Mojang and others join reddit for Jan. 18 blackout, Wikipedia indecisive

More websites are joining reddit in protest of SOPA, including, the Cheezburger Network, mojang, Destructoid and Tucows. However, no big players have signed on yet.

Sega mishandles SOPA question, creates funny video as apology

Got a problem with SOPA? Sega advises a "hard reset" to your system, then apologizes with video.

Reddit admins announce January 18 blackout to protest SOPA

Reddit admins, fearful of the threat of SOPA, have planned a site blackout for January 18 in order to amplify the community's voice.

SOPA sponsor Rep. Lamar Smith to SOPA opponents: You don’t matter

Rep. Lamar Smith, the chief sponsor of the 'Stop Online Piracy Act' (SOPA), has dismissed the opposition to SOPA as illegitimate and of minor importance.

Why 2012 is starting to look like 1984

Between SOPA, NDAA, telecommunications surveillance, and people's willingness to share endlessly via social networking, will 2012 mark the year consumers irreversibly surrender their privacy and freedoms?

Exclusive: Capcom confirms support for SOPA [Update: Epic Games denounces SOPA]

Capcom USA has confirmed with Digital Trends that it supports the contentious Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Nintendo, Sony, EA, and other members of the pro-SOPA Entertainment Software Association have so far remained silent on the issue.

Sony, EA, Nintendo drop explicit SOPA support

Game makers Sony Computer Entertainment, Nintendo, and Electronic Arts have removed their names from the list of SOPA supporters...but is it reconsideration, or just a PR move?

GoDaddy backpedals some more: now officially opposes SOPA

After losing thousands of users, GoDaddy has officially worked its way up to an anti-SOPA stance.

December 29 is ‘Dump GoDaddy Day’

Tomorrow the GoDaddy boycott officially begins, although the site has already been feeling the effects of its SOPA stance.

GoDaddy goes back on pro-SOPA stance to avoid boycott

GoDaddy backs down from its pro-SOPA stance thanks to a boycott threat started by the Reddit community.

Anti-SOPA activists launch GoDaddy boycott [update: GoDaddy flips on SOPA]

SOPA opponents have launched a concerted boycott of domain name registrar GoDaddy after its support for the anti-piracy legislation became widely publicized.

The 439 organizations SOPA opponents should worry about [updated]

More than 400 organizations have publicly expressed support of the contentious Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), or the passage of other similar anti-piracy legislation. Here's the complete list.