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Apple removes The New York Times’ apps from the App Store in China

Apple took down The New York Times' English- and Chinese-language news apps from the App Store in China at the behest of Chinese authorities. Apple did not mention any specifics beyond that.

'The Voter Suppression Trail' is a free-to-play spoof inspired by current events

The New York Times launched 'The Voter Suppression Trail', a free-to-play browser game that highlights the difficulties many Americans will face when attempting to vote during the upcoming presidential election.

The New York Times will offer free articles on Starbucks’ mobile app

The New York Times and Starbucks announced on Tuesday that some news articles would be available for free to Starbucks loyalty members via the Starbucks mobile app, starting in the first half of next year.
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Publishers readying the next barrage of Instant Articles, coming to Facebook soon

Last month saw the official launch of Facebook's Instant Articles, but after the launch they were few and far between. Publishers are readying the second wave of Instant Articles, which should be much bigger, and is coming soon.
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Facebook rolls out Instant Articles, a bid to make its app a one-stop shop for news

Facebook has introduced Instant Articles, a feature that provides faster access to news stories from popular media organizations. The user benefit is obvious, but it poses a potential risk for publishers.

New York Times paints portrait of a diverse America through the eyes of teenagers

The New York Times created a project, "My Hometown," where it asked more than 3,000 kids to submit photos that reflect the places and people of the communities in which they live.

What is the Syrian Electronic Army?

The Syrian Electronic Army claimed responsibility for Tuesday cyberattacks on The New York Times and Twitter. But what exactly is the Syrian Electronic Army? Here's a quick rundown of the international conflict that is increasingly taking…

Major newspapers remove paywalls in wake of hurricane Sandy coverage

As hurricane Sandy barrels toward the East Coast, major news outlets have removed their paywalls to allow readers to follow the latest storm developments.

Google News now features Editor’s Picks

Without highlighting specific stories for users, Google News often seems like a giant repository of stories that doesn't have a curator. Today, Google is changing that with the roll-out of publisher picks.
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Facebook launching news platform Facebook Editions in September

Facebook is planning to launch a new service called Facebook Editions which will create app versions of your favorite news outlets.

HuffPo beats NYTimes in monthly unique visitors

AOL's freshly acquired news website, the Huffington Post, has successfully beat the NYTimes in monthly unique visitors for the first time ever.

Google and The New York Times launch daily trivia challenge

Google has launched a new trivia game where Googling for the answers isn't just OK. It's encouraged.