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Awesome Steve Jobs trailer gives us fresh look at the biopic before hitting theaters

More Steve Jobs excitement is here. With the biopic hitting theaters on Oct. 9, Universal Pictures has released another awesome trailer. The film follows the spectacular successes and struggles of the late Apple co-founder.
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So close, but so far: New Apple TV is still steps away from Jobs’ ultimate vision

Apple's new Apple TV strives for the lofty goal of completing Steve Jobs' final opus to change the future of TV. But, while the device marks a monumental step forward for the brand, it falls shy of an all out TV revolution.

“One more thing …” now belongs to Swatch

So far we've yet to see any serious smartwatch play from Swiss manufacturer Swatch, but in the meantime they've gone ahead and trademarked a phrase that's very Apple in its connotations.
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See more of Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs in biopic’s latest trailer

The latest trailer for Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin's biopic of Steve Jobs features Michael Fassbender as the Apple co-founder at various points in his life and career as one of modern era's most iconic entrepreneurs.

Trade in your tux for a turtleneck, a Steve Jobs opera is coming

Late Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs' life will be examined in an upcoming opera production. The Santa Fe Opera has plans to premiere The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs during its 2017 season.
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Aaron Sorkin’s biopic of Steve Jobs will premiere at this year’s New York Film Festival

Steve Jobs, the long-awaited biopic of the Apple co-founder penned by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, will have its premiere screening October 3 at this year's New York Film Festival.

Facebook’s head of security wants an ‘end-of-life’ date for Flash

Following the discovery of more zero days in Adobe Flash from the recent Hacking Team breach, Facebook's chief security officer has called on Adobe to end Flash once and for all.
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Michael Fassbender shines in new trailer for Steve Jobs biopic 2:40

A new trailer has been released for the biopic 'Steve Jobs,' starring Michael Fassbender. Written by Aaron Sorkin, it explores the life of the late tech visionary who co-founded Apple.

Apple’s new spaceship campus hits another wall, as main contractors leave the project

Apple has fired two primary contractors for its new "Spaceship" campus in Cupertino, California. The shakeup in construction crews comes after a number of delays and ballooning costs.

Hear how Steve Jobs may have launched the Apple Watch

This fan-made video gives us a clue as to how Steve Jobs may have approached the Apple Watch launch. It pieces together quotes from some of his most famous product announcements, and puts them over an Apple Watch promo video.

Mystery woman dumps $200K Apple-1 computer at recycling depot

It's another lesson in being careful when you're clearing out your garage. A Silicon Valley recycling firm is trying to trace a woman who left behind a rare Apple-1 computer at their depot.
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One place you won’t find the Steve Jobs trailer: Apple’s site

Does Apple have something against the new Steve Jobs film? Perhaps Tim Cook preferred Christian Bale for the lead role? Whatever the reason, you can't find the movie trailer on the iTunes site.