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Mystery woman dumps $200K Apple-1 computer at recycling depot

It's another lesson in being careful when you're clearing out your garage. A Silicon Valley recycling firm is trying to trace a woman who left behind a rare Apple-1 computer at their depot.
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One place you won’t find the Steve Jobs trailer: Apple’s site

Does Apple have something against the new Steve Jobs film? Perhaps Tim Cook preferred Christian Bale for the lead role? Whatever the reason, you can't find the movie trailer on the iTunes site.
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Michael Fassbender is Steve Jobs in the first trailer for Aaron Sorkin’s biopic

Watch the first teaser for Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin's biopic of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, starring Michael Fassbender as the former Apple CEO and co-founder of the iconic company.

Charity auction gives you the chance to own Steve Jobs’ business cards

A school in California is auctioning off business cards once handled by the man who made Apple — but if you want to be able to place them inside your own wallet you'll need to dig deep.

iPad prototype stolen from an Apple employee looking for love

This week a young man in his 20's working for Apple and living in Curpertino fell victim to a robbery that included a "test model iPad"

Fortune names Apple’s Tim Cook the ‘World’s Greatest Leader’

Fortune Magazine named Tim Cook the “World Greatest Leader,” catapulting the Apple chief executive over heads of states and religious leaders like Pope Francis and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Tim Cook speaks at length about Steve Jobs and how Apple has moved on

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke with Fast Company about Steve Jobs, his legacy, and the Apple Watch. Cook reflected on Jobs' mindset and how he made Apple what it is, and what it will be in the future.
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DT Daily: Tim Cook offered Steve Jobs a liver transplant 2:05

Today on DT Daily: the latest addition to the Dubai Police’s super copcar collection, an interesting “what could have been” story about Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, and if both Siri and Cortana are on your iPhone, will they…

Steve Jobs turned down liver transplant from Tim Cook, new biography reveals

A new Steve Jobs biography reveals that current Apple CEO Tim Cook offered Jobs a partial liver transplant. Jobs turned down the offer, insisting that he'd never do such a thing.

Steve Jobs’ 60th birthday honored by Tim Cook on Twitter

Steve Jobs would have been 60 years old today if his life wasn't cut short by cancer. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, honored the memory of his predecessor on Twitter with one of Jobs' most memorable quotes.
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Watch video of Steve Jobs biopic filming in garage where first Apple computer was built

Watch video of director Danny Boyle's upcoming Steve Jobs biopic filming in the same garage where the first Apple computer was originally built.

Working Apple-1 originally sold by Steve Jobs fetches ‘only’ $365,000 at auction

The latest Apple-1 computer to be auctioned off went for a mere $365,000 when it sold at Christie's on Thursday. It was expected to fetch substantially more, especially as it was originally sold in person by the late Apple co-founder Steve…