Apple supplier Foxconn in early talks to invest in manufacturing in the U.S.

Apple has talked with several of its suppliers about the possibility of manufacturing smartphones in the United States, according to a report. It could lay the groundwork as soon as June of next year.

Save big with the best smartphone deals on Black Friday

The frenzy that is Black Friday is almost here, and smartphones are seeing quite a number of price cuts from carriers and manufacturers alike. We've rounded up some of the best, so you'll prepared for the big day.

Feds want a ‘driver mode’ for smartphones to reduce driver distractions

A government agency is asking smartphone makers to build in technology that reduces the functionality of the device when its owner is driving. The idea is part of wider efforts to reduce accidents caused by distracted driving.

All the muck on the outside of your phone may one day be used in a forensic profile

A scientific study has shown molecular data gathered from the outside of a smartphone may be used to build up a forensic profile of the device's owner, right down to if they're a coffee drinker, or are using a hair regrowth treatment.

13 ways to photograph memorable holiday moments with your phone

Did your Christmas photos come out worse than you would have liked? Don't blame your phone entirely. As the New Year approaches, check out these handy tips for making your next holiday photos memorable.

Broken smartphone? This handy $20 toolkit could help put it right

Whether you're an expert gadget fixer or considering taking on a repair challenge for the very first time, this useful-looking $20 toolkit could be just the ticket.

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Lenovo bets big on Moto brand, will start selling all its phones under that name

It looks like Lenovo is set to make a big push with the Moto brand. The company has announced that it will sell all its phones under the Moto name from now on, while continuing to sell computers under the Lenovo name.

Tobii wants to bring its eye-tracking tech to mobile devices like smartphones

Tobii, pioneers of infrared-based eye-tracking, want to adapt their technology to mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and virtual reality headsets. It is seeking a $50 million cash infusion to do so.

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