The Avengers
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Rumor: The Avengers 2 hits theaters on May 1, 2015

Will The Avengers 2 hit theaters in May of 2015? MTV certainly seems to think so.
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Joss Whedon will return for The Avengers 2

It's official: Joss Whedon has agreed to write and direct a sequel to his blockbuster The Avengers.
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The Avengers’ Thanos sequence now available free online

Marvel's mad titan Thanos makes his film debut in the newly-public post-credit sequence that followed The Avengers.
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Item 47 explores aftermath of The Avengers

When The Avengers hits Blu-ray this September it will bring with it a newly revealed short film, dubbed Item 47.
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Amazing Spider-Man’s midnight debut draws $7.5 million

The Amazing Spider-Man has begun pulling in impressive box office returns, though it can't quite match The Avengers.
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The Avengers comes home this September

A massive swath of info on the upcoming home video release of The Avengers has appeared, and we've got all the details.
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The Avengers’ unintentional product placement boosts Lebanese food industry

Those of you who sat through both post-credits sequences in The Avengers will be amused to hear that the second clip has created a massive surge in public interest for a certain Lebanese food item.
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What’s next for Marvel Studios after The Avengers

Iron Man 3 is on the way, Thor 2 has a greenlight, and Captain America 2 has been confirmed. But now that we're living in a post-Avengers world, what else is on the Marvel movie horizon?

Ubisoft and Marvel register domain for The Avengers: Battle for Earth

A new domain name registration suggests that E3 may bring the announcement of a new Avengers game from Ubisoft.
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Does The Avengers’ success herald an imminent Ant-Man movie?

Director Edgar Wright tweeted an image earlier today that seems to suggest that his long-rumored Ant-Man film may finally be given a shot by Marvel.
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The Avengers is on track to break box office records

To the surprise of no one, Marvel's latest superhero flick is pulling in frankly insane amounts of cash.