The Avengers
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A guide to The Avengers: Assembling comic geeks and movie-lovers

With The Avengers out in theaters today, we consider how the movie shapes up in different ways for comic book fans and for film-lovers.

Footage from THQ’s cancelled The Avengers game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

THQ was making an interesting tie-in game for The Avengers movie before shuttering the studio behind it late last year.
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The Avengers review

Marvel Studios has managed a minor miracle and taken several successful blockbuster franchises, combined them, and outdone them all with The Avengers.
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Avengers ticket pre-sales top all prior Marvel movies … combined

The Avengers is going to pull in frankly crazy-huge amounts of cash. Even prior to launch it's topping the ticket sales for all of Marvel's other comic-based films.
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Warner Bros. attaches third Dark Knight Rises trailer to The Avengers

As if you needed another reason to see The Avengers, Warner Bros. has confirmed that the film will feature a trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.
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Will the Toshiba ZL2 55-inch, glasses-free 3D television save 3D TV?

Toshiba has announced its glasses-free 3D TV, the 55ZL2, will go on sale in the UK on 12 March for £6999. With a 4K resolution and no need for glasses to view 3D content, could it be the savior of 3D at home?
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The top 10 upcoming movies of 2012 we hope don’t suck

2012 is packed with movies that will appeal to mainstream and/or niche audiences. Some will succeed, some will fail. But here is our list of 10 upcoming movies we just hope don't suck.

Acura NSX Concept revealed, will use a V6 hybrid powerplant

Acura has taken the wraps off the NSX Concept, an update of the famed 90s supercar. This new version will again use a V6 engine, but alongside an electric hybrid motor that will help provide all-wheel drive.

Big-budget Avengers movie uses iPhone for some shots

Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey revealed in an interview this week that he used an iPhone to film some of the shots for the forthcoming big-budget action movie, The Avengers.
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The Avengers assemble a new trailer

Although The Avengers is still several months from theaters, Marvel has released the first official trailer for the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.