Cool Tech

Sony jumps on the drone bandwagon with a new venture called Aerosense

Rather than jumping in the ring with consumer drone companies like DJI, Parrot, and others, Sony's new venture, Aerosense Inc., plans to use drones to provide aerial surveying services to businesses.

PlayStation 4 media remote coming this year from PDP

As the PlayStation 4 gears up for its third year on the market, Sony's console is finally getting a multi-device media remote from manufacturer PDP.

Crash Bandicoot scrapped cutscenes hint at never-aired cartoon series

An animated intro for 1996's Crash Bandicoot has surfaced, hinting at a cartoon series and other franchise expansions that never materialized.

Inside Logitech’s plan to painstakingly reinvent itself 2:06

Logitech unveiled a new brand this month that takes the "tech" out of its name. The new brand name aims to show how the company has expanded beyond PCs -- here's a few Logitech executives explaining that decision in their own…

New trailer released for Shenmue 3 as Kickstarter creeps closer to $5 million

As the Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue 3 draws to a close, the team has posted an update that includes a short new scene from the game showing the Lake of the Lantern Bugs and new backer rewards.

N++, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture debuting at a discount on PSN

A slate of indie standouts are set to premiere for the PlayStation 4 over the next month as part of Sony's PLAY event, and PlayStation Plus members can pick up all featured games at a discount.
Movies & TV

Marisa Tomei reportedly in final negotiations to join Spider-Man reboot as Aunt May

Marisa Tomei is reportedly in final negotiations to join Tom Holland in Marvel and Sony's upcoming Spider-Man movie. The actress would play May Parker, Peter's aunt, a role that was previously played by Sally Field and Rosemary Harris.

Sony taking PS4 owners on a Journey later this month

Indie studio Thatgamecompany's pensive, emotional adventure game Journey will find a new home on the PlayStation 4 later this month as a Cross-Buy release.

Prepare your wallets: Sony’s high-spec Xperia Z4V comes to Verizon August 13

If you've been holding out for a true Sony Xperia flagship smartphone for 2015, you're about to be rewarded. The Xperia Z4V is here, and it's a water-resistant, octa-core, quad HD monster device coming to Verizon this summer.

Mobile gamers with Sony Xperia devices can now stream to Twitch or YouTube

Both mobile gaming and game streaming are exploding in popularity, so why not combine both? A new app from Sony lets users of its Xperia devices stream games directly from their phones to Twitch or YouTube.

Shenmue 3 nabs series protagonist’s original voice actor

The creative team behind the crowdfunded adventure game Shenmue 3 revealed that the project will feature the return of Ryo Hazuki's original voice actor.

Sony SRS-X line of speakers just keeps getting better

Last month we saw Sony release three new small- to mid-sized speakers in its SRS-X line, and now it is adding three more models, all of which are on the larger side: the SRS-X77, SRS-X88, and SRS-X99.