Video from NBC, Univision, Tidal, and more now part of T-Mobile's Binge On

T-Mobile's Binge On benefit is expanding again. Its newest partners include NBC, Univision, Tidal, Google Play Music, NOGGIN, and others. The total number of participating providers now numbers more than 80, according to the carrier.

You can finally get a decent phone with your cheap Republic Wireless plan

Republic Wireless became known for its innovative plans that offer refunds for unused data, but unfortunately its phones have been lacking. Not anymore! The company now has a decent selection of phones, as well as access to T-Mobile's…

Buy a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge in a T-Mobile deal to get a Galaxy Grand Prime free

Looking to switch carriers? T-Mobile is offering a limited-time deal that will give you four lines for $120. If you buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, you can also get a Galaxy Grand Prime for free.

Por fin! T-Mobile officially enters Cuba with roaming service agreement

T-Mobile announced it reached an agreement with Cuba's state-run telecommunications company to offer the company's roaming service in the country. It's better late than never, since Sprint and Verizon already agreed to similar deals.

T-Mobile has big plans for Un-Carrier 11

T-Mobile wants to shake up the wireless industry yet again, this time by offering subscribers weekly freebies and even stock in the company. The new campaign is set to be unveiled on June 6, according to recent reports.

This Star Wars Day, join the Un-carrier rebellion and fight ‘The DeATTh Star’

It's May the Fourth so it's the perfect day to join the Un-carrier rebellion and use the force against evil. Just download T-Mobile's new Chrome extension, appropriately called The DeATTh Star, and let the fun begin.

Apple is losing iPhone sales to carriers

Wider distribution is a good thing, as more people get the option to buy iPhones from various outlets -- but it's still cutting into Apple's profits. The same is happening with iPads, as carriers sold 18 percent in 2015, up from 6 percent…

T-Mobile’s Spring Break promo has data going wild, two-line deal starts tomorrow

It's Spring Break which means a lot of a fun in the sun, but don't run out of data. Head over to T-Mobile and sign up for two lines with unlimited minutes and text, along with 12 GB (6GB each) of data, for only $80 per month.

T-Mobile improves call quality and reliability with Enhanced Voice Services

T-Mobile has announced the rollout of Enhanced Voice Services (EVS), a VoLTE technology that promises improved call quality and reliability as compared to HD Voice. It's not compatible with every handset, though.

Buy an Apple, Samsung, or LG phone at T-Mobile and get up to 50 percent off a tablet

If you're looking to get a new tablet with cellular data, you might want to check out T-Mobile. If you purchase an Apple, Samsung, or LG phone, you can also grab a tablet of the same brand for 50 percent off or a $200 discount.

T-Mobile’s free streaming plans top 100 partners with Amazon Music, ESPN, and more

T-Mobile's controversial but extremely popular Binge On and Music Freedom streaming plans have added several new services, including Nickelodeon, Spike, and TV Land, as well as audio streamers Amazon Music and ESPN Radio -- 16 new partners…

Verizon is going to charge you $20 just to upgrade to a new phone

If you're a Verizon customer looking to upgrade to a new phone, you might want to do it before April 4. That's when Verizon is set to put $20 "upgrade fees" in place to help cover the rising costs associated with switching devices.