Steve Jobs

Do we have Tim Cook to thank for the iPad mini?

A profile published in the New York Times throws some new light on Tim Cook and his history with Apple, including the origins of the iPad mini and his role in the development of the iWatch.

Sony wants Danny Boyle for its Steve Jobs biopic

After failing to come to terms with director David Fincher, Sony is reportedly in talks with director Danny Boyle to helm the Steve Jobs biopic. Boyle is said to have already spoken with Leonardo DiCaprio about starring.

David Fincher reportedly backs out of Steve Jobs biopic

Director David Fincher has reportedly left Sony’s Steve Jobs biopic after a disagreement over his salary. Fincher wanted $10 million to helm the Aaron Sorkin-penned film, which Christian Bale was being eyed to star in.
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Fincher wants Christian Bale as his Steve Jobs

After Ashton Kutcher's take on the life of Steve Jobs, could Christian Bale be the next actor to tackle the role of the visionary Apple leader? Reports suggest he's David Fincher's top choice.

The buttonless Apple mouse was an accident

Sometimes things come about accidentally. If an interview with a former Apple engineer is any indication, you can put the button-less Apple mouse in that column as well.

Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs! A look at the life of a tech luminary

Steve Jobs, born in 1955, would be celebrating his 59th birthday today. Despite his humble beginnings, Jobs became a icon in the tech industry, whose legacy and influence will be felt for years after his passing.

USPS planning to launch a Steve Jobs stamp in 2015

Possibly a collectors item for anyone that loves the history of Apple or Steve Jobs, the U.S. Postal Service will launch a new stamp next year that pays homage to the Apple co-founder.

Would Apple have released a Sony notebook running OS X under Steve Jobs?

If it weren't for issues related to timing, we might have seen a collaboration between Apple and Sony that would've resulted in the release of a Sony notebook running Mac OS X. Read on to learn more.

Happy birthday, Mac! Remembering the original personal computer, 30 years later

Apple's original Macintosh debuted thirty years ago today at $2,495, which translates to over $5,000 in today's dollars. Expensive as that may seem, it was a decent deal for a computer with a graphical interface, and many of the design…

House where Steve Jobs started Apple designated as historic site

Steve Jobs' childhood home – the place where he and buddy Steve Wozniak built the first Apple computers – has been designated a historic site by the Los Altos Historical Commission.

So, Steve Jobs is hanging with JC in heaven, watching the iPhone announcement …

If this scene was from the movie 'Jobs', then maybe people would have actually gone to see it.