Amid challenges, Samsung changes mobile chief for first time in 6 years

Aiming to turn its smartphone business around, Samsung is changing its mobile chief for the first time in six years. Dongjin Koh, the firm's former head of mobile R&D, replaces JK Shin, who's seen the unit through good times and, more…

Snapchat’s Story Explorer lets you view a single event from multiple angles

Snapchat's Story Explorer feature lets you see Live Story highlights from multiple vantage points. It's rolling out in Los Angeles and New York to start, but will roll out to other cities soon.

Google launches a new app to find out Who’s Down

Find out who's around and who's available right now with the latest app from Google — although right now you need to be a college student in the U.S. to be able to log in and make use of it.

Here’s why OnePlus abandoned plans for its own wearable

A OnePlus fitness tracker sounds like a device that would be worth investigating — but the company decided to pull the plug on such a wearable just a month before it was due to be launched.

More than half of Apple users are now running iOS 9 on their devices

Have you upgraded to iOS 9 yet? Localytics breaks down the adoption rate by time and by country, finding that the latest version of the software still has a way to go to win over everyone.

Google Play Store’s visual revamp is rolling out now

The Play Store is your way in to all of Google's digital wares, from TV shows to mobile games, and the company is giving the app a brand new look — here's what you can expect to see.
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The Satechi gamepad is the Swiss Army Knife of Bluetooth controllers

Satechi's Bluetooth gamepad features three modes for compatibility not only with iOS and Android devices, but computers running Windows and the iCade. It's got an extendable phone grip, too.

When will my Lumia get Windows 10? Microsoft says it will decide

Microsoft is bringing Windows 10 to your Windows smartphone, creating a unified, seamless, cross-platform experience across all your Windows devices. Here's a rundown of the new features we can expect, and what phones it'll arrive on first.

Kanye hates in-app purchases just as much as the rest of us

Developers often include in-app purchases to generate revenue for their software, but some apps handle this better than others — and music icon Kanye West has had enough of the tactic.

Is the world ready for a Pepsi Phone?

Clues left on the Chinese social network Weibo suggest PepsiCo could have a smartphone in the works — but what would it look like and why would they decide to do it in the first place?

With Marshmallow, Google sweetens Android rather than rewriting the recipe

Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the latest version of Google's mobile operating system, is a small but meaningful improvement upon its predecessor. We reviewed the latest version of the OS on last year's Nexus 6 smartphone.