The Avengers

Avengers movie game remains in limbo until Marvel finds new developer

Time is running short in Marvel's search for The Avengers tie-in game developer.
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2011 summer movie attendence is the worst since 1997

Despite a few blockbuster movies like Harry Potter and Transformers this summer's movie box office numbers are the lowest since 1997.
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Marvel Studios short film The Consultant arrives online, offers Avengers prequel

Short film bridges the gap between Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk in lead-up to The Avengers.
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More leaked video from Avengers movie, possible spoilers

Leaked video from the Avengers movie featuring Thor and Captain America fighting a group of unknown enemies.
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Latest Avengers set photos & video show midtown military action

Bullets fly and sirens wail in latest Avengers set photos and video from Cleveland.
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Next up for Marvel Films: Doctor Strange

The next Marvel character to make his way to the big screen will likely be Doctor Strange.
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Marvel releases Captain America’s final scene and Avengers teaser

New teaser offers early peek at Captain America's ending and post-credits Avengers trailer.
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Avengers cast assembles in seven-part banner

Individual "Avengers" promo posters combine to form very cool full-cast roster art.
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Director Joe Johnston discusses Captain America 2

Although Captain America: The First Avenger won’t hit theaters until Friday, director Joe Johnston is already thinking about a sequel involving The Winter Soldier.
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The first teaser trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man hits the Internet

The first trailer for next year’s Spider-Man reboot has been released.
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Thor Review

Marvel Entertainment scores once again with director Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, who took what was arguably the riskiest of the Marvel properties, and made a movie that was better than it had any right to be.
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Warner Bros. planning on bringing the Justice League to the big screen

Justice League, a movie that would combine the most popular DC superheroes, is in the early stages. The film will feature Green Lantern, Superman and Batman, but the characters will be unrelated to the current films in the works.