Tim Cook

Tim Cook deletes blurry Super Bowl photo after Twitter taunts

Having apparently had enough of the ridicule, or possibly at the behest of Apple's PR team, Tim Cook on Tuesday deleted his blurry Super Bowl photo from Twitter.
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Google gets serious about VR, will replace Cardboard this year with new headset 2:40

Google isn't going to sit in the stands and watch the VR game play out. The tech giant has its own plans, and that begins with a replacement for cardboard. intact.

Tim Cook proves it’s the photographer, not the camera, that takes awesome pictures

Apple CEO Tim Cook shared a celebratory picture from the Super Bowl on Twitter, but unfortunately, it wasn't the best effort. It resulted in much derision about not only his photographic skills, but also the iPhone's ability to take great…

Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly lashes out at the Obama administration on encryption, privacy

End-to-end encryption is a hot topic in the tech world right now, and Apple's CEO Tim Cook is not shy is taking a stance against it -- even if it's against the federal government.

Apple boss picked up $10.3M last year, though his VPs got plenty more

Apple's success in beating 2015 performance targets paved the way for bumper payouts for those steering the ship. While CEO Tim Cook collected $10.3 million, VPs such as Angela Ahrendts landed almost three times as much.

Did Apple hide an unreleased MacBook model in the 60 Minutes segment?

Users are claiming a new MacBook is lurking in the background of a shot from the recent 60 Minutes segment, but a closer look makes that seem unlikely.
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Apple CEO Tim Cook dodges softballs in CBS’ 60 Minutes special 3:05

Charlie Rose interviewed Apple CEO Tim Cook on CBS' 60 Minutes last night, and although the network managed to get some insider access, the interview was filling with softball questions and felt more like a platform for Apple to…

Tim Cook says money will be forgotten by history, thanks to Apple Pay

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and the recently arrived Samsung Pay are heavily invested in transforming digital payments as we know it. Cashless transactions already represent a significant portion of the transaction market.

Tim Cook isn’t impressed by Microsoft’s Surface Book

Although you would expect Apple CEO Tim Cook to champion the iPad Pro over the Surface Book, it's more surprising to hear him call Microsoft's latest 2-in-1 a "deluded" attempt to be both a tablet and a laptop.

Tim Cook’s not impressed with the UK’s proposed anti-encryption bill

Apple CEO Tim Cook has warned the UK government that forcing companies to add back doors to end-to-end encryption, may have serious consequences. The UK is considering the Investigatory Powers Bill, which includes this rule.

iPad Pro is for those who consume content rather than create it, says Apple VP

Just hours ago, two interviews with some of Apple's major hitters were published: one with Senior VP Eddy Cue, and the other with CEO Tim Cook, featuring discussions about the forthcoming iPad Pro.