Steve Jobs

Mayoral suggestion to name Parisian street after Steve Jobs causes quite the stir

It seemed like an innocuous enough suggestion, but a proposal from the mayor to name a street in Paris after late Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs has really ´╗┐ruffled some feathers.

Drone video provides updated aerial look at the new Apple spaceship campus

The new Apple "Spaceship" campus is getting closer to the finish line. In a new video posted to YouTube, a drone gives us an aerial view of what we can expect from the last epic project from Steve Jobs.

Apple fans, celebs sing Steve Jobs’ praises 5 years after his death

Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011. Today is the five-year anniversary of his death. Notable people, including CEO Tim Cook, are celebrating the revolutionary Jobs via Twitter and other social media networks.

The bidding is open for Steve Jobs’ bathrobe, bow ties, and other stuff

There's an online auction underway this month featuring a selection of apparel owned by the late Steve Jobs. It may not be the usual purchase for an Apple fanatic, but there nevertheless may be something in the collection that's hard to…

Impact of iPhone helps drive Steve Jobs’ selection for photography hall of fame

The International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum has announced that Steve Jobs, along with seven other photography visionaries, will be inducted later this year.

The mechanical keyboards at Computex prove Steve Jobs was wrong about the PC

The halls of Computex are filled to the brim with keyboards, even while some repeat predictions of the PC's doom. Is the keyboard's popularity a fluke? Or does it reveal something deeper about computers?
Social Media

Virgin founder reposts fake final words of Steve Jobs

Richard Branson reposted a chainmail message describing Steve Jobs' final words. Of course, it was all fake. But Richard is still happy. Misinformation or not, he defends it as a source of inspiration.

Happy 40th birthday, Apple! Go back in time to see the Apple I, the first iPhone, and more

It has been 40 years since Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak set out to work on the Apple I computer, after selling their prized possessions -- a VW Microbus and an HP-65 Calculator. Here are the company's best innovations for the past 40…

It’s Bill Gates versus Steve Jobs in high-tech Broadway musical Nerds

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs may be set for a dance-off. The rivalry between the two tech visionaries will be the focus of an upcoming Broadway musical called Nerds. Opening night will be held in April 2016.
Movies & TV

Universal pulls Steve Jobs biopic from more than 2,000 theaters

It seems the Steve Jobs biopic was not marketed with the same savvy as Apple's products, as the film is being removed from more than 80 percent of the theaters that originally screened it

Are you intrigued by Apple’s rumored iCar? Steve Jobs was too

Former Apple exec Tony Fadell revealed that he used to chat with company co-founder Steve Jobs about what an iCar could look like. Apple liked the idea of building a car, but it decided to focus its resources on launching the original…