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Instagram users are already angry over new Facebook-style feed

It's too early to call it a full-blown backlash, but a new petition railing against Instagram's decision to ditch chronological feeds already has more than 100,000 backers.

FCC Net neutrality timeline: Read all the new rules in full detail

Over the past few weeks (or years), you’ve probably heard a lot about Net neutrality. If you want to know what it's all about, we’ve constructed a timeline to show the relevant events that led us to this point.
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Twitter broken? Timelines slow to update, company investigating

Twitter engineers are currently working on fixing an issue with the social media site that's causing delays in timeline updates. Developing....
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Twitter officially adding tweets to your timeline from people you don’t follow

Twitter is taking more control of your timeline, making official its recent move to include tweets from people you don't follow, as well as favorited posts from people you do.
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Facebook makes a tiny change in its logo

Facebook's undergoing a lot of updates, with its logo seeing the most recent one. What changed? The new Facebook logo becomes even more simplified with the removal of the blue line under the Internet-ubiquitous “F” symbol we’ve all…
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Facebook wants to make sure you know how much Facebook you’re missing out on

As if you haven't had enough of the site, Facebook adds an alert that seems focused on letting you know that you're not as updated as you thought you were. So now, when you're on Facebook, you will won't be getting enough Facebook.
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Everything you need to know about Facebook’s new Timeline

We get an early in-depth look at Facebook's new Timeline. Between the various designs being pushed out, there are a few things that need clearing up. Here's what you need to know.
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Your Facebook Timeline is about to change

It's been seven days since Facebook revealed its plan to modernize our news feed. What's new this week? A more structured view of the timeline, that's what.
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Facebook finally starts forcing Timeline on all users

As Facebook management deals with a falling stock price this week, the social network is getting more aggressive with rolling out the Timeline profile format.
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Facebook tweaks notifications to help you silence annoying applications, updates

In order to help users control the flow of information into their accounts, Facebook has launched some helpful changes to the user interface in regards to notification management.
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Facebook finally tightens up app discovery with its official App Center

Facebook's sorry excuse for app discovery and search will get a much-needed makeover with the App Center.

Ask DT: Our answers to this week’s reader questions

This week, we're answering reader questions about how to manage the new Facebook, what mobile OS is a developer's best bet, and how not to get tricked by technology overseas.