Tim Cook

Tim Cook says money will be forgotten by history, thanks to Apple Pay

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and the recently arrived Samsung Pay are heavily invested in transforming digital payments as we know it. Cashless transactions already represent a significant portion of the transaction market.

Tim Cook isn’t impressed by Microsoft’s Surface Book

Although you would expect Apple CEO Tim Cook to champion the iPad Pro over the Surface Book, it's more surprising to hear him call Microsoft's latest 2-in-1 a "deluded" attempt to be both a tablet and a laptop.

Tim Cook’s not impressed with the UK’s proposed anti-encryption bill

Apple CEO Tim Cook has warned the UK government that forcing companies to add back doors to end-to-end encryption, may have serious consequences. The UK is considering the Investigatory Powers Bill, which includes this rule.

iPad Pro is for those who consume content rather than create it, says Apple VP

Just hours ago, two interviews with some of Apple's major hitters were published: one with Senior VP Eddy Cue, and the other with CEO Tim Cook, featuring discussions about the forthcoming iPad Pro.
Home Theater

Best Buy Apple TV preorders ship November 4 while Apple stores start sales Friday

You can preorder the new Apple TV from Apple or Best Buy, but if you are willing to pay a few extra bucks, Apple will get it to you sooner.

Tim Cook reveals Apple Music has 6.5M paying users

Speaking at a tech event on Monday, Apple boss Tim Cook said he's "really happy" that Apple Music currently has 6.5m paying subscribers. The figure is about a third of Spotify's subscriber base, though it's of course early days for Apple's…
Movies & TV

Aaron Sorkin addresses controversy about Steve Jobs film on Conan

Attempting to make nice with Apple and CEO Tim Cook prior to the public release of a new film about Steve Jobs, Aaron Sorkin has been making the rounds on late night talk shows to mend fences and promote the film.

On the 4th anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death, Tim Cook sends moving email to Apple staff

The heir to the Apple kingdom, Tim Cook, has written a heartfelt email to his employees celebrating the life of Steve Jobs who is of course responsible for much of what our technological landscape looks like today.
Movies & TV

Sorkin hits back over Tim Cook’s criticism of his Steve Jobs movie

Steve Jobs was a divisive figure in life and people are still arguing over him many years after his death: Jobs movie screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has defended his film in a new interview.

Watch Stephen Colbert’s hilarious/insightful interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook talked driverless cars and the new iPhone 6s on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, but the best question of the interview came from Apple's automated personal assistant, Siri.

Apple CEO Tim Cook open to removing pre-installed apps on iOS

Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook is open to removing preinstalled apps on iOS, he said in an interview earlier this week. This would allow customers to remove apps built by Apple that they didn't use.