Day 1 of IFA brings fresh OLED competition, 4K phones, a turntable revival 2:09

The first of two press-only days at IFA 2015 is now in the books, and it was Panasonic and Sony who nabbed the biggest headlines.
Home Theater

Sony announces new projectors at IFA, including Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector

Sony had a slew of announcements ready for IFA 2015 with a number of home cinema products including the new Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector from its Life Space UX line and three new home theater-ready projectors.

Upcoming PlayStation 4 update readies the system for streaming to YouTube

With YouTube increasing its efforts to compete with Twitch as a game streaming service, Sony is adding support for streaming to the video giant in its latest PlayStation 4 firmware update, which also bumps cloud storage up to 10GB.

Sony’s Wena Wrist is a dumb watch with a high-tech band

Sony's First Flight crowdfunding platform has just announced a project we think could really fly. The Wena Wrist comprises a stylish analog watch with a smart band, allowing you to potentially turn any dumb timepiece into a smartwatch.

UK police arrest six teens for using Lizard Squad’s hacking-for-hire tool

Authorities in the UK arrested six teenagers this week for attempting to attack several major websites using Lizard Squad's hacking for hire tools. All six are out currently on bail.

Xperia Z5 News: Rumors point to a Xperia Z5 Premium with a mega 4K display

Sony may have only recently announced the Xperia Z3+, Xperia Z4, and the Xperia Z4V, but there are now rumors of a family of Xperia Z5 devices being revealed before the end of 2015. Here's everything we think we know about them.

Did Sony just tease the Xperia Z5 on Twitter?

It appears Sony may be continuing its awkward bi-yearly flagship smartphone launch schedule, if a new tweet hinting at the Xperia Z5 coming to IFA 2015 is to be believed. The company will reveal all during the IFA tech show next week.
Cool Tech

Watch Sony’s new plane-shaped drone tear through the sky

Sony showed off its plane-shaped drone this week, sending it tearing through the sky after performing a steady vertical take-off. The machine is aimed at industry, though if we shout loud enough they might put one out for…

Sony takes a cue from Microsoft, offers an early look at PlayStation 4 updates

Sony is preparing the next major update to the PlayStation 4's system software, but first it wants a little help from the players. For the first time, Sony is looking for volunteers to take an early look at the next update.
Android Army

Sony’s back with the new SmartBand 2 fitness band, and this time it has a heart rate sensor

Sony has announced the SmartBand 2, the sequel to its original fitness band, that comes with several new features including a heart rate monitor, plus a new strap design. It's ready to go on sale in September.