PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale review: Sony apes Nintendo with unspectacular results

Sony's new fighter PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is blatantly patterned after Nintendo's Smash Bros. franchise. Whether that's a positive or negative however, is up to personal interpretation.

Report: PlayStation 4 won’t play PS3 games, will stream classics through Gaikai

New details about the PlayStation 3's successor: First, Orbis isn't the final name, but PlayStation 4 is out. Second, games will look like Lucasarts' Star Wars: 1313. Finally, no backwards compatibility in the new console but classics will…

PlayStation 3 ties Xbox 360 at 70 million sold worldwide

It took Microsoft's Xbox 360 seven years to hit 70 million consoles sold, but Sony's PlayStation 3 managed it in six years according to a new press release. Impressive numbers, but both companies' console businesses are in decline.

PS Vita gets PlayStation Plus on Nov. 19. Can it help save the system?

Just in time for the holidays, Sony is updating the PS Vita handheld with support for its PlayStation Plus subscription service. Players will get access to a slate of critically acclaimed games for an annual fee, but will that entire people…

Sony’s handheld business struggles as Nintendo 3DS outsells PS Vita 47-to-1

The PlayStation Portable never overtook Nintendo's portable gaming business, but the PSP carved out a potent niche for itself between 2004 and today. Its successor, the PS Vita, is getting crushed but its competitors.
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What Japan’s consumer electronics meltdown means for you

Three of Japan's consumer electronics giants are on the ropes - how have the mighty fallen, and what does it mean for your next tech buys?
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Leaked C6603 Yuga could be Sony’s 1080p smartphone

As the world's smartphone manufacturers jostle to be among the first to release a smartphone with a 1080p screen, so Sony's attempt leaks again. The Yuga C6603 has a 5-inch, 1080p screen and could appear during CES 2013.

Sony distributing new PlayStation 4 development kits ahead of pre-E3 2013 debut

Sony is struggling in the present video game market, but the company is laying out its final plans for the future. Unnamed developers are reporting that the company is sending out new PlayStation 4, codenamed Orbis, development kits.

Eight years after botched PS2 launch, is Sony bringing PlayStation 3 to China?

Releasing a video game console in China is a tricky business since technically the machines have been banned since 2000. That hasn't stopped Sony from trying to infiltrate the market before, and it looks like it will try again with PS3.

Planetside 2 beta adds in-game Twitch streaming

This weekend the Planetside 2 beta client will be updated with a button that offers players the ability to live-stream their gameplay via Twitch.

Gaming tablet WikiPad indefinitely delayed after missing release date

The WikiPad was a dark horse contender in the increasingly competitive tablet market this fall, but its focus on gaming distinguished it from the iPad, Surface, and Kindle Fire. After missing its release date, its unclear if and when…

Imminent DLC adds Move support, new levels to PS3 Portal 2

A new downloadable content addition is scheduled to hit the PlayStation 3 version of Portal 2 on November 6 that adds support for Sony's motion controlled Move peripheral to Valve's beloved puzzle title.