The 20 best PlayStation 4 games you can buy right now

Out of the massive crop of PlayStation titles, we've selected a few of our favorites, games that will satiate your itchy trigger finger, tickle your funny bone, and maybe even coax out a tear or two.

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Is your television just too big, and your smartphone screen too small? If the touch-screen controls of a tablet won't scratch that gaming itch, grab your PlayStation Portable and take a look at some of our favorite games for the aging…

Samyang tops off ‘blockbuster’ releases with fast, wide 14mm f/2.8 lens

To cap off its "blockbuster" release event, South Korean optics manufacturer Samyang has announced a brand new 14mm f/2.8 lens designed for Sony's full-frame E-mount cameras. It is last of the five new lenses it teased earlier this year.

PlayStation 4's next update makes it easier than ever to share your best gaming moments

PlayStation 4's next system update, 4.00, will include an increased time limit on Twitter gameplay videos and new options for organizing your library. More news, along with a release date, is expected in the next few weeks.

BlackBerry is the first major phone maker to patch QuadRooter exploits

A new Android vulnerability dubbed "Quadrooter" is perhaps the broadest ever. It affects more than 900 million devices containing widely distributed hardware by chipmaker Qualcomm.

Awesome time-lapse video of San Francisco took 3 years to create

Three years of shooting, over 100,000 frames, and six weeks of editing went into this breathtaking, two-minute time-lapse video of San Francisco. The film was shot on a Canon 5D Mark III and Sony A7S II mounted to a motion-control…

Japan’s Kumamoto quakes likely had a major effect on camera production

After a powerful series of earthquakes struck Japan in April, imaging sensors are finally starting to roll out of Sony's Kumamoto plant. However, with many products still delayed, it may be some time before the camera industry fully…

Amp up your summer gaming with one of these 4 great PS4 deals

The PlayStation 4 has finally come into its own. Check out our brief roundup of the best PS4 bundles if you're looking to make the jump to the next-gen system, whether you're looking to pick up an extra controller in the process or an…

‘No Man’s Sky’ has already gotten a day 1 patch that changes everything

The huge day one update for 'No Man's Sky' closes up some prominent loopholes, but also offers new paths through a bigger and more exciting universe.

PlayStation 4 Neo reveal rumored for September 7 event in NYC

At this point, Sony's PlayStation 4 Neo is perhaps the worst-kept secret in the video game industry, but new rumors suggest that the company plans to lift the veil on the project next month.

Is your A6300 overheating? Sony’s latest firmware update may hold a solution

A new firmware launched today for the Sony A6300 may possibly hold a solution to widely reported camera overheating issues, noting improved stability in picture shooting mode by optimizing temperature control.

Kipon’s new adapters give a medium-format look to Sony A7 cameras

Kipon is making some waves with its new line of Baveyes Hasselblad-to-Sony E focal-reducing adapter, which allows Sony full-frame mirrorless camera to use medium-format lenses.