T-Mobile continues to surge with profits and subscriber growth, tops J.D. Power study

Things are looking good at T-Mobile. The company beat analyst expectations in profitability and added 2.1 million new subscribers during the second quarter 2015. The fourth-largest carrier even topped the latest J.D. Power study.
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Sprint CEO spews profanity at T-Mobile’s John Legere for criticizing the new All-In plan

John Legere has been known to get under the skin of other carriers and CEOs and last night was no exception. After attacking Sprint's new All-In plan, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure fired back on Twitter.

Sprint won’t limit video streaming speeds in its $80 All-In plan after all

Sprint announced its new All-In wireless plan, an $80-a-month that includes a rate plan and a smartphone. However, things aren't as clear cut as Sprint markets the plan to be, especially in a new commercial featuring soccer superstar David…

Sprint leaves its cramming ways in the past with a $50 million settlement

A U.S. District Court judge approved a $50 million between Sprint and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that is part of Sprint's larger $68 million fine. The other $18 million will be used to answer for state and federal fines.

Sprint ends throttling unlimited customers’ data to stay in the FCC’s good graces

Sprint announced it'll stop throttling unlimited customers in a preemptive response to the FCC's new Net neutrality rules. The move comes soon after the commission announced plans to fine AT&T for slowing certain subscribers' speeds.

Gooooal! Boost Mobile offers live sports TV streaming for $10 a month

Boost Mobile will be launching a live TV streaming service aimed at soccer fans as an add-on to its monthly plans. The new platform will include streaming of major soccer events and regular games, as well as a number of other hispanic…

Sprint now lets prepaid users rollover 30GB of data with no expiration date

Sprint announced it will extend its rollover data to its prepaid customers through new prepaid plans while announcing prepaid customers can get pre-qualified for smartphone leases. However, there are some caveats to consider.

Sharp’s on-trend, bezel-free Aquos Crystal 2 smartphone launches in Japan

Sharp has announced the Aquos Crystal 2 and Aquos Xx smartphones, sequels to its original bezel-free devices from last year. Currently only for Japan, there's a chance at least one may come to the SoftBank-owned Sprint network in the…

AT&T vs. Verizon vs. Sprint vs. T-Mobile: Who has the best individual plan?

Can't figure out which cell provider you should go with? Navigating the depths of data plans and contracts can be confusing, so we've gone through all the offerings from Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T to help you pick which is best for…

Verizon and Sprint ordered to pay $158 million in fines over cramming charges

The Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission have slammed Sprint and Verizon with a collective $158 million in fines after the conclusion of an investigation over "mobile cramming" allegations.

Sprint’s revival continues with over 1 million new subscribers, though there’s still red ink

In its fiscal fourth quarter 2014 earnings, Sprint reported a net addition of 1.2 million subscribers, the largest number of additions in a quarter in three years. Overall, it was a relatively positive quarter for the United States'…

T-Mobile CEO says cable companies may one day merge with carriers

T-Mobile CEO John Legere hinted that cable companies and carriers may one day merge to offer one-stop shopping for users. Legere envisions a future in which one company provides phone, cable, and Internet services.