The pope wants you to put your phone away at dinner

Pope Francis still holds one thing holy -- family dinner. Last week he said, "Sadly the family meal, this great symbol of togetherness, is disappearing in some societies." And chief to blame? The damn phone.

Oklahoma bans texting while driving

Joining the 45 other states in America that have implemented an all-out ban on texting while driving, Oklahoma officially made it illegal to send a message while operating a vehicle on Sunday.

Man loses job offer after texting naked selfies to HR manager

Clearly an efficient way to lose a job before you even start, a Chicago man discovered that sending nude photos of himself to the female HR director at his new company was actually a bad idea.

Texting while walking strikes again, girl gets leg stuck in storm drain

Definitely an embarrassing way to spend an hour of your time, a young Chinese girl slipped into a storm grate while her undivided attention was solely focused on texting her friends instead of walking.

Belgian city launches ‘text walking lanes’ for smartphone addicts

Antwerp in Belgium is the latest city to tackle smartphone addicts who wander the streets lost in their handsets. In a bid to improve safety and keep everyone happy, "text-walking lanes" have been painted along some of the city's busy…

70 percent of drivers use their smartphones while on the road

According to a new AT&T study, a shocking 70 percent of drivers use their smartphones while operating vehicles, and it isn't just to send messages of the text and email variety either.

Are typing skills more important than handwriting lessons? Finland says yes

Finland's National Board of Education has decided to replace handwriting lessons with typing practise — with many U.S. schools doing the same, will the art of using pen and ink soon be lost?

Man accidentally texts his probation officer asking for weed

Definitely proving to be an expedient way to land back in jail, a man in Albany, Georgia was looking for some pot and ended up accidentally asking his probation officer over a mobile text message.

If you’re texting and driving in Long Island, your phone might be disabled

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice came up with a five-point plan to potentially eliminate, or at least minimize, texting while driving. There's no word if these recommendations will be implemented as is.
Social Media

Woman driving while using Facebook crashes, kills 89-year-old lady

Yet another case of distracted driving and social media obsession, a 20-year-old woman was charged with negligent homicide after crashing into another vehicle while she was allegedly browsing photos on Facebook.

Theater tests system that displays audience texts on the big screen

Likely incredibly distracting when watching a film, a group of movie theaters is testing a system that allows audience members to send real-time comments about a movie to be displayed on the theater screen.

Study says that teenage texts = teenage sex

A new study from Pediatrics says that kids who text a lot are more likely to sext and admit to being sexually active. The report found a few discrepancies in the data, which were most likely due to inaccurate statements from the teens.