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Peter Thiel revealed as Gawker lawsuit moneyman, Apple thought about buying Time-Warner 2:47

Billionaire Peter Thiel fueled Hulk Hogan's successful Gawker lawsuit, Apple considered making a play for Time-Warner, and a headphone amp that has a healthy glow to it.

Report: Apple considered buying Time Warner late last year

Apple was on the cusp of entering a bid for Time Warner, according to reports. The deal would've given the iPhone maker an impressive array of content including original programming from HBO, CNN, and other pay-TV properties.

Trends with Benefits: At Super Bowl 50, drones are out and 360-degree cams are in

In a very Super Bowl-centric episode, we discuss why this year's game won't stream in 4K Ultra HD, Microsoft vision of how the HoloLens could change the way we watch in the future, and why drones will not be welcome.
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Apple could make a play for Time Warner to jumpstart TV streaming service

It has often been rumored that Apple would like to launch a TV streaming service. Sources familiar with the matter say that Apple could be mulling over a purchase of Time Warner, which could help make that a reality.
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Time Warner wants pay TV customers to be able to binge watch shows

Time Warner hopes to make full seasons of more of its shows available on-demand to its TV consumers. The change is aimed to better compete with Netflix, which currently offers full seasons of past TV shows.
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Under pressure: Networks push for Netflix branding as Time Warner eyes Hulu stake

As much as Netflix subscribers love the ad-free viewing experience, it remains to be seen whether or not it is sustainable. Netflix has recently allowed Disney/ABC to increase their promotional activities, showing networks' leverage.
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Live streaming virtual reality startup NextVR gets a boost from Comcast and Time Warner

Media companies Comcast and Time Warner are making a big investment in virtual reality, contributing to a $30.5 million round of funding for live virtual reality content provider NextVR.
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Shove it, HBO: AMC refuses to further delay sending shows to Netflix

AMC's CEO has said that the network does not intend to change its traditional year-wait rollout of shows to streaming services, despite Time Warner and others wanting to wait longer.

The slowest Internet in the country can be found in four very surprising cities

If you think your Internet is absurdly slow, like 1990s dial-up slow, you may be painfully correct if you live in one of four major cities that suffer from some of the worst Internet connections in the country.

Report: Comcast getting support from beneficiaries for TWC merger

Comcast, which has a track record of conjuring support in Capitol Hill, is once again leveraging its influence as it seeks approval of its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable.
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Netflix waves the red flag, files formal FCC petition against Comcast/TWC merger

Netflix has gladly played the role of irksome gadfly in the ever-heated net neutrality debate, but this week the streaming service went to the greatest and most serious length yet in its tearing-down of the proposed Comcast-Time Warner…
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Pay to Play Smoothly: Netflix, Time Warner reach agreement to raise speeds

Potentially good news for anyone that's currently a Time Warner Cable subscriber, Netflix has reached a deal with the ISP related to increasing the streaming speed of television shows and movies.