Street View

Google Street View explores Angkor’s 1,000-year-old temples

Google Street View has added another fascinating location to its growing library of famous places, with stay-at-home travelers now able to explore the ancient temples of Angkor in Cambodia.

Google Street View takes Colorado River rafting trip through Grand Canyon

The Colorado River has just landed on Street View, offering sofa-based rafters the chance to explore 286 miles of the iconic waterway, with plenty of stunning views of the Grand Canyon included along the way.

Google Street View goes polar bear spotting

Google has teamed up with Polar Bears International to capture Street View images of the animals in their natural habitat — images that can now be used to chart the effects of climate change.

Street View arrives in Manila, island hopping around Philippines to follow

Google's quest to map the world from ground level took another step forward Tuesday when its Street View cameras started snapping away in the Philippines for the very first time.

Google now lets you create your own ‘Street View experience’ with new Maps feature

Google has just rolled out a new Maps-related feature enabling users to create their own Street View experience that can be shared with others and embedded into websites. And no, you don't need a camera-laden car to get involved.

It may be sinking at an alarming rate, but Venice will live on in Street View

Although you may one day require snorkeling gear to explore the stunning Italian city of Venice, at least its current beauty has been preserved forever on Google's Street View site.

Street View takes you on a tour of the Lamborghini Museum in Italy

The Lamborghini Museum in Italy has opened its doors to Google's Street View service, though presumaby it wasn't one of its camera-equipped Toyota Corollas that captured the panoramic imagery.

Hapless Street View driver in three separate smashes with two buses and a truck

The driver of a Street View car in Indonesia must be kicking himself for driving off following his initial crash with a bus, as his decision led to a further two smashes before he was finally detained by police.

Galapagos Islands arrive on Street View with seals, baby tortoises, boobies and more

In a joint project with the Galapagos National Park and the Charles Darwin Foundation, Google on Thursday rolled out some impressive new Street View imagery from the Galapagos Islands, a location famous for its rich and diverse ecosystems.

Pandas come to Street View with more zoos added to service

Street View has recently brought us the interior of the world's largest passenger plane, views from the top of the world's tallest building, and underwater imagery from the Great Barrier Reef. And we can now add pandas to the list.

Peru comes to Street View, service now covers 3000+ cities in 51 countries

More updates from Google's Street View team, with the latest bringing its first panoramic imagery from the streets and highways of Peru. The rollout of the new content means Street View now covers more than 3000 cities in 51 countries.