Meet Sony’s Man Behind The Coming Console/PC Gaming Convergence

Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley discussed the PlayStation 4, and how this generation of consoles is moving closer and closer to PCs, making development easier.

PlayStation 4 sales hit 2.1 million worldwide

Sony confirms that PlayStation 4 sales have climbed to 2.1 million sold through worldwide, with 700,000 sold during the November 29 launch in Europe, Austalasia, and Latin America.

PS4 records biggest console launch in UK history

Sony confirms that it sold over 250,000 PlayStation 4 consoles in the UK in just over 48 hours, making it the all-time best-selling gaming system launch for the region.

5 problems with the Sony Xperia Tablet Z, and a few ways to fix them

It may be highly desirable, but no device is perfect. We uncover some common Sony Xperia Tablet Z problems and look for the solutions and workarounds to deal with them.

Best PSN Games

The bustling game selection on the PlayStation Network is a testament to Sony's commitment to both digital delivery methods and indie game developers. Check out our hand-picked selection of the best PSN games for some of the best titles on…

Delve into a century of music on PlayStation devices with the Qello app

Video content-streaming provider Qello brings live concerts and music documentaries in HD to Sony's PlayStation hardware, starting with a just-launched PlayStation 3 app and planned releases on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

Microsoft records its best console launch yet, moves 1 million Xbox Ones in a day

Microsoft has announced that the November 22 launch of the Xbox One is the company's best console launch yet, with over 1 million units sold around the world. That far outstrips the launch of the Xbox 360, which shipped just over 1.5…

There is such a thing as a ‘SmartWig’ and Sony has a patent for it

If DigitalTrends had a category named Not Cool Tech, this would be in it. Sony has patented a device called the SmartWig, which is exactly as it sounds, a toupee which connects to your smartphone, tablet, or glasses.

PlayStation 4 costs $400 to buy, $381 to build

The parts and manufacturing cost to Sony for the PlayStation 4 falls below the retail price of the console. This is a marked difference from the PlayStation 3, which was always sold at a loss.

Sony experimenting with eye tracking tech for the PS4

Sony Magic Lab, the team that developed the Move controller and the DualShock 4 are currently working on eye-tracking technology that could replace a camera control.

Olympus president considers using more Sony camera components to help cut costs

To help prop up its camera business, Olympus President Hiroyuki Sasa is considering sharing more common camera parts with Sony – its largest shareholder – to help the company cut costs.

Problems plaguing the PlayStation 4 (and some possible solutions)

Just because the Sony sold more than a million PlayStation 4 units in a 24-hour period doesn't mean the launch when off without a hitch. Check out list of the six biggest PS4 problems and solutions as reported by first-hand users and…