Vodafone smartphone tech is being given to harbor seals in Orkney, Scotland

Smartphones may be close to saturating the human market, but when it comes to seals, that's a whole new marketplace. And now, harbor seals in Orkney will be receiving smartphone technology in an effort to stymie their population…

Text away: 15 free messaging games you can play with your friends

If you believe we live in an interconnected world where each and every soul posses a smartphone, you may need to think again. Here are our picks for the best texting games so you can make the most fun out of that limited data plan of yours.

This double barreled handgun folds up to look like a smartphone

Playing off the fact that the majority of Americans carry around smartphones every day, a startup company in Minnesota has created a handgun that can be disguised as a smartphone when not in use.

Samsung is on a roll: New patent shows a smartphone with a flexible roll-out screen

Samsung filed a new patent for a roll-up display that will allow you to unroll your smartphone when you want a bigger screen, and then roll it up again to fit it back in your pocket.

Microsoft's new app lets you log in to your computer by using Bluetooth and your smartphone

Microsoft's updated Authenticator app, which isn't yet publicly available, lets you log into a Windows 10 machine by pairing your smartphone via Bluetooth. It's the company's latest attempt to replace passwords with a more convenient…

25 percent of smartphone users have ad blockers, according to survey

A new survey released by Tune suggests that as many as 25 percent of smartphone users in the U.S. and Europe have ad blockers installed, a figure that is sure to feed into the debate surrounding ad blockers and publishers.

Why doodling on your phone’s screen is better than a password

Researchers from Rutger University have shown that using a free-form gesture to secure apps on your smartphone is easier, faster, and equally as secure as using a text-based password.

Satechi's magnetic phone mount for your car may be sleek, but it's not strong enough to secure big phones

In-car smartphone mounts are usually big, ugly, spidery messes of plastic and metal. Not so with the Satechi Magnet Vent Mount, which is small, subtle, and attractively designed. However, does it still do the job?

The $4 smartphone in India is probably too good to be true

After being stunned by the mere existence of a $4 smartphone in southeast Asia, market experts and analysts are now crying foul play on this deal that drives home the point: when things seem too good to be true, they probably are.

Xiaomi plans to use smartphone chips designed in-house in the second half of 2016

Xiaomi, China’s leader in smartphone shipments in 2015, has aspirations to be a chipmaker this year. This would put Xiaomi in the same boat as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, which also design chips in-house.

Cheetah Mobile, makers of the Clean Master app, may be collaborating on a phone

Cheetah Mobile, responsible for Android apps like Clean Master, may be working on a smartphone project with Chinese brand Cubot, where its software will come pre-installed. The result may be revealed at Mobile World Congress.