KFC adds some juice to its meals: Watt a Box charges phone while you feast

Would you like a power bank with your meal? That's what KFC's offering with Watt a Box, a meal box with a 6,100mAh power bank for charging your phone. You also get a micro-USB and a Lightning cable.

Famed Motorola design lead Jim Wicks is leaving the company

Longtime Motorola design lead Jim Wicks has announced his departure from the company. He's credited with overseeing the design of the Razr, the Droid series of smartphones, and the Moto 360.

Donald Trump says ‘no thanks’ to using a smartphone and email

While we previously thought that Donald Trump might use both a Samsung and iPhone, new reports suggest he may not carry a smartphone at all. So how does he send all those tweets? Great question!
Cool Tech

Snap a photo of your meal and this AI-powered startup will tell you how many calories it contains

It’s the dream of any foodie who watches what they eat to be able to snap a photo of their meals and have their phone instantly tell them how many calories they’re about to consume. That’s the mission statement of a new startup…

Xaomi’s Redmi 3S starts at only $106 and is bound for China

Xiaomi is releasing a variant of its Redmi S phone, the Redmi 3S, for the Chinese market in June. The budget handset starts at an attractive $106, and its attractive price point and all-metal construction put it neck-and-neck with the…

Sony dominates the smartphone CMOS image sensor market

Sony dominates the CMOS image sensor market, controlling 35 percent and $3.6 billion of the 2015 total of $6.7 billion. Image sensors are found in smartphone cameras, cars, and drones.

With an array of snap-on modules, the Moto Z is anything you want it to be

Lenovo's Moto Z can take on any 2016 flagship with its killer specs and intriguing snap-on Moto Mod accessories. We go hands on.
Home Theater

Does your phone sound limp? Then give it some Mojo

You got your hi-res audio loaded up and a great pair of headphones, but your phone still doesn't deliver the audio goods. It needs some Mojo, Chord's impressive DAC and amplifier for phones and computers.

Free yourself! How to unlock your phone from the icy hands of your wireless carrier

Do you want to unlock your phone through your carrier or a third-party service like FonesZone? Regardless of which way you go, we're here to help you.

LeEco may lead the pack with a Snapdragon 823 phone, but who knows if it’ll ever go on sale

LeEco, the Chinese brand determined to make a big splash in the U.S. this year, may have got the scoop in the competition, and announce a phone using the new Snapdragon 823 processor soon.

Find your phone with these helpful tracking tips

Need to keep tabs on the location of a cellphone or smartphone of any kind? Consult this guide for tips and tricks on how to do it, whether you're currently rocking Android or iOS.

Samsung’s new midrange Galaxy C5 is headed for China later this year

Samsung's new Galaxy C5 may not pack top-of-the-line hardware, but that doesn't mean it isn't a great value proposition. It's bound for Chinese markets later this year.