FCC tells Verizon that just because other carriers throttle, doesn’t mean it can too

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler dismissed Verizon's defense of data throttling as an industry standard. The FCC also sent letters to other major carriers, asking them to explain their policies on data throttling.


5 ways Sprint can move on after leaving T-Mobile at the altar

Sprint has taken a real beating since the Uncarrier movement took off with T-Mobile, but it's not down and out yet. The company can do a number of things to stay competitive in the months ahead.


FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is relieved Sprint and T-Mobile aren’t merging

Even though Sprint is likely not happy about canceling its reportedly planned takeover of T-Mobile USA, in a brief statement, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler approved of Sprint's move.


Sprint replaces CEO as T-Mobile merger plans reportedly fall apart

Sprint announced that, after seven years at the helm, Dan Hesse will be replaced by Brightstar founder and CEO Marcelo Claure. Claure will be the company's new president and CEO, effective August 11.


Is it over? Sprint and T-Mobile may not merge after all

After months of reports suggesting Sprint and parent company SoftBank were on the verge of acquiring T-Mobile, the deal is now reported to be off, with SoftBank finally concluding it would have little chance of clearing regulatory hurdles.


Sprint’s $12 Facebook plan tacks on extra costs for everything else

Sprint will offer a new pre-paid plan through Virgin Mobile, which includes a limited number of calls and texts, as well as unlimited access to Facebook or one other social network for $12 a month.


T-Mobile, Sprint merger delayed: May not happen before September

According to a recent report, the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile is unlikely to happen before September, the justification being that both companies are trying to come up with points that would fend off regulators.


Sprint, T-Mobile merger reportedly in the final stages … again

According to a report by Japanese publication Nikkei, there is already a deal in place regarding the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile. However, final terms still need to be hashed out.


Sprint launches the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport, rolls out LTE to 28 cities

Sprint has just launched a fitness version of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Called Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport, the phone comes loaded with health features that previously appeared in the Galaxy S5 and AT&T’s Galaxy S5 Active.


HDtracks and Sprint team up to bring high-resolution audio to smartphones

The collaboration kicks off with a free high-res music sampler offering from HDtracks, featuring tracks from Marvin Gaye, Tori Amos and The Grateful Dead, to customers who have either of two HD audio-capable smartphones: the HTC One (M8) Harman Kardon edition…

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Sprint is finalizing plans to buy T-Mobile for $32 billion

There has been speculation for months about a deal coming forward between T-Mobile and Sprint. That deal may be closer than ever to reality and total a whopping $32 billion to buy T-Mobile USA


Deutsche Telekom reportedly agrees to sell T-Mobile to SoftBank

According to a recent report by a Japanese publication, SoftBank met with executives from T-Mobile and Deustche Telekom, with executives allegedly agreeing to sell the magenta-clad carrier.


Sprint plans on throttling heavy data users on unlimited plans

Sprint will be throttling customers that it considers heavy users of data, even if they have unlimited data plans. The move mimics T-Mobile, which also slows down data speeds for customers once they exceed a cap.

Kyocera’s waterproof Hydro Vibe phone coming to Sprint and Virgin Mobile

The new Kyocera Hydro Vibe is coming to the U.S. soon through Sprint and Virgin Mobile. The device promises that you never have to “fear a dropped phone, water spill or conversation in a loud room again.”

Sprint is currently securing funding for a T-Mobile takeover bid

Potentially impacting T-Mobile customers if the merger actually happens, Sprint executives are meeting with banks in order to determine the feasibility of a T-Mobile takeover bid during summer 2014.