Spotify brings on music maven Troy Carter to battle rival streamers

Watch out, Apple Music and Tidal: Spotify has hired Troy Carter as its global head of creative services. In the new role, the famed music manager will work with artists on exclusive and original content.

A Musixmatch not made in heaven: Spotify, lyrics provider part ways

Musixmatch's lyrics are no longer available on Spotify's desktop app. The companies are ending a multiyear partnership due to business differences, leaving users to hum along to songs until the streamer finds a solution.
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Twitter partners with Spotify to soundtrack your music tweets with audio cards

Twitter users can now share Spotify tracks that can be played within tweets. The music streaming giant is the latest to be integrated within Twitter audio cards, and will also be featured on Moments.

Like Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists? So do 40 million other listeners

If you find yourself frequently heading to Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist to find new music, you're not alone. More than 40 million users have used the custom playlist since it launched in July 2015.

No, seriously: Spotify is the best streaming service at losing money

Spotify made 81 percent more money in 2015 than it did in 2014, still lost almost $200 million dollars, but with subscribers growing and an IPO on the way, the company is poised to succeed long-term.

Spotify’s Family Plan just got much better for bigger families

Spotify's Premium service just got better for big families, with its previously complicated Family Plan getting an update that brings one price for up to six family members, similar to Apple Music's pricing for families.

Double threat: Drake breaks Spotify record, while ‘Views’ started exclusively on Apple

Canadian rapper Drake has now topped Canadian pop star Justin Bieber as the most streamed musician on Spotify, with massive play counts despite the fact that his latest record Views debuted as an Apple Music exclusive.

Radiohead B-sides come roaring back to Spotify after disappearing completely

While Radiohead's new album, A Moon Shaped Pool, has yet to make its appearance on Spotify, subscribers can still dig into a cornucopia of classics from the band. Multiple B-side tracks have reappeared on the site after making an exit in…

Spotify’s growing faster than ever, thanks in part to Apple Music

Spotify's rapid growth hasn't been hurt one bit by the launch of Apple Music -- as a matter of fact, the company says it's growing faster than ever, thanks in part to the overall increase in the visibility of streaming platforms that Apple…

Spotify ventures further into video territory with twelve star-studded shows

Spotify has announced a slate of twelve new shows which will start rolling out on the streaming service starting this summer, including interesting new series from Russell Simmons and more.

Spotify aims to get artists’ fans more engaged with CrowdAlbum acquisition

Following other acquisitions earlier this year, Spotify announced today that it has acquired the photo and video aggregator startup CrowdAlbum, saying the company will help artists “understand, activate, and monetize their audiences.”

The ‘Year of the Linux desktop’ never came, and it never will

Spotify, Skype, and Flash are all Linux programs that are breaking to various degrees in 2016. Are software companies abandoning the platform? And will efforts like Valve's SteamOS ultimately help at all?