The 20 best PlayStation 4 games you can buy right now

Out of the massive crop of available PlayStation titles, we've selected a few of our favorites. These games will satiate your itchy trigger finger, tickle your funny bone, and maybe even coax out a tear or two.

Meyer-Optik reveals the brightest and fastest Sony FE lens around

Meyer-Optik announces the Nocturnus 50/0.95 II; the first Meyer-Optik lens built specifically for full-frame Sony E-mount cameras. It promises to be one of the brightest and sharpest lenses for Sony's full-frame cameras.

Can you tell this car isn’t real? HDR makes ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ unbelievably believable

‘Gran Turismo Sport’ Producer Kazunori Yamauchi discusses pushing the boundaries of simulation racing with the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Sony is working on a sensor with an integrated polarizing filter

Sony has shown off a new prototype sensor that features an on-chip polarization filter capable of selectively reducing glare and reflections in images thanks to its unique design and compact package.

Follow-up to the Sony Xperia XA phone shown off in newly leaked images

Renders of the follow-up to the Sony Xperia XA have leaked online, showing the device could be similar in design to Sony's flagship phone, the Xperia XZ. The device is expected to be released in the next few months.

This Fotodiox adapter is reportedly killing Sony E mount cameras

A few reports have popped up detailing instances where Fotodiox's Nikon to Sony SmartAF Fusion adapter is killing Sony cameras to the point where they won't power on.

Documentary filmmakers call on camera companies to offer encryption

Some 150 filmmakers and photojournalists have signed an open letter from the Freedom of the Press Foundation to camera companies, expressing their reasons for wanting to protect sensitive images and videos with encryption.

4K time-lapse video captures the drama of Iceland’s gorgeous landscapes

The internet is chock-full of gorgeous time lapse videography these days, but Nick Kontostavlakis’s 'Whispering Iceland' adds a dimension of drama which showcases the dynamic contrasts of Iceland's landscapes and helps it stand…

Here’s every current and upcoming game you’ll want to play in 4K HDR on the PS4 Pro

The PlayStation 4 Pro can play any PS4 game, but a select number of titles have been optimized to take advantage of the platform. Here's list of every new and upcoming game that will benefit from the PS4 Pro's increased power.
Cool Tech

Sony’s Project Field could give us a new way to play card games

Sony's Project Field is looking to bring a similar mixed reality gaming that Amiibo and Skylander figures allowed, but with card games. Set for a Japan-only release, it will first support the Yokai Watch game, but from there, the sky's the…

PlayStation 4 surges ahead of Xbox One, more than 50 million consoles sold

The PlayStation 4 has now moved more than 50 million systems, Sony announced today. This comes after the release of the redesigned PlayStation 4 Pro as well as the less expensive "slim" console.

Fans suspect huge twist was revealed in 'The Last of Us: Part II' trailer

The Last of Us: Part II trailer made its debut last weekend at PSX, and some fans believe the game has already given away a big narrative twist involving the protagonist from the previous game.