Steve Jobs

Working Apple 1 tops $370,000 at auction, Jobs memo pulls in $27,500

Two rare pieces of classic Apple memorabilia were sold at a Sotheby's auction this morning, raising over $400,000.


Imagining an Apple iTV: What will it take to conquer the big screen?

The cutthroat market for TVs is unlike any Apple has ever succeeded in. Can Tim Cook and company turn the challenges into potential opportunities and walk away with another win?

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Apple board member says Steve Jobs’s dream was to design iCar

Not content with his vast array of popular consumer products, it appears former Apple CEO Steve Jobs dreamed of designer an iCar before this death.


How Tim Cook is making his mark at Apple

Would you want to be a followup act for Steve Jobs? We wouldn't. Yet Apple CEO Tim Cook has stepped into this role quite smoothly. We explore the ways he's already changing Apple.


Aaron Sorkin agrees to write screenplay for Sony’s Steve Jobs flick

Aaron Sorkin, writer of The Social Network, has been hired by Sony Pictures to pen the screenplay for its upcoming movie about late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.


See Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, be underwhelmed

Two And A Half Men co-star Ashton Kutcher is playing Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic, and we've got the first look at the actor in costume.


AT&T CEO regrets offering unlimited data plans, worries about SMS competitors

While consumers flocked to AT&T when the first iPhone was launched, the current chief executive for the company wishes that limited, tiered data plans existed since 2007.


Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview coming to theaters (again)

Next week will see Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview hit theaters, despite the fact that it already did late last year, and wasn't ever really as "lost" as the film's trailer might want you to think.


Steve Jobs rallies the Apple troops in newly discovered 1984 internal movie

Everyone remembers '1984,' the advertisement that launched Apple onto the world stage, but the same year saw the debut of '1944,' a nine minute in-house film where Steve Jobs told the Apple faithful that IBM users were zombies who needed to be cured. Unseen…


Facebook’s new ‘life saving’ feature: Organ donor status

Facebook has unveiled a new "organ donor" status to help those in need find a generous life-saver.

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Apple breaks sales records, nearly doubles last year’s quarterly net profit

This afternoon Apple unveiled its second quarter financial report, and it appears that things are going exceedingly well in Cupertino.


Steve Jobs’ anti-Android views were ‘just for show,’ says Google co-founder

According to Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs, the late Apple co-founder was livid with Google, believing the company stole elements of the iOS mobile platform for its own Android operating system. As for Google CEO Larry Page, he thinks Jobs' views…

Android Army

Ashton Kutcher tipped to play Steve Jobs in upcoming biopic

Sony's adaptation of Walter Isaacson's biography isn't the only Steve Jobs movie on the horizon, as an independent production starring Ashton Kutcher in the lead role is scheduled to start shooting in May.

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Opinion: Did Apple overpromise on the new iPad?

Apple’s first iPad announcement without Steve Jobs made big promises, but might have overreached in a way its unflappable former CEO never would have.


Why Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne threw away his golden ticket

As one of three Apple co-founders, Ronald Wayne theoretically could have been worth more than $48 billion today. Instead, he left the company after a mere 12 days. In his own words, here's why.