After years in the dark, The Last Guardian will be released in 2016

After years of a complete lack of information, Sony finally announced that The Last Guardian is alive and will be released sometime next year. The game has been in development for 8 years and was announced in 2009.


Want to hunt robots, or dinosaurs? Why choose! Horizon: Zero Dawn lets you do both

Set far after humanity has begun to rebuild after an apocalypse, Horizon: Zero Dawn's world is reminiscent of an ice-age tundra - except, of course, wild beats have been replaced by herds of robots.


How to watch Sony’s E3 press conference and what to expect

With E3 2015 finally upon us, we know you don't want to miss a second of the event. Here's how to watch Sony's press conference and what we expect to see.


More than 30 games are in development for Sony’s Morpheus PS4 headset

Sony spilled the beans to Wired about its Morpheus headset. It'll cost "hundreds of dollars" and feature over 30 games and experiences, though potentially not all at launch.


Watch everything we expect to see at E3 2015 in 3 minutes

With Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and the world's most popular game developers taking to the stage to share their news for the upcoming year. Joshua shares his expectations for this years big E3 event and what exactly you should anticipate from the week of news.


Sony’s New A7R Mark II has 42.4MP full-frame BSI sensor, a world’s first

Sony continues to impress its newest A7-series camera, the A7R II. While it's a follow-up to the original A7R, the 42.4-megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor, 4K video recording, high-speed autofocus, and more, makes it a completely new camera.


Embrace the future of gaming with one of these 5 great PS4 bundle deals

Now nearing its 18-month anniversary, the Sony PlayStation 4 is just now finally coming into its own. Check out our brief roundup of the best PS4 bundles if you're looking to make the jump to the next-gen system, whether you're looking to pick up an extra…


Insomniac reveals new Ratchet & Clank game based on a movie inspired by a game

Sony's wisecracking duo will return with a PlayStation 4 origin story that ties into the upcoming Ratchet & Clank animated film, developer Insomniac Games announced today.


You can now watch Sony’s PlayStation Vue on your iPad, but there’s a catch

After launching in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia earlier this year, Sony's PlayStation Vue television streaming service is now available on the iPad, but you'll still need to sign up on a PlayStation console.


Xperia Z4 Tablet set for June 29 launch in the UK, comes packaged with keyboard

The Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet will be released at the end of June in the UK, where it's packaged with an external keyboard for £500, or $765. This is just in time to meet Sony's own release estimate made back in March.


Sony unveils three new speakers just in time for beach party season

Just in time for summer picnics, rides, and days at the beach, Sony has released three new models in its line of Bluetooth speakers. The SRS-X11, SRS-X33, and SRS-X55 cover most sizes and price points.

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Some long-awaited changes to the PS4 and Xbox One may arrive at E3

E3 could potentially bring updated Xbox One and PS4 hardware, according to leaked documents. The Xbox One's controller is set to gain a new audio jack and the PS4 will double its current storage capacity.


Metal Gear sneaks into PlayStation Plus June lineup

Sony has announced the games available in next month's PlayStation Plus lineup, and PlayStation 4 owners should be very pleased. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes leads the way in a month dominated by Sony's latest console.


Microsoft Office and Skype to be preinstalled on new Sony and LG Android tablets

Microsoft's suite of apps, including Office and Skype, will come preinstalled on Android devices from Sony and LG thanks to a new agreement between the companies to bring Microsoft's services to more users.

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