Relive your most epic thrills and spills with the 8 best action cams

Action cameras are great tools for capturing videos of your everyday activities, whether it's a birthday party or the steepest slope you've ever descended on your snowboard. These mini camcorders are easy to use, and they shoot…

Sony camera sensor production on track to resume by end of May

Sony's sensor manufacturing, a vital part of the company's business, has been shut down for weeks as Sony repairs damage resulting from the recent earthquakes in Japan. It was announced that manufacturing operations could resume May 21.

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter for iOS and Android unlocks Uncharted 4 bonuses

Uncharted series star Nathan Drake makes his first-ever appearance on iOS and Android devices this week with the launch of Uncharted: Fortune Hunter, a mobile-exclusive puzzler from Sony.
Home Theater

Sony pulls the veil off a ton of high-res and multiroom home audio gear

If you're looking for high-resolution audio gear of just about any flavor, Sony has got you covered with the wide range of products it has coming out this month, and it's all multiroom ready, to boot.
Cool Tech

Sony developing smart contact lens that does more than let you see

A Sony patent application describes a contact lens straight from the pages of Mission Impossible. The proposed lens embeds sensors, a camera, and more.
Home Theater

Want to shape the future of PlayStation Vue? Try canceling your subscription

For a possible glimpse into the future of PlayStation Vue, and maybe even the chance to shape it, all you have to do is try to cancel your subscription and pay attention to the survey that follows.

Sony says early copies of Uncharted 4 are stolen

Uncharted 4 releases on May 10, but a number of copies have already become available in the U.K. According to Sony, however, these were stolen in a "violent assault," and the company is doing its best to prevent spoilers online.

Sony’s higher-resolution sensor spices up Raspberry Pi’s camera module

The Raspberry Pi's optional camera sensor accessory finally received an upgrade to Sony's IMX219 mobile device sensor, offering 8.08 million active pixels for the same $25 price tag. The previous board only provided a 5MP camera sensor…

Android N Developer Preview lands on Sony's Xperia Z3

Google's expanded the Android N Developer Preview to a non-Nexus device: Sony's aging Xperia Z3. It's probably not a sign of things to come, though -- other phone makers show no sign of offering the same.

Two-factor authentication is finally coming to PlayStation Network

Sony's finally had enough of compromised accounts, as PS3 users noted that the latest update included an error dialogue that referenced two-factor authentication, a security feature already widely used elsewhere.

Will Sony’s Xperia X Premium be the world’s first HDR-screen smartphone?

Sony's upcoming Xperia X Premium may feature an HDR screen, a world first. Rumors suggest it'll be capable of brightness and color reproduction better than and smartphone currently on the market.