Spam reaches 12-year low as cybercriminals pursue new methods

For those of you who shudder at the thought of waking up every morning to a dozen unwanted emails in your inbox, you're in luck. Email spam is at a 12-year low, according to security software company Symantec.

Steam cracks down on spammers, restricting new accounts until users pay up

Steam users have likely noticed a recent influx of spammers sending bogus friend invites and trade requests. To fight this increase in spam, Valve is limiting new accounts until users pay at least $5 USD.

Why do we call it spam? Blame spiced ham shoulder, Monty Python and Usenet

You know spam is the canned meat that clogs your arteries and the junk email messages that clog your inbox, but how did the term make it from the grocery store to the Internet? The earliest nerds really liked Monty Python.
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Instagram mass-deletes spam accounts, users freak out

In an attempt to purge Instagram of problematic accounts and useless spammers, the social network deleted millions of accounts this week much to the chagrin of celebrities and general users.

Phishing emails still surprisingly effective, reports Google

Email hackers are still using fraudulent website links to try and get you to expose your account information, and with some success — Google says the best scams can reel in 45 percent of users.
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Facebook is taking steps to scrub the feed of ‘click-bait’ articles

Definitely ideal if you are a heavy Facebook user, the social network will attempt to reduce the volume of click-bait content in the feed by measuring the length of time people spend actually reading the article.
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Facebook is getting more aggressive with hiding News Feed spam

Attempting to squash Facebook's problem of user-generated spam, the social network has rolled out new guidelines that will tweak the News Feed algorithm in order to feature more high quality content.

Unix botnet Operation Windigo steals your credentials and sends tons of spam

An Internet security research team has discovered "Operation Windigo," a Unix botnet which has infected thousands of systems. Learn more about Windigo here.

Gmail adds prominent ‘unsubscribe’ button to help keep your Inbox tidy

Fed up with hunting for that tiny 'unsubscribe' link buried deep in those unwanted marketing emails? For Gmail users, the link will now show clearly in the header information of a message, making the unsubscribe process a whole lot easier.

Snapchat deals with major spam attack

Snapchat apologized for a recent increase in spam messages in a blog post today, though once again the company didn't offer much help to users dealing with the problem.

We’re winning the fight against spam, say Gmail researchers

New figures published by Google show that the vast majority of email messages now include some form of authenication, making life harder for scamming and phishing emails to break through.
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Twitter may be banning links in Direct Messages to help fight spammers

If you try to send a link in a direct message on Twitter today, you're probably going to get an error message. What's behind this snafu?