The 5 best phones you can safely hand over to your kids’ grubby paws

Keeping track of your children on the go is tough, but finding the right cell phone for them may be even harder. Check out our selection of the best cell phones for kids, so you can find the right device for your kid (and your wallet).


OnePlus customer survey hints at company’s interest in wearables and smart home products

If OnePlus' customer survey questions are any indication of impending reality, we could eventually see OnePlus wearable devices and smart home products. The company is also selling the OnePlus One without invites on Jan. 20.


This tiny keyboard lets you touch-type on your phone

Need to type out an essay or a novel while on the move? Tired of your touchscreen? WayTools says the TextBlade lets you type at up to 100wpm when connected to an Android or iOS device.


Study: iPhone separation anxiety is real, leads to increased heart rate and decreased smarts

Researchers at the University of Missouri conducted a study observing what happens to iPhone users when they’re unable to answer their phones while they work on word search puzzles.


OnePlus sells nearly 1 million OnePlus One units in 2014, two new models coming in 2015

OnePlus sold close to 1 million units of its “flagship killer” in 2014. In 2015, the company will launch two new smartphone models: a new flaghship expected to be dubbed the OnePlus Two and a new model that emphasizes design over specs.


Samsung forecasts first annual profit fall in 3 years

Samsung looks like it's going to need some time to counter competition in emerging markets and get its business on track – on Thursday it said its Q4 2014 figures would likely show its first annual profit fall in three years.


Viewsonic V55 smartphone set to feature an iris scanner

We've heard rumors of eyeball-scanning technology appearing in smartphones before, but a new promo video shows the feature in action on Viewsonic's latest handset, due to be launched soon.


Diagnose ear infections at home with this low-cost smartphone accessory

CellScope has developed an innovative new smartphone attachment that essentially transforms your device into a fully-functioning, network-connected otoscope -- the medical device that doctors use to look inside of people's ears.


Text away: 14 free messaging games you can play with your friends

If you believe we live in an interconnected world where each and every soul posses a smartphone, you may need to think again. Here are our picks for the best texting games so you can make the most fun out of that limited data plan of yours.


Smartphone earbuds can identify health issues by listening to you breathe as you sleep

A team of researchers has developed a way to use a pair of earphones with an in-line microphone plugged into a smartphone to track your breathing patterns and detect sleep disorders.

Cool Tech

6thfinger is a high-tech hack to keep your mobile game going when you have to step away

The 6thfinger is a small disc that you can place on your smartphone or tablet’s screen in order to keep it awake when you step away from a mobile game. It will retail for $25 but can be purchased at a discount from its Kickstarter campaign.


This unusual phone never wants you to stretch across a big screen to tap a key again

The Manta X7 is a new smartphone which does away with all physical keys, and uses a clever touch system to adjust the volume. It even knows how you're holding it, and shifts onscreen keys around so you don't need to stretch for them.


Samsung’s mobile chief remains in role despite falling smartphone sales

Following its annual management shuffle, Samsung has chosen to stick with JK Shin as its mobile chief. The decision is a show of confidence in the executive despite growing pressure on sales of Samsung smartphones, including its flagship Galaxy S5 handset.