Vinyl sales generate more revenue than free Spotify, Youtube, and VEVO combined

Vinyl sales generated $60 million more revenue than all on-demand free streaming services combined in the first half of this year. Vinyl revenue is up 52 percent year over year with no no signs of slowing down soon.

La Roux sarcastically chides Spotify about tiny payment

Spotify's latest critic is Elly Jackson, the singer behind English synthpop act La Roux. She called out the streaming service for low payments to artists in a sarcastic tweet Tuesday.

Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist has a bug, and users aren’t happy

Spotify's popular Discover Weekly playlist didn't update for millions of users on Monday morning, due to a technical glitch that the company claims will be fixed tomorrow. Apple Music, meanwhile, scored the popular new 1989 cover from Ryan…

Tech news you missed this week: Best cars of Frankfurt, Snapchat, and Spotify

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Spotify CEO thanks Apple Music for sending over users in droves

Spotify CEO doesn't see Apple Music as a threat to his company's existence, looking at it instead as just another player championing the cause of streaming music and "growing the entire music industry."

Spotify Running begins rolling out to Android users today

Spotify finally releases its Running feature to Android users after four months as an iPhone exclusive. The popular feature allows users to work out to pace-matched playlists and custom-composed songs.

Artists are getting paid more for their music, but is it enough?

The company that gets artists paid each time their music is played says that digital music royalty payouts were at a record high. 0ver $1.013 billion was generated for songwriters, composers, and music publishers.

Sorry, Spotify CEO says in response to new privacy policy backlash

You know it's bad when the CEO of a company has to issue a mea culpa, and that's exactly what Daniel Ek of Spotify did on Friday, apologizing for the very controversial new privacy policy the music streaming service recently debuted.

Bieber’s single What Do You Mean? breaks Spotify record in debut week

Justin Bieber’s new single What Do You Mean? has overtaken One Direction’s Drag Me Down to become the most streamed Spotify track in its debut week. Ahead of the pop star’s new November 13 record, the 21-year old’s track racked up…

3 underground alternatives to Spotify and Apple Music for music lovers 2:39

Getting tired of always hearing people talk about Spotify and Apple Music? Luckily these three music apps will bring something new to your device. Discover mixtapes, fresh sounds and news all thanks to these great finds. Check out…

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Labels making ‘playola’ payments to get songs on Spotify playlists

Record labels now pay for placement on popular streaming music playlists, according to a new report. As music streaming and listening to playlists has grown in popularity, so has 'playola.'