Sony “not seeing a cent” of Shenmue 3 Kickstarter funds, creator says

Yu Suzuku clarified how the Kickstarter funds for Shenmue 3 are being used in an update, promising that Sony is "not seeing a cent" of the funds, and that Shenmue 3 will be "true to its name," regardless of whether it hits its stretch…
Movies & TV

There’s a new Spider-Man in town: Tom Holland cast, Jon Watt to direct the new film

The search for the new man under the spidey mask is complete. Actor Tom Holland has been cast as Spider-Man in the upcoming Sony/Marvel reboot, taking over for Andrew Garfield as the franchise is integrated into the Marvel movie-verse. Jon…

Sony’s updated PS4 will be thinner, lighter, boast 1TB storage

In two separate announcements today, Sony has revealed that the long-awaited 1TB model of the PlayStation 4 is finally coming, and that future PS4s will see a reduction in weight and the amount of power they consume.
Home Theater

Pricing announced for Sony X900C and X910C 4K TVs; preorders start today

We got our first glimpse of Sony's X900C and X910C 4K TVs at CES earlier this year, and ever since, we've been waiting to find out when they would be unleashed upon the public and what the price would be. That day has finally come.

DxO launches new add-on iPhone camera with 1-inch sensor, shoots RAW

The DxO One is an add-on camera for iPhone that shoots high-quality images. It may be the best one yet – it sports a high-quality 1-inch sensor, and DxO claims full-frame DSLR-like image quality – but it won't come cheap.

Sony uses its Action Cam and a BMX bike to create this ‘art’ film

Sony created a short film showcasing a BMW biker creating a Jackson Pollock-inspired artwork while performing stunts. Three Sony 4K Action Cams were attached to the bike, to capture the art in the making from different…

The Last Guardian is an honest-to-god real game

The Last Guardian is a real game! We got to see creative director Fumito Ueda himself play through a live demonstration of the long-anticipated follow-up to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

Sony unloads at E3 2015 with new franchises and The Last Guardian 4:02

Sony pulled out all the stops Monday night during its E3 presser, and treated fans to one of its most exciting conference events in years. It introduced a new franchise, showed the latest Uncharted 4 gameplay, and led with several…
DT Daily

Microsoft’s Minecraft with Hololens demo dazzles: DT Daily 1:38

Password manager LastPass needs you to reset your password, Microsoft dazzles E3 with their Hololens/Minecraft demo, Sony rolls their Vue TV system out to more cities.

Sony announces a media player for PS4, improvements to PlayStation Vue

Sony announced the addition of a la carte pricing to PlayStation Vue, but also a long-awaited feature on PS4: a media player. The former launches in July, but the latter is available to download in the PlayStation Store.

Watch everything from Sony’s E3 2015 Press conference in 4 minutes 4:02

The day before E3 officially begins is otherwise known as press day. It's when all the big announcements drop and Sony provided the nightcap to an action packed day. Watch the highlights of Sony's impressive lineup of new games…

Big Swords and Spikey Hair are in: Final Fantasy VII is Finally Getting a Remake

After years of rumors, petitions, and pleas, Final Fantasy fans got the announcement they've been waiting for: Final Fantasy VII is getting a full-fledged remake. Square-Enix unveiled it at Sony's E3 show with a gorgeous CG trailer.