Ra Ra Riot step into an experimental Bouncy Castle of sound on Need Your Light

“We’re interested in trying to find that line between doing pop and doing more experimental, weird things.” It’s that age-old artistic conundrum: How do you reconcile staying true to your creative impulses alongside your thirst for…

Subscribe to Spotify Premium and get a free Chromecast

On Wednesday, the music streaming service Spotify announced a new promotion that gives subscribers a Chromecast for free when they sign up for three months of Spotify premium for just $29.97.

Spotify looking to halt $150 million class-action lawsuit over royalties

Late last year, Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker frontman David Lowery filed a $150 million class-action lawsuit against Spotify for alleged unpaid royalties. Now the streaming service is attempting to put a stop to the suit.

Spotify's Love Notes lets you send musical valentines

In honor of Valentine's Day, Spotify is rolling out Love Notes, a new service that lets you craft a custom playlist to say anything from "I secretly love you" to "let's get it on."

Is Pandora on the market? Report claims the streaming giant is looking to sell

Coming off of a bad year for profits and a dwindling user base, Pandora is said to be in early talks for a possible sale. The news comes as the company has been besieged by the rise of on-demand streamers like Spotify and Apple Music.

Warner Music says it will share part of any potential Spotify windfall with its artists

In its earnings call yesterday, Warner Music CEO Steve Cooper said that if the company receives a payout from Spotify either being sold or going public, a portion of that money will be shared with its artists.
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Facebook celebrates 12th birthday with Friends Day videos, faces plenty of media snark 2:55

Facebook is celebrating its 12th birthday as some media outlets take shots at the social media network, Apple is giving Android users a feature it doesn't allow its own iPhone customers, and a new app serves up a fresh Spotify…
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Spotify now available on the Amazon Echo, but you need to be a Premium subscriber

Since its launch, more features have been coming to Amazon's Echo. Now you can play music by simply saying "Alexa, play Spotify." There is a catch, though: you'll need to subscribe to Spotify Premium.

Not getting enough variety out of Spotify? New app Playlist a Day might be able to help

Are you finding your life lacking musical variety? A new app from Spotify playlist sharing site by the name of Playlist a Day aims to remedy that by offering exactly what the name says.

Amazon reportedly gearing up to take on Spotify with improved music service

Prime Music can't compete with Spotify, but that doesn't mean that Amazon can't. The company is reportedly working on a new standalone music streaming service, separate from Prime Music, in order to compete directly with Spotify and Apple…

Spotify launches new Shows video service on Android

Spotify's mobile-only video streaming, announced last May, will begin rolling out this week, featuring content from the BBC, Maker Studios, and ESPN. The Android app will get the new feature first, followed by iOS a week later.

Spotify acquires two companies that could see it adding more social features

Spotify continues to expand as it announced today that it has acquired two companies, Cord Project and Soundwave, that could see the music streaming service becoming a whole lot more social.