Xperia Z4 Tablet set for June 29 launch in the UK, comes packaged with keyboard

The Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet will be released at the end of June in the UK, where it's packaged with an external keyboard for £500, or $765. This is just in time to meet Sony's own release estimate made back in March.


Sony unveils three new speakers just in time for beach party season

Just in time for summer picnics, rides, and days at the beach, Sony has released three new models in its line of Bluetooth speakers. The SRS-X11, SRS-X33, and SRS-X55 cover most sizes and price points.

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Some long-awaited changes to the PS4 and Xbox One may arrive at E3

E3 could potentially bring updated Xbox One and PS4 hardware, according to leaked documents. The Xbox One's controller is set to gain a new audio jack and the PS4 will double its current storage capacity.


Metal Gear sneaks into PlayStation Plus June lineup

Sony has announced the games available in next month's PlayStation Plus lineup, and PlayStation 4 owners should be very pleased. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes leads the way in a month dominated by Sony's latest console.


Microsoft Office and Skype to be preinstalled on new Sony and LG Android tablets

Microsoft's suite of apps, including Office and Skype, will come preinstalled on Android devices from Sony and LG thanks to a new agreement between the companies to bring Microsoft's services to more users.

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Good news Xperia fans! The Xperia Z3+ is a version of the cool Xperia Z4 for everyone

Sony has finally announced an international version of the Xperia Z4. It's called the Xperia Z3+, and it has a water resistant, slim, and light body with a Snapdragon 810 chip and a 5.2-inch screen.


Grab some popcorn as you watch the PlayStation E3 Experience in theaters

Sony is once again bringing its PlayStation E3 conference to movie theaters across North America, and is more than doubling the available locations from last year's show. Attendees will also receive surprise gifts.


You can now use Soundcloud on the Apple Watch

As Soundcloud preps for its upcoming subscription service, the company ventures into wearable technology for the first time with Apple Watch compatibility.


New PlayStation studio will focus exclusively on Project Morpheus VR games

Games sell systems, and it's no different when it comes to virtual reality. Sony is doubling down on games for its upcoming Project Morpheus by starting a new studio dedicated exclusively to VR games.


Get a crate o’ digital goodies when you pre-order God of War III Remastered

God of War III Remastered releases this July, and if you decide to pre-order the game digitally, Sony is offering 90 days of free access to the PlayStation Now versions of the first two God of War games.


This leaked Sony phone has a bezel-free screen and massive 13-megapixel selfie cam

A new leak may have given us a glimpse of a new Sony smartphone, and it's following two of the major up and coming trends of the year - an almost bezel-free screen, and a massive 13-megapixel selfie cam.


Sly Stallone confirmed for Ratchet & Clank movie, now delayed until April 2016 [updated]

Sony has announced a star-studded cast for its upcoming animated film of Insomniac's Ratchet & Clank, including none other than the Italian Stallion, Sylvester Stallone, along with Paul Giamatti, John Goodman, and Rosario Dawson.


Sony’s new Xperia C4 will take cracking selfies, but it can’t be used to blow anything up

The Xperia C4 is the latest device to explode onto the selfie scene. It's a big, 5.5-inch smartphone with a 5-megapixel front camera, equipped with an LED flash, and a wide-angle lens.


PlayStation Now brings on-demand game streaming to the PS3 on May 12

Good news has come at last for eager PS3 owners waiting for their shot at the service, as PlayStation now officially arrives on the PS3 on May 12. The service will cost $20 per month and Sony is offering a 7-day free trial.