Sprint ups the ante, ‘iPhone for Life’ plan now allows for annual upgrades

Sprint has updated its "iPhone for Life" plan to include yearly upgrades. This new lease plan, starting at $30, does not replace the original, but now you can lease the iPhone 5S.

Boost Mobile teases it’ll sell the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but stays silent on price

Boost Mobile has confirmed it will soon sell Apple's latest smartphones, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but is keeping quiet about two very important details: When and how much.

Grab the LG G3 Vigor on AT&T from September 26, for just $335 (Updated)

AT&T has joined Sprint in selling the LG G3 Vigor, the smaller, cheaper version of the range-topping G3 smartphone. The phone will be released on September 26, and sold for $335 without a contract.

Verizon plans on supporting Wi-Fi calling by mid-2015

Potentially useful for Verizon customers that have upgraded to the new iPhone, the wireless carrier plans on slowly rolling out nationwide support for Wi-Fi calls by the middle of next year.
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HTC Desire 510 brings its 64-bit goodness to Sprint, Boost, and Virgin Mobile

Sprint announced that the HTC Desire 510, HTC's first 64-bit smartphone, will go on sale this Friday. Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, Sprint's prepaid subsidiaries, will sell the device next week.

Sprint upgrades its Prepaid service with new data plans

When Sprint launched its Prepaid brand in March, it had one plan with no data and another with 2.5GB of data. Now, Sprint revamped the brand with three new tiered data plans, all with unlimited talk and text.

Sprint’s Framily plan is no more, long live the Family Share Pack

In an effort to better communicate its family plans, Sprint revealed that its Framily plan will be replaced by the more normal-sounding Family Share Pack. While pricing will remain somewhat similar for new customers, existing customers…

Sprint launches $70 a month ‘iPhone for Life’ lease plan

Sprint will let customers lease the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus if they so choose for $20 a month with its new "iPhone for Life" plan.

Sprint looks to improve its LTE coverage by teaming up with rural carriers

In order to further improve its 4G LTE network in rural areas, Sprint teamed up with 15 rural carriers, raising the total number in the program to 27. In return, these rural carriers gain low-cost access to Sprint's 4G LTE network.

Remember when phones actually looked different from one another? Sharp does.

While most phones on sale today look pretty similar to each other, Sharp and Sprint are about to unleash a phone which looks suitably different to truly standout. It's the Aquos Crystal with its edge-to-edge screen, and we need to embrace…

HTC One E8 arrives on U.S. shores through Sprint

Sprint announced that it will sell the HTC One E8, the plastic variant of its metallic sibling, the HTC One M8. The main differentiator is the camera, which is a dual-camera setup on the One M8 and a single camera setup on the One E8.

The next Sony Xperia smartphone could be sold through Sprint

A new rumor suggests the Sprint network will start selling a Sony Xperia smartphone in the near future. Although the device's name wasn't mentioned, it could be the Xperia Z3, one of the new mobile phones expected to be revealed at next…