Sony’s fatter, aquaphobic version of the Xperia Z, the Xperia ZL, now up for pre-order in the U.S.

Sony has put the Xperia ZL up for pre-order in the U.S., via its own online store. The phone is a variation of the Xperia Z, with some subtle changes to the spec sheet to make it slightly cheaper.

Open apertures, open minds: How conservation photographers shoot for a cause

Conservation photographers have been since the 19th century, but it took Cristina Mittermeier to bring them into the spotlight. Mittermeier is using photography not only to wow us visually, but hopes it'll inspire us to help the planet.

Sony rolls out SmartWatch software update, brings new watch faces, notifications and more

With Sony's SmartWatch launching to mixed reviews last year, the Japanese tech company will be hoping its latest software update will improve its prospects in the face of competition from similar devices expected soon from the likes of…

‘MLB 13: The Show’ review – Sony’s baseball simulator keeps it in play

SCE San Diego Studio is back for an eighth time with its prominent baseball simulator. And while the series hasn’t taken great strides, it does more than enough to stay at the head of the game.
Home Theater

Is the curtain coming down on plasma? Panasonic may cease plasma manufacturing in fiscal 2014.

After five consecutive quarters of losses in its consumer TV division, has Panasonic decided to pull the plug on plasma and focus on its OLED deal with Sony? The loss of another great product is only going to hurt the consumer in the end.
Android Army

Sony launches 4G LTE Xperia SP and funky Xperia L Android phones

Sony has announced a pair of mid-range smartphones to compliment its flagship Android phone, the Xperia Z. The Xperia SP shares a similar design with the Xperia Z, while the Xperia L offers similar features at a more affordable price.

The release of ‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’ may hint at the PS4’s release date

Every single video game console released since the PlayStation 2 has hit the market in November, right in time for every last Black Friday sale in the land. With Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag coming out for all consoles in October…

Sony’s handheld is blowing up in Japan, but it’s not because of the PS Vita price cut

Sony finally gave fans the PS Vita price cut they'd been asking for at the end of February, but even then, it was only Japanese players that got the discount. Now weekly PS Vita sales have quadrupled in the country. The PS Vita price cut…

Sony cuts price of PS Vita 3G to $199 at ‘majority’ of its US stores

Sony has reportedly dropped the price of its 3G PS Vita gaming device at the "majority" of its US stores. The move comes a few weeks after the handheld console was discounted in Japan, a move which saw sales of the machine quadruple.

God of War: Ascension review – Makes a great footnote, but it’s still a footnote

Sony Santa Monica is helping to say goodbye with the PS3 with one of the last exclusives the system will see. And while it isn’t quite on par with the previous God of War titles, it’s still decapitated head and bloody shoulders above…

Sony rethinks mobile strategy, sees cheap phones and possibly, Firefox OS as its savior

Sony wants to become the third biggest phone manufacturer on the planet, and one of the strategies it thinks will make this possible is to sell more phones in emerging markets, something it may turn to Mozilla's Firefox OS to help achieve.

Sony continues its fire sale to fatten the PS4 warchest, and next on the block is the mobile gaming empire DeNA

With weeks to go before the close of the fiscal year, Sony is having a veritable fire sale of its holdings. Now it's selling its significant stake in DeNA, one of mobile gaming's brightest stars, raising cash to bolster the losing…