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Pepper the robot gets sales training, ready to sell phones in its own store

Pepper the robot is keen to show how well it can read people's emotions, and will put its skills to the test in its own phone retail store, which will be staffed entirely by Pepper 'bots. It's a world-first, and opens in Japan for a limited…

Jennifer Lawrence is wrong: Smartphones do not stop us from ‘living in the moment’

Jennifer Lawrence captured headlines for chiding a reporter staring at his phone for not being "in the now." It's the latest example of phone users being accused of not living in the moment. Turns out, people have got it all wrong.

Windows 10 Mobile update delay lengthens to February for Windows Phone 8 users

Microsoft is bringing Windows 10 to your Windows smartphone, creating a unified, seamless, cross-platform experience across all your Windows devices. Here's a rundown of the new features we can expect, and what phones it'll arrive on first.

Elliptic Labs wants to replace the proximity sensor on your phone with ultrasound 1:42

Elliptic Labs unveiled its Beauty ultrasound proximity sensor technology that will let you control your phone via hand gestures, without the need for optical proximity sensors found in most smartphones today.

Best Buy didn’t sell as many smartphones as it wanted to over the holidays

Best Buy chairman and CEO Hubert Jolly announced that the retail chain did not sell as many smartphones as it anticipated during the 2015 holiday season ending January 2. Instead, customers turned to wearables.

This mini WattUp transmitter can charge your smartwatch while you’re wearing it

Wireless hasn't gone mainstream yet, but a new technology from Energous could change that. The company demoed its mini WattUp transmitter at CES 2016, which brings true over-the-air wireless charging to IoT and wearable devices.

Apple made half of all phones and tablets that were unwrapped this Christmas

Apple's were the most popular mobile devices activated over Christmas this year, stealing a nearly 50 percent marketshare, according to the latest data. Meanwhile phablets are increasing in popularity.
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BlackBerry CEO: Priv sales have been ‘quite positive’ so far

BlackBerry is alive and kicking, as the Canadian mobile technology business reported a nearly 12 percent bump in revenue in its latest quarter. As for BlackBerry Priv sales, the company’s CEO said the results are good so far.

The 5 best smartphones you can buy

It can be a minefield going out to buy a smartphone right now, thanks to the bewildering choice and high quality products available. To help out, here are our ten best smartphones for sale right now, or very soon.

200 Awesome iPhone Apps for 2015

Our comprehensive, category-by-category, list of the best iPhone apps available, from time-saving productivity tools to fun apps you won’t be able to put down. We've got more than a hundred fresh new apps to try.

How HTC went from smartphone trailblazer to barely breathing

From its early successes in smartphones to its epic rise to the top of the Android world and fast crash back to Earth, no company has a sadder story than HTC. Does it have what it takes to make a comeback?