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Dish pleads with FCC to take closer look at upcoming mergers

Dish Network expressed concern this week over two important upcoming merger deals set to further alter the already-transforming pay-TV landscape - those of Comcast/Time Warner Cable and AT&T/DirecTV. Dish's senior vice president submitted a formal filing with…

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YouTube starts displaying ISP blame messages on slow videos

Putting additional pressure on Internet service providers, Google has launched a new pop-up window on YouTube videos in order to educate consumers about the speed limitations of their current ISP.


While Comcast and Time Warner plan their marriage, other networks cry foul

Cogent's David Schaeffer tells congress why, even without Time Warner, Comcast already exerts excessive influence over the Internet, extracting unprecedented fees for access to its huge cache of subscribers. Do we really want a bigger bully?

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Comcast to sell off 3.9 million customers if Time Warner merger proceeds

When Comcast first announced its plan to buy up Time Warner the company claimed it would sell off about 3 million subscribers to soothe fears over an all out cable monopoly. Now Comcast has raised the total to 3.9 million.

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Comcast/Netlfix spat gets scrappier, as Comcast blames Netflix for video quality woes

The cable giant responded yesterday via blog post to Netflix's claims that Comcast is directly responsible for users' slow streaming rates and poor video quality when using the service through a Comcast connection. The response comes just days after another…

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Comcast dances before the Senate to plead its case for a $45.2 billion Time Warner merger

Comcast began its defense before a Senate Judiciary Committee today to try and push through its multi-billion dollar merger with Time Warner Cable. Follow us at the link to find out just how crazy this deal really is.

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States jump aboard Justice Department probe of Comcast-Time Warner merger

Florida and an undetermined number of states will assist in the Justice Department's probe of the Comcast-Time Warner merger , helping to determine whether the deal is admissible under U.S. antitrust law. The merger has attracted the close attention of…

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Pay-TV operators lost more subscribers than they added for the first time last year

A report from Leichtman Research Group details the first-ever net subscriber loss among multi-channel video providers. The 13 largest pay-TV operators, who make up roughly 94 percent of the market, lost about 105,000 video subscribers in 2013 in a…

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Goodbye Time Warner Cable? Comcast to buy TWC for $45 billion

Definitely an interesting deal that will attract plenty of attention from the FCC, Comcast is expected to announce a deal tomorrow morning that will purchase Time Warner Cable entirely.

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Time Warner subscribers flee, company promises faster Internet speeds

Perhaps a last ditch effort to attract new Internet subscribers, Time Warner Cable is batting away Charter's takeover attempts by rolling out a plan to upgrade Internet speeds in New York and Los Angeles.

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NimbleTV officially launches in NYC, streams cable shows to mobile

Reaching out to cable subscribers rather than cord cutters, NimbleTV is a new service for New York City residents that streams television content from a cable service to your smartphone and tablet.

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Honey! The Cable Company Wants To Automate Our Home!

Time Warner and Comcast are rolling out home security and automation plans that pair basic controls of lights and heating with more traditional cameras and monitoring. Would this keep you from cutting the cord?


Monopoly anyone? Comcast and Charter may team up to buy ailing Time Warner Cable

A litany of reports about the sale of Time Warner Cable concluded Friday with a Bloomberg report stating that both Comcast and Charter have made moves to buy the company, with a possible partnership between the two in the works to purchase Time Warner…

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Facebook continues to court TV companies with new login option

Facebook continues to foster ties to the television service industry, and is in talks with Time Warner and Verizon so you can log in using your Facebook account and start watching online video.

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CBS and Time Warner reach deal, Web access blackout to end

Definitely good news for Time Warner subscribers in areas such as New York City and Los Angeles, the CBS blackout ended today after the two companies finally came to a agreement on retransmission fees.

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