Tech is upending the ways we write, speak, and even think

Text messages, emoji, voice assistants, and even artificial intelligence are changing the way humans communicate, but are we eroding language or merely evolving it? It depends who you ask.

How to send free text messages from your PC 2:49

Texting is a fact of life, but that doesn't mean you always have to have your phone handy. Here are the best ways to send text message from your computer, whether you prefer to use your favorite email client or Windows 10.

Microsoft’s new Skype Preview SMS relay feature only works on Windows 10 phones

Microsoft rolled out a new version of Skype Preview pushing SMS and MMS messages from a Windows 10 phone to a Windows 10 PC. Android support is due later with no signs of iOS support in sight. This version also supports Skype For Business.

New California law makes using a phone while driving a bigger no-no than it already is

Signed into law by California Gov. Jerry Brown, Assembly Bill 1785 looks to further curtail phone use while driving. It goes into effect on January 1, 2017. Drivers face a $20 fine for a first-time offense and a $50 fine for every…

U.K. sees mobile phone usage while driving soar, officials doubling down on penalties

Near quadrupling of texting while driving in two years in the U.K. is leading officials to double the penalties. New drivers could lose their licenses immediately and have to retake their tests.

How to block text messages on iOS and Android

The primary function of your smartphone, be it an iOS or Android device, is to keep you connected with other people. That said, there are times when you get undesirable messages from your contacts or completely strangers. Here's how you…

Teenager who allegedly urged boyfriend to commit suicide via texts will stand trial

Michelle Carter will stand trial over text messages sent to her friend Conrad Roy that Massachusetts' top court saw as "coercive" and reckless enough to lead to Roy's suicide. No date has been set for the trial.
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Neuroscientists just found that texting alters your brainwaves, but they can’t explain why

“This is one of the first reports of a technology-brain interface which have been shown to exist,” Dr. William Tatum of the Mayo Clinic tells Digital Trends.

Can you spend a week speaking only in emojis? I wouldn’t recommend it

I spent a week conducting all my online conversations in the emojis, and while my fiancé hasn’t called off our engagement (yet), I discovered that our 21st century hieroglyphics have some flaws.

Seoul campaign addresses latest public safety issue — texting while walking

the Seoul Metropolitan Government has unveiled traffic and pedestrian signs whose purpose is to alert walkers to the dangers of using smartphones while traversing the busy streets of a metropolitan city.

Every second counts! How to receive important emails as text messages 2:49

Properly setting up text notifications for important emails isn't as complicated as you might initially think. Here's how to do so, regardless of carrier.

People who send text messages to drivers may be liable in case of accident

In Pennsylvania, two men who texted a woman driving a truck may be liable in civil court. She hit and killed motorcycle rider while texting. She already served time for involuntary manslaughter. The question is, did they know she was…