Disney XD doubles-down on eSports with upcoming Mario Kart 8 special

A televised special featuring Nintendo's Mario Kart 8 will air on Disney XD in December, continuing the network's foray into eSports coverage and following up on a previous Nintendo World Championships event.
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FYI’s ‘Food Porn’ is an Instagram foodie’s dream come true

The new television show, Food Porn, on FYI channel, features an Instagram-themed format that follows chef Michael Chernow to different restaurants and incorporates social media with daily dishes.
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No Internet? No problem. Amazon now allows offline viewing on iOS, Android devices

Amazon is now letting its Instant Video subscribers download from a large selection of popular TV shows and movies for offline viewing on iOS and Android devices, making it the first subscription streaming service to do so.
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TV Networks look at more product placement to counteract ad skipping

Networks are considering new ways to integrate ads into television shows that would help account for those who try to skip commercials, with an effort to be a little bit more creative than the standard product placement.
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Comcast’s YouTube rival is just weeks away

Watching television on your smart living room set is becoming identical to watching video on your laptop or smartphone, and Comcast's newest venture is proof. Its YouTube rival is expected to launch soon.

Internet overtakes television as Comcast’s main business

While Comcast may have begun as a cable provider, its main business is now Internet, boasting 22.5 million Internet subscribers and 22.3 million video customers as per its second quarter results.
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Game of Thrones dominates Comic-Con, which is less about comics, more about TV these days

When it comes to digital consumption related to Comic-Con, Game of Thrones beat out all comic book and sci-fi programs and movies for the top spot.
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Get out your puffy shirts: Seinfeld lands on Hulu June 24

All nine seasons of popular '80s and '90s show Seinfeld, which spawned more one-liners than you likely even realize, will be coming to Hulu starting June 24, for our streaming and binge-watching pleasure.
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As social media becomes the new water cooler, it’s influencing TV viewing

Everyone brings their favorite TV shows to social media. Studies done by Nielsen and ShareThis have shown that the two are strongly linked to one another.
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Charter Cable may follow Verizon with slimmed down bundles, offer Netflix direct

Charter Cable CEO Tom Rutledge says he's open to offering Netflix and other streaming services to the company's subscribers, and is also considering adding slimmed down TV bundles to bring back cord cutters.
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Amazon is showing season 1 of Orphan Black free for everyone today only

Today only, the first season of popular BBC thriller Orphan Black has been made available for free streaming for non-Prime members until midnight tonight (PST) on Amazon Instant Video.