Help catch skin cancer early with this potentially life-saving, $100 smartphone accessory

The MoleScope is an amazing tool that uses the high quality camera on your iPhone to assess moles on your skin, ready to detect the early stages of skin cancer. Caught early enough, the survival rate is 98%.

BETTER RE turns old smartphone batteries into portable power packs

Just because you’re done with an old smartphone doesn’t mean you're done with its battery. A product called the BETTER RE is applying the concept of upcycling to extend the life of discarded batteries by turning them into…

Woman barred from using smartphone for two years after fatal accident

Adding an unusual tweak to a sentence related to a tragic, distracted driving accident, a Michigan judge has banned a 23-year-old woman from owning or operating a mobile device for a period of two years.

The smartphone you can wear like a bracelet

Blu is a pioneer in flexible technology, it's the slap bracelet of phones, except it won't cut into your wrist. It's completely wireless, so it makes for the best workout buddy ever. Ditch the floppy neoprene arm holder, you won't need it…

Huawei wants to snap its flimsy reputation with the sturdy, affordable P8 Lite

Huawei unveiled the P8 Lite today, a mid-range smartphone bound for US shores. It's the company's next big attempt to capture a larger slice of the unlocked phone market.

More teens die in car crashes than any other way, and distracted driving may be the cause

According to a new study released by the American Automobile Association (AAA), teenage drivers are not only endangering themselves with their driving habits, but putting other motorists at risk as well.

Google beefs up navigation to help you avoid Memorial Day jams

Ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, Google's adding more detailed alternate routes and real-time traffic information. The goal is to provide a better explanation for its automated detours.

70 percent of drivers use their smartphones while on the road

According to a new AT&T study, a shocking 70 percent of drivers use their smartphones while operating vehicles, and it isn't just to send messages of the text and email variety either.

Scan your eyes, and buy some fries: Fujitsu shows off mobile payments with an iris scanner

Fujitsu, in partnership with Japanese carrier DoMoCo, unveiled a smartphone that lets you make payments by scanning your iris. But that's just the beginning -- biometrics is a burgeoning industry.

This smartphone accessory can see blood parasites, and could save your life

The CellScope Loa is an accessory that converts a smartphone into a blood parasite-detecting microscope, and due to its accuracy, speed, and ease of use, it could save lives in countries where disease treatment is urgently needed.
Cool Tech

PhoneDrone turns your phone into an autonomous quadcopter

Idaho-based drone startup xCraft has designed a wild new quadcopter exoskeleton that leverages all the sensor tech and computing power you already carry around with you inside your smartphone.

Indiegogo cancels modular phone project without an explanation

Google's Project Ara isn't the only modular smartphone we can expect to see launch this year. Meet Fonkraft, a new modular phone that's cheap, easily modified, and expected to be ready in September.