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Messaging app Viber’s new (and cute) social games are out now for iOS and Android

Following a limited launch late last year, Viber, the popular messaging app, has released its new series of social games worldwide. The three titles are available right now for Android and iOS devices.
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Zynga outgrows Facebook, launches, Zynga Platform

Social gaming giant Zynga is breaking out from behind the walls of Facebook to offer games on, which will include third-party games published through its newly-announced Zynga Platform.

Beyond Facebook: Game publisher Kabam moves for independence through Kongregate partnership

Facebook has helped give rise to the popularity of social gaming, but social game publisher Kabam has decided its time to grow up and move out, with the help of its new partner: Kongregate.

Study: US rapidly becoming a nation of gamers

Nearly 44% of the US can be classified as gamers according to a new study from Parks Associates.

Atari reveals plans for social gaming push

Atari has talked about its plans for 2012, revealing it'll release a combination of 15 re-imagined classic titles and new "social" games from outside developers.

PopCap: Half of social game cheaters also cheat at life

A new survey from PopCap finds 48 percent of folks who admit to cheating at online social games also do things like steal towels, fudge their taxes...or cheat on their partners.

CrowdStar launches post-apocalyptic hardcore strategy game Wasteland Empires

CrowdStar launched Wasteland Empires today on Facebook, a post-apocalyptic game targeting hardcore strategy fans.

Zynga profits drop 90-percent, further threatening its IPO status

The social network gaming giant has seen a massive decline in profits following recent expansions, which could seriously hurt its planned IPO bid.

Report: Zynga may delay IPO

The New York Post says social gaming giant Zynga isn't in any hurry to go public, and may wait until the end of the year.

Insiders take on the EA-PopCap acquisition

The acquisition of indie developer Pop Cap by the massive publisher EA has many people worrying what it means for the future of both companies.

EA to buy PopCap Games for $1.3B

In yet another move to establish itself in the social gaming industry, EA has paid $1.3 billion for Plants vs. Zombies creator PopCap Games.

Rumor: Electronic Arts purchases ohai to move into social gaming

EA has purchased Zynga competitor called ohai in order to move into social gaming.