Sony Move

Sony PlayStation 3 sales hit 50 million worldwide

Sony has sold 50 million PlayStation 3 system since their debut in 2006 - along with 8 million Sony Move controllers that debuted just this past holiday season.

Video game sales down 4 pct in January

Sales of video games and consoles were down four percent in January compared to 2010...and it would have been more if dance games hadn't taken off.

Will Sony open up the PlayStation Move to hackers?

It's possible that Sony is toying with the idea of giving users everything they need to hack Move controllers and bring motion control to a PC near you.

Sony Move controllers sell big

After some skepticism, the Sony Move has proven to be a hit, shipping 2.5 million units in its first month.

Sony Sets 3D into Motion at E3 2010

A slew of upcoming titles that support 3D gameplay and the new Move motion controller round out Sony's biggest announcements at E3 2010.

Real-Time Motion Tracking Demo on Sony’s PlayStation Move

Wondering what you look like on camera to Sony’s PlayStation Move motion-control system?

Sony Shows Off the “Move”. The Next Great Thing or Too Little Too Late?

Following its initial announcement at GDC, Sony is making an effort to wow users with new controllers and new technology. But is it enough to win back gamers?

Sony Mimics Wii with Move Motion Controller for PlayStation 3

Joining Nintendo's Wii and Microsoft's upcoming Project Natal, the Move controller will translate motion to virtual reality, unlocking a whole new genre of games for the PlayStation 3.