Drones and smartphones are turning California residents into citizen scientists

We've been crowdsourcing the public for everything from news to the newest inventions, and now, the people are adopting a new de facto title -- citizen scientists, all with drones and selfies.

Addicted to your smartphone? This app developer explains why

Raefer Gabriel, the CEO of smartphone app builder Delvv, explains how smartphone addiction, coupled with information overload, could be affecting our overall quality of life.
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Even rectal thermometers can connect to your smartphone now

While you might have connected a Bluetooth speaker, smartwatch or Bluetooth game controller to your phone, we're pretty confident that you've never taken your temperature and had it transmitted straight to your phone before.

Lyft introduces a new service for senior citizens who don’t have smartphones

Lyft has introduced Concierge, a "third-party Web request product" that allows Lyft partners to request rides on behalf of others. And because it's a Web-based app, smartphones aren't needed to initiate or complete the transaction.

Huawei's Mate 8 won't hit the U.S. yet, but it will arrive in 30 more countries

Huawei officially announced the Mate 8, the sequel to last year's Mate 7. With a 6-inch display, the Mate 8 has both feet planted firmly in phablet territory, though the high screen-to-body ratio should make using the phone easier than you…

Samsung warns of struggles in 2016, including weak economy and more competition

Samsung has made a grim forecast for 2016, claiming it will be a tough business for the company with weak economic conditions and more competition in key business areas such as smartphones and memory chips.

India now has over 1 billion mobile subscribers

India just became a member of an extremely exclusive club: the 1 billion mobile user club. According to a new Bloomberg report, the second most populous country in the world now has around 1.03 billion mobile phone subscribers.
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Researchers create $100, smartphone-powered 3D printer

Jeng Ywam-Jeng, a professor of mechanical engineering at Taiwan Tech, is poised to revolutionize printing with an affordable, smartphone-powered 3D printer. The key technology is a new photopolymer that cures using the visible…

HTC chief confident that brand will not ‘disappear’ in 2016

HTC chief executive and chairperson Cher Wang is confident that the company will not "disappear" any time soon, despite growing criticism from investors and smartphone fans alike.

Meizu reaches 20 million smartphone sales in 2015

Meizu has been in the smartphone market for ages, but this year marked a turning point for the company with a 350-percent sales jump from last year. It sold 20 million smartphones in the year, becoming one of the top five brands in China.

There's a new phablet in town and it's ZTE's Axon Max

ZTE has announced a larger version of its Axon flagship smartphone, the Axon Max. The 6-inch phablet has a 1080p screen, a USB Type-C port and supports QuickCharge 2.0. It's only available in China at the moment.

Huawei surpasses local rivals Xiaomi and Lenovo in sales

Huawei revealed today that it sold 100 million smartphone units this year, surpassing local giants Xiaomi and Lenovo, as well as its own projections. That makes it the third-largest sales vendor, behind Samsung and Apple.