Tim Cook

Tim Cook lines up meetings with Chinese government to discuss issues

Apple's fortunes haven't been stormy for years now, but it can run into some turbulence now and again. In China right now, it's suffering sales dips and a loss of a key trademark, things Tim Cook is expected to discuss when he meets with…

Apple’s Tim Cook is now a board member of a human rights group

Apple CEO Tim Cook has joined the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights' board of directors. Last December, the international organization awarded Cook with the Ripple of Hope award.

No one, Tim Cook declares, ‘Should have a key that turns a billion locks.’

Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed the implications of the FBI's request that Apple create a backdoor for law enforcement to hack into the San Bernardino terrorist's iPhone 5C. He touches on privacy, encryption, and security.

No sunshine for that rascally Tim Cook in the Sunshine State

The Sunshine State may not be such a sunny place for Tim Cook, at least not if one Florida sheriff gets his way. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is known as an “often-outspoken” individual, and was prompted to make his feelings about the…
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Apple vs. FBI: Inside the latest polarizing developments 3:20

Apple is apparently scurrying to permanently close the loophole -- or backdoor -- that the FBI says they want to exploit with an unhackable version of iOS.
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Apple CEO and FBI Director square off in battle of wills over iPhone encryption 3:12

The battle of wills between the FBI and Apple continues to escalate, with Tim Cook calling on the FBI to drop its demands and FBI Director James Comey claiming what the FBI wants is nothing close to the slippery security slope…

Tim Cook deletes blurry Super Bowl photo after Twitter taunts

Having apparently had enough of the ridicule, or possibly at the behest of Apple's PR team, Tim Cook on Tuesday deleted his blurry Super Bowl photo from Twitter.
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Google gets serious about VR, will replace Cardboard this year with new headset 2:40

Google isn't going to sit in the stands and watch the VR game play out. The tech giant has its own plans, and that begins with a replacement for cardboard. intact.

Tim Cook proves it’s the photographer, not the camera, that takes awesome pictures

Apple CEO Tim Cook shared a celebratory picture from the Super Bowl on Twitter, but unfortunately, it wasn't the best effort. It resulted in much derision about not only his photographic skills, but also the iPhone's ability to take great…

Apple boss picked up $10.3M last year, though his VPs got plenty more

Apple's success in beating 2015 performance targets paved the way for bumper payouts for those steering the ship. While CEO Tim Cook collected $10.3 million, VPs such as Angela Ahrendts landed almost three times as much.

Did Apple hide an unreleased MacBook model in the 60 Minutes segment?

Users are claiming a new MacBook is lurking in the background of a shot from the recent 60 Minutes segment, but a closer look makes that seem unlikely.