Sony fined almost $400,000 for 2011 PlayStation security breach

Sony has found itself facing a fine of almost $400,000 from British authorities over its lax security protocols before the 2011 PlayStation Network hack that revealed personal information of millions of users.

The Last of Us demo hitches a ride to retail with God of War: Ascension

When God of War: Ascension debuts on March 12, it will bring with it not just the latest sequel in Sony's flagship action franchise but also a demo for the upcoming, heavily-anticipated survival horror title The Last of Us.

Sony expands E-Mount Camera System lens lineup with two new models

Owners of Sony's NEX mirrorless cameras and camcorders now have two new lenses to choose from: a 20mm "pancake" lens and an 18-200mm telephoto zoom lens.

Sony’s 13 For ’13 Sale begins Tuesday, offers quarter-priced game downloads

The PlayStation Network is about to host another big sale, and this time both major games and films can be had for up to 75 percent off of their regular retail price.
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Sony to release home theater sound system featuring 4K upscaling and canned Brazilian stadium noise

4K upscaling and silenced sports commentators are two reasons to be excited about Sony's upcoming family of products.
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Sony announces super slim, quad-core Xperia Tablet Z

Sony has announced the Xperia Tablet Z, a very slim 10.1-inch tablet with a quad-core processor, which is currently headed only for Japan. However, this could change when Mobile World Congress begins next month.

Jetsetter: The PlayStation 2 will never die! Sony’s console survives abroad

Reports of the PlayStation 2's death have been greatly exaggerated, as the console lives on for another year abroad. We cover that and more in this week's Jetsetter, Digital Trends' weekly look at the international gaming scene.

Better late than never: Skyrim DLC hits the PlayStation 3 this February

Bethesda promised that the PlayStation 3 version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would eventually see the same DLC as the Xbox 360 game. It took months of waiting, but that claim finally seems to be coming true.

PlayStation 4 drops the DualShock controller in favor of a new Wii U-style, DNA sensing pad

Son'y next-generation console is rumored to change much about the company's video game business. One big change: PlayStation 4 won't use a DualShock controller, but a new pad with a touch screen and biometric sensors.

Apple reportedly opening R&D base in Shanghai while Sony sells US HQ in New York

While Apple is reportedly about to move into a new R&D facility in Shanghai as part of plans to expand its business in China, Sony has announced it's selling its US headquarters building to generate some cash and streamline its operations…

Dust Donut is a cheap solution for protecting expensive Canon lenses from the elements

If successful, the Kickstarter project will produce an affordable, simple-yet-effective rubber seal that protects Canon EF lenses from dust and moisture.
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Sony Xperia Tablet Z rumored, complete with Full HD screen and quad-core power

A new rumor suggests Sony is planning to expand its tablet range with a device named the Xperia Tablet Z, and like its phone namesake, it could have a high resolution screen and a quad-core processor.