it's got dual audio jacks, high-end music processing, and a killer aesthetic that harkens back to the company's classic amplifiers.

Apple’s dominance of the smartphone market seen in profits more than sales

The modern day monopoly isn't found in steel or railroads, but rather in smartphones. While Steve Job's Apple empire may only comprise 20 percent of smartphone sales, it also boasts a stunning 92 percent of profits across the industry.

The Galaxy S6 Edge was more popular than expected, and Samsung’s paying for the error

Samsung sold fewer Galaxy S6 phones than expected, leading to a disappointing second quarter for the company. According to Wall Street Journal source, is misjudged demand for the curved S6 Edge.

LG G4S rumors: A leaked benchmark reveals mid-range specs

Renders of a cheaper, cut-down LG G4 have leaked ahead of a reported July unveiling. The G4S, as it's known, is expected to come in at a lower price point. It probably will reach emerging markets, reports say.

India will unseat the U.S. as the 2nd largest smartphone market in the world by 2017

According to a new report from Strategy Analytics, India will unseat the United States as the second largest smartphone market within the next two years, but China will remain the clear leader of the pack.

Keep those touchscreens squeaky clean with these simple methods

Don't let a dirty screen keep you down, these are the best ways to clean everything from fingerprints, dust, and grime from the screen of your smartphone.